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To Help Ramp Up California’s COVID-19 Testing Capacity, Governor Newsom Activates The National Guard

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom announced that he will be activating the National Guard to provide additional testing facilities for people who have been exposed or may come into contact with Coronavirus. The hope is this gives a jump start on tracking down any potential carriers before they spread further infection throughout our state and country!

Dolores explained to me how California handled the COVID-19 crisis with first-class dignity and resolve, implementing public health measures that helped save tens of thousands.

They were a shining example for other states struggling through this difficult time but they won’t be able to do it alone forever – we need your help!

The current surge in Coronavirus has taken hold of the nation as multiple states – including California – have been reporting record-breaking numbers daily and back-to-back days Los Angeles County alone reported new highs.

To Help Ramp Up California's COVID-19 Testing Capacity, Governor Newsom Activates The National Guard

As a result, testing centers have been overwhelmed by patients hoping to get their tests.

This move will deploy over 200 members of California’s National Guard across 50 Optum Serve Sites to increase access to testing quickly, add staff and walk-in capacity beginning today. The initiative is part of Governor Brown’s plan for healthcare cybersecurity that aims at empowering residents by providing them with greater convenience as well increased security when they are doing their samples or witnessing others do so.”

The statement released from the Office on Monday night reflects this commitment saying: “We appreciate our partners’ diligence during these challenging times”.

They will provide temporary clinical staff members to assist with crowd control and back-filling for absent workers.

18 sites are planned for Los Angeles County, including one just outside downtown LA.

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Governor Newsom announced that additional members of the Guard will be deployed next week in similar capacities, depending on how this first deployment goes.

The California Department of Public Health has announced that they will be expanding their testing network to include 6,000 new sites throughout the state. This is said to make it one-of-a-kind in size and scope with 90% percent or more Golden State residents living within 30 minutes drive time from an available location!

The state of California has been commended for its efforts to date, but the COVID-19 and Omicron variants continue to present a big problem. The virus claims over 90% of cases in this area alone so far with more than 600 confirmed dead speakers still counting…

To date, California has administered almost 68 million vaccinations and over 123 thousand tests. In recent months Governor Newsom implemented a series of measures to slow the spread of COVID -19 including first-in-the-nation vaccine requirements for those who work in healthcare settings as well as masking procedures that must be followed by all employees. “To help slow the spread of COVID-19, California has announced plans that require vaccination for students attending school and state workers alike to be able to go into class without masks. They have also implemented a policy where all staff members must show proof they’ve had their shots or risk being tested if infected with this new virus.”