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Contents Best Spar Varnish1. Total boat lust marine varnish:2. Rust-oleum 207008 Spar varnish:3. Epifanes clear varnish:4. Total boat gleam spar varnish: Best Spar Varnish Best Spar Varnish: We all desire to have well-furnished furniture in …

Best Spar Varnish

Best Spar Varnish: We all desire to have well-furnished furniture in our homes. We want our furniture to be varnished and look glossy and glam. But besides the looks, varnish also has many uses for the furniture. Varnishes protect the wood. You can select from a wide variety of varnish available in the market. But your choice may vary depending on the type, color, depth, and gloss of the varnish you are looking for. Varnishing is the best thing you can do to keep your wood fine. Varnishing on woods is done to get that perfect, transparent, hard, protective, and glossy finish. So, the varnish is used in wood finishing applications to hide those natural tones and grains of wood that are normally visible.

But when it comes to varnishing boats you should think wisely and select the best spar varnishes available. Spar varnishes just like the furniture varnish will give a good look and also protect it. Here are some best spar varnishes available in the market which you can use on your boat.

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1. Total boat lust marine varnish:

It is the best spar varnish. It keeps your boat always looking good. You can get the desired finish by following the manufacturer’s instructions given. It has a classic spar formula with a modern twist. It is best for both the exterior and interior of boats.


The formula is oil-based so it does not crack or peel. These changes usually occur in wood as a result of temperature change. Cover all the parts of your water vessel with this varnish.

This spar varnish has a fast-drying ability so you need not wait for hours to apply a recoating. It does not require sanding. So it allows you to apply the final coating on the same day. All the procedures must be carried out at a temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is available in a matte or gloss shine finish. You can go for a matte look when you want your boat to look more natural. Gloss finish can be used for brightwork. It leaves the surface of your boat shiny and gives a sleek finish with a wet touch.

In addition to the amazing look, you can protect the surface of your boat by applying 6-8 coats. This spar varnish is strengthened by UV stabilizers. It becomes tougher with every additional coating you add. One gallon of this spar varnish will be sufficient for 360 to 400 square feet.

2. Rust-oleum 207008 Spar varnish:

It works best on the exterior wooden parts that are above the waterline. It has an oil-based formula and it is very flexible. It is very flexible for every weather change. It will endure the hardest weather. It will remain clear with a marvelous finish even after facing horrible weather. It is the best spar varnish for outdoor furniture.


The results are very durable. This can resist salt, mildew, and UV rays. This is the best part of this best spar varnish. It will give a beautiful clear gloss finish. It is guaranteed maximum protection. The surface is protected from water, sea spray, and chemicals.

Its durability is best. It is stronger than many other spar varnishes. The golden glow it gives to the wood is simply stunning. But it takes almost two hours for each coat to dry. Though it takes a lot of time it is worth the wait. The wooden surface of your boat will become firmer. The odor is not very intense.

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3. Epifanes clear varnish:

The formula comprises alkyd resin, tung oil, and phenolic. This spar varnish also offers UV protection and has a UV filter. The components are of the best quality and it is the best spar varnish. It flows excellently and is absorbed by the wood. The durability of this spar varnish is the best. It has excellent longevity.

It gives a glossy and durable result. If you use it on your boat even the floor of your boat will remain glossy and fine for a long time. The painting process can be completed in a single day. You have to carry out the entire painting process step by step and there is no shortcut to this if you want to get the expected result.

This spar varnish can also be used on some household furniture and things. You can apply it by any method of your choice. You can apply it by rolling, brushing, spraying, and tipping. Use a brush to apply it to the horizontal area. Using a brush will let you lessen the formation of a bubble. This is the best spar varnish and it pays off the hard work and money you have spent on it.

4. Total boat gleam spar varnish:

This spar varnish is best for the interior of your boat. You can use it in a kayak, canoe, yacht, or in any other water vessel. You can use it on furniture, garage, doors, and other wooden things.


The formula is amazing it consists of premium tung oil and phenolic resin. UV blockers are also added to protect your boat from UV. The transparent amber color is exquisite. It also gives a warm look for both the exterior and interior of your boat.

This spar varnish is also very durable. It is resistant to sun, UV and it is extremely waterproof. It is very easy to apply and can be done with the help of a roller, brush, or spray gun. You have two choices you can either choose the glossy or satin look. The gloss varnish appears clear and perfect. Apply 4 to 6 coatings. The more coating the best protection it offers. Applying this varnish once or twice a year is needed to keep your boat at the best of its maintenance. Three coatings can be done a day and a recoating after an hour. The coatings will dry in 48 hours.

There are plenty of soar varnishes available in the market. While choosing a soar varnish select the one with durability and sun, UV, and water-resistant rather than the one with good looks and is easy to paint. The list of spar varnishes given is the finest of spar varnish. You can select any one of these if you need perfect protection and a fine look.

Did you find our list of Best Spar Varnish useful? Which is your favorite Best Spar Varnish? Did I miss anything in Best Spar Varnish? Let us know in the comments.

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