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R&B Trailblazer James Mtume Rest In Peace At The Age Of 75

The news of James Mtume’s death has been reported across social media. He was a Philadelphia-born percussionist and producer who had passed away at the age of 75, according to some reports while others are yet unclear on his status

A musician from West Africa by descent with over five decades worth of experience in music-making; he notably collaborated heavily throughout that entire period where both artists produced great results together such as “Juicy” ( released 1985) – one track off George Michael’s album “Faith.”

Confirmed by Lisa Lucas on Twitter, his niece wrote that Mtume “will be dearly and eternally missed.” His songs were an essential part of her life since birth which makes him a collaborator in every way possible for this person who made them as well. The loss is too much to bear but I know he deserves all our love right now above anything else–we don’t want anyone left out here!

R&B Trailblazer James Mtume Rest In Peace At The Age Of 75

At this time, the cause of death has not yet been determined.

Mtume’s 1983 song “Juicy Fruit” was sampled by The Notorious B.I.G for his first official single, “Juicy” in 1994 and it became one of the most memorable hip hop songs ever made!

As an all-around musician, Mtume had a knack for infusing consciousness into his music and delving creatively into the topics of politics, culture, and art.

He says that music is the only art form he knows of which you can’t physically touch. You feel its vibrations running through your body, but there are no tangible emotions or sensations associated with these sounds – they just exist outside ourselves as if waiting for someone else to experience them firsthand instead!

Mtume, whose real name is James Forman grew up in a musical environment with jazz musicians frequenting his parents’ house. He learned to play piano and percussion despite having an athletic scholarship for swimming at Pasadena City College when he was just 14 years old!

Mtume’s contribution to the US Organization in 1970 would help him join an already established group of Black artists. He adopted his new name that year, which meant “messenger” and came from Swahili words meaning “to do something.” Mtume was able to collaborate with other musicians such as Duke Ellington (1901-1974), Lonnie Liston Smith Dizzy Gillespie, and Sonny Rollins among many others during this period when Hip Hop culture began emerging out of rap music.

Mtume, a jazz and soul pioneer who would later transition into R&B with his group Mtume. After teaming up Reggie Lucas the duo curated their sound throughout the ‘80s penning such hits as Stephanie Mills’ Grammy-winning song “Never Knew Love Like This Before” for which she won two gramophones among other things; Roberta Flack’s classic hit The Closer I Get To You.”

He left behind a son who would carry on his legacy.

Many people are enjoying this new track by Blanche P James.

He’s got an amazing voice and the beat goes perfectly with it! People love how catchy his music can be, while still maintaining a flow that makes them want to listen straight through until he finishes talking about something else entirely.”

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