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How to Use Dowel Screw Perfectly: ULTIMATE GUIDE for Dowel Screwing CHECK OUT NOW!!!

How to use dowel screw

How to use dowel screw: Dowel screwing is an important thing to do in any millwork operation. Dowels are lag threaded studs used in fastening two pieces of wood. This keeps the two pieces of wood in the same position so that you can carry out other functions. But they are different from the normal studs, these have wooden screw threads at both ends. Dowels are used in flooring, creating joints, furniture, attaching balusters to stairs, and so on. They lack a proper head so, a driver is needed to install a dowel. Check out below How to use dowel screw:

As the dowel has no head and thus needs a driver. It makes a tedious process to install a dower. The screws must be installed finely otherwise the entire furnishing will become a mess. If you love DIY you will love to sort things out on your right? There are lots of videos on how to install a dower screw. But this article will discuss a few tips and make dower screw installation a piece of cake. The screws should be aligned properly on the holes, only then the logs will not move. This has to be done with proper precautions and care. The following steps will make your work easier, Below are the steps given of How to use dowel screw:

How to use dowel screw

Steps of How to use dowel screw:

1. Measuring:

The first and foremost thing to do is to make precise and correct measurements. Measuring each and everything essential for this process will make your work a lot easier. Most people make mistakes by not literally measuring and just by assuming a value. It is very useful to carry a notebook and pencil during work. You can draw a rough sketch of your wood and add points and write the measurements. This will help you to be clear of what you are working with and there is only less risk of making things wrong.

And now you have to find out the center of the logwood and mark it with ink. If you are working with two pieces of wood then find the center of the other and mark it as well. Measure the lengths and note them in the notebook. Make straight markings on the wood and not curved. After making sure that everything is okay, slightly adjust the angles of the wood and join them.

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2. Drilling :How to Use Dowel Screw Perfectly: ULTIMATE GUIDE for Dowel Screwing CHECK OUT NOW!!!How to Use Dowel Screw Perfectly: ULTIMATE GUIDE for Dowel Screwing CHECK OUT NOW!!!How to Use Dowel Screw Perfectly: ULTIMATE GUIDE for Dowel Screwing CHECK OUT NOW!!!

Next to our steps of How to use dowel screw is: Once you are done with measurements and markings you can move to the drilling process. Drill to make holes. This is the core of dowelling. The important tip on how to use a dowel screw is to make narrow grills.  A narrow drill will give you space and it is easy to use. Drilling will be made easy with the help of inked measurements. Now just follow the ink with the help of a drill.

Keep the logwood steady and don’t allow it to move. The speed of the drill must be chosen wisely. Do not work fast and choose high speed. Always be gentle and slow. Drill the hole by inserting just the tip of the drill into the wood. This will help you make narrow grills. Do not move your hand out of vibration because it may hinder the alignment of wood. This is a very important step in How to use dowel screws.

Don’t complicate the process. Just place the drill on the marks you made gently and slowly insert the tip of the dowel. The dowel works by itself and latches the wood.

How to use dowel screw

3. Alignment :

Next to our steps of How to use dowel screw is Aligning: Align the holes you made with the drill. Place the wood above one another. Arrange the wood depending on your design. Always keep steady while doing this work. This is the key point in how to use a dowel screw. Keep the wood steady and tighten the dowel around it. Do not move the second wood while tightening the first. Ask for help if you find it difficult. Align all the dowelling jigs by matching the holes.

How to use dowel screw

4. Glue the dowel screw :

The dowel screw never falls off easily. But it is wise to glue them. No one needs to risk it right? So all you have to do is purchase the best wood glue. Before going on with this step make sure your work area and table are clean and perfect. Clean all the dust made by the drilling process. Keep everything clean before starting to glue the dowel screw. Take some amount of glue and apply it on the edges of the joint in each log. Use a woodworking clamp to keep the logs in place. Wipe out extra glue and clean it with cotton. Allow it to dry. Wood glue takes a few hours to dry. Leave it undisturbed.

5. Touch up:

The last step in How to use dowel screw is: Gluing is as important as drilling and make sure you do not have spills of glue not even a drop of it in the hole. Spreading the glue in the holes can cause permanent fixing of the screw in the hole. You may need to unscrew the joints in the future and always remember this before finally gluing the screws. Now, the glue has finally dried and your work is almost completed. The next important thing to do is give a final touch-up to your work. You can make use of paint, stain, or polishes for the same. Spread the paint evenly on the surfaces and allow it to dry.

But buying the right dowel screw is also an important aspect in how to use a dowel screw. While buying dowel screws for your work you must be conscious about a few things. Which includes the size of the dowel screw. Dowel screws are available in various sizes. Getting the screw of the perfect size that will fit your work is essential. You can buy dowel screws of various sizes and use them accordingly. Always buy the dowel screws that are easily available and easy to carry and work with. The type of drill also decides your work always choose narrow drills.

Using a dowel screw is a very easy process but people complicate it. With this article, you can carry on your work with dowel screws very easily and effectively. Always keep the tips given in mind to make sure that your work goes well.

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