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Next Week For Two Days Renfro Middle School in Decatur will be virtual, And Will Continue?

The principal has announced that Renfroe Middle School in Decatur will be experiencing two days of virtual learning next week. This is exciting news!

Renfroe plans to focus on in-person training Friday through Monday but will shift into a virtual mode for Tuesday and Wednesday sessions.

Principal Greg Wiseman said the school is dealing with “increased staff absences” due to coronavirus.

The principal reported that there has been an increase in the number of absence cases caused by coronavirus infections, but he remains hopeful about its effects on students’ performance at work and school as well as their health overall because this new virus does not seem to have more severe consequences than other known ones like influenza A or bronchitis.”

“Renfroe has reached level 4 in our COVID Crisis Staffing Plan due to unfilled substitute requests,” one message said. “While our teachers and central office staff have stepped up and covered classes as needed, we need a short break from traditional teaching methods for some of the students so that they can continue learning without interruption.”

On Wednesday, it was reported that Georgia has seen more than 25,000 cases of COVID-19 infection.

The number is increasing every day and will likely continue to do so shortly as people have not felt safer from this virus yet despite all warnings about its dangers being issued by authorities across various states for months now.”

City Schools of Decatur has resumed classes this week following winter break in person. It is the only metro Atlanta school district to require vaccines for employees, and they are not taking any chances with student health!

The Decatur school district announced yesterday that all staff, including teachers and other employees, have until the end of January to get a booster shot against COVID-19.

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