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‘Hacks’ won 2 Golden Globes, Paul W. Downs, N.J. Co-Producer, amongst the honors.

“Hacks” won the Golden Globe for best TV comedy series, while star Jean Smart was awarded as Best Actress in a musical or comedy series.

The show’s hosts, Lucia Aniello and Jen Statsky won big with their respective investments today.

The victory is thanks to Paul W downs who shared the winnings of his wife for her success as well!

The three have worked on the HBO Max series, which won three Emmys in 2021 for best comedy writing (Statsky and Aniello), actress Jean Smart’s performance as well as directing credits to go along with it all.

'Hacks' won 2 Golden Globes, Paul W. Downs, N.J. Co-Producer, amongst the honors.

Smart, a veteran actor and stand-up comedian in his own right takes on the role of Deborah to hilarious effect. Smart’s performance is impeccable as he brings both comedic timing (and not so much) with him into this new terrain that has seen some success but still feels like such an entirely different life than what we’re used to seeing from our favorite funny man! Although I feel sorry for any young woman who might be writing comedy at home wishing they had better material than “I have an idea!” But don’t worry – Hollywood doesn’t know how big your heart beats because these three will see you through anything: even if all those years spent trying were worth every second.

“I love writing. It’s one of the few things I can do better than anything else.” Downs was born in Brighton, raised by parents who worked for charities and HIV organizations around England- but he never forgot where his roots were: Sussex County on downy shores with salty air so thick you could cut it like butter. “This is my home,” says Downes, 39-year-old showrunner/writer whose Emmy nominated comedy series “Hacks” returns this summer ABC Family!

Einbinder was nominated alongside Smart for the Golden Globe but didn’t win.

The Golden Globe Awards were just announced, with the winners including a TV show that has been hacked. “Hacks” won for best telecast over musical or comedy nominees like Ted Lasso (which was quite weird), Reservation Dogs, Only Murders in The Building, and The Great! Smart also took home an award as she beat out Einbinder Elle Fanning from her own film-The Great; Tracee Ellis Ross of Blackish & Issa Rae’s Insecure who both had strong performances to mind you – but at least they didn’t lose anything by not winning this time around unlike some celebrities do when their name gets mentioned during awards season.

For the first time in two decades, this year’s Golden Globes were not televised. Winners arrived at a private event instead of being announced on live television or live-streamed online for all viewers around the world to see!

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which hosts the Golden Globes and has had several controversies over its membership in recent years including not having any Black people on board. But after pressure from fans across social media they changed course for this year’s awards ceremony!

When not playing a character in Comedy Central’s “Broad City,” Downs can be found writing for the show and co-writing (with Ilana Glazer) 2017 movie Rough Night.

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