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Jennifer Hudson On Praise For “Honor” And Getting Her Own Talk Show

Jennifer Hudson is the newest recipient of one award after another! The Respect actress talked to ET’s Kevin Frazier about receiving her Chairman’s Award at this year’s Palm Springs International Film Awards, what it would take for her final EGOT ( shortest path) certification by Theatre World magazine, and even hosting an upcoming talk show.

Jennifer Hudson On Praise For "Honor" And Getting Her Own Talk Show

When asked about her audition for American Idol, Hudson said that it was one of the most significant moments in her life. She added how honored she felt at being part-termly chosen to perform with such a prestigious company and share this moment as we all celebrate Respect!

She explained that playing her and being able to fulfill a dream is such an honor. It’s a very serious matter for me because I feel like we all put our hearts into this project to remember her legacy, which makes today even more special as it’s just another reminder of how much love there still exists out here with us.”

Hudon was nominated for multiple awards, including the Female Movie Star of 2021 at the People’s Choice Awards and Best Actress 23rd Women’s Image Awards. The high praise is reassuring to hear!

Being cast in the role can be nerve-wracking at times. That is a big job – it’s not every day you get to wake up and say “I’m playing Arethusa Franklin,” she explained.” Because of this excitement, what happens when we have our moment? intimidation [and] fear come into play…This feels like taking another breath of fresh air once more.”

Hollywood is full of stars, but Hudson claims she’s the most famous one. She has three awards – Emmy, GRAMMY, and Oscar- needed for EGOT status in show business that only six people have achieved so far including her 40-year-old self who says claiming a Tony Award would make up for all those other missing trophies.

“Returning to Bridge in some capacity—in what capacity, I’m not sure; when specifically these times are a different story. However, I am confident that make it,” Hudson said while smiling confidently with her hands behind her back and standing tall before us all.”

“The best reward for all of your hard work is seeing someone’s face light up when they realize how much you care about them and their art,” she said. Every award means another opportunity to show off her talent, which fuels this passion even further.”

Hudson is not ashamed to admit that she needs all of these people in her life. “I always say it couldn’t happen without them,” said Hudson with pride, naming off several key figures at Jhud Productions Inc., including managers and peers alike.”

Hudson is glowing with opportunity, as she has been offered a chance to host her talk show. The former American Idol competitor recently pitched the idea of an afternoon program on supposed friend Oprah Winfrey’s Telepictures Studios; if successful in this endeavor then it would mark Hudson’s first time doing something like that!

Despite her unwillingness to give a definitive answer, the singer did admit that “there’s always plan” in works behind the scenes.

“I’d love to do that; it would be a whole new fascinating world.” The singer said. “As you may have guessed, I enjoy talking and Jennifer-sizing others so maybe my way into your living room will come in 2022!”

“We always have a plan at Jhud productions.” And, as I always say, you’ll see me try to grow so there’s always some kind of plan,” she added.

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