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Thursday Snow Forecast For Evansville, Henderson, Snowstorm On Thursday?

The first snowfall of the winter is looking increasingly likely for Thursday morning, according to National Weather Service. This would bring joy and celebration to Evansville as it becomes their shortest day!

The advisory is in effect for the entire day. The temperatures will be below freezing and only an inch or two of snow can accumulate on Thursday, but there’s a possibility that Western Kentucky counties could see up to 3 inches by noon!

The winter storm warning means more than just rain – it also includes wind chills near 0 degrees Fahrenheit making them feel like it’s negative 20 outside with winds gusting as high as 60 mph according to Forbes Magazine. Luckily our agency put out this weather alert today so no one goes unprepared when they experience these conditions soon.”

The advisory states that drivers commuting in the morning should expect slippery road conditions, especially on less-traveled roads. These areas probably have a higher chance of being covered by ice and snow which will make driving much more dangerous!

Chris Noles, a weather service meteorologist says that the storm will be “fast-moving” with only snowfall lasting for hours.

“It’s going to be a hot one,” Noles said, as his eyes scanned the sky above us. “I don’t think we’ll see any showers today.”

The forecast for Thursday is not promising, with temperatures in the 20s and heavy snowfall expected. However, Noles said that because this storm has been so unpredictable he cannot be too confident about any given amount of accumulation anywhere within its path from New Madrid to Paducah or Evansville Indiana which leaves open opportunities at both ends: one side could see 3-4 inches while another might only receive half as much!

The winter storm is finally coming to an end and the forecast has predicted that Friday will be very cold. The low temperature for this upcoming week could reach as low as minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit!

I can’t wait until we get some sun again in two days; it’s been so long since Indiana saw any warmth like this.

It’s not looking good.

“I don’t expect any significant changes,” said Noles, calling it “pretty locked in.”

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