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Best Logger Boots

Finding the Best Logger Boots? If yes then you should read this article. Here we have brought you the very best and sturdy Logger Boots especially for you which is made in the USA. Most of the boot companies have moved operations overseas in these years.

It can mean cheaper price, but it also means cheaper quality. Shoes made in the USA can be a bit expensive. Justin Loggers and Carolina Loggers are the most affordable USA Loggers I have found. I like Carolina Style 922 – click here to view these Carolina Loggers Boots. There are many USA-made loggers but not all Carolina loggers are manufactured in the USA, but many are.

Logger boots have to be tough and comfortable. Though many companies have moved to the USA and import logger boots. These companies offer affordable and cheap logger boots but, they are also cheap in quality. If you really need a pair of perfect logger boots you must choose one that is purely made in the USA. The logger boots made in the USA are of the best quality and also very safe and you can rely on them. However, with safety comes the price the US-made boots are a little expensive. The US-made logger boots are not only for safety they also give pride. The very affordable US-made logger boots are the logger boots from Carolina loggers and Justin loggers. If you are confused about which logger boots you should trust and buy, here is a list of the Best Logger Boots made in the USA. This list will surely help you make a wise choice

1. Chippewa logger boots :

Chippewa has a legacy to be praised. They began early in 1991. They were based in a lumber town in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. They have the prestige to have provided boots for the US soldiers in World War I. Now they are one of the most trusted and famous work boot brands in the US. They are also trusted manufacturers of logger boots. Chippewa is now a part of Justin brands, Justin brand is known for its functional boots. The famous Chippewa boots are the Chippewa logger boots. Their logger boots come in different styles. They have plain toe, insulated toe, and steel toe logger boots. Chippewa boots have a symbol of the US flag to show their patriotism. Chippewa logger boots are made with leather, they are water repellent, their outsoles are hard and with an aggressive pattern to provide grip and help in rough terrains. They are made with Goodyear Leather Welt construction which helps the boots to be recrafted. Sizing options are many. This brand is one of the best logger boots in the USA.


2. Thorogood best logger boots :

Best Logger Boots
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Thorogood boots are based in Wisconsin. Thorogood also has deep roots in US history. They are made of Weinbrenner shoes. co. Thorogood also provided boots for the US soldiers in World War I and II. They are made in a factory in Merrill. Thorogood logger boots are considered one of the best logger boots. Many workers prefer Thorogood logger boots. These boots are made in the USA and offer a wide range of the best logger boots. The specialty of their boots is they are all 9″ and have a steel toe.  There are not plain-toe options available in Thorogood. You can choose Chippewa if you are looking for a plain toe boot. Thorogood boots are comfortable and flexible. They also offer safety and this is a perfect pick if you are buying Thorogood boots. Wide sizing is also available in this best logger boots brand.

3. Carolina logger boots :

Carolina boots were first made by the Double-H boot brand. They were the best bootmakers based in Pennsylvania. They were the first brand to make steel-toe work boots. Then they eventually named their work boots unit Carolina boots. They are the makers of many work boots and also the best logger boots. But they are not completely made in the USA. The Carolina logger boots come in different styles and sizes. Carolina boots are made by workers in the US but with imported material. The best Carolina logger boots are,

Carolina linesman logger boots :

They are 16 inches long. They have Vibram outsoles and fit up to the ankle. These boots are also available in different sizes.

Carolina maple logger boots :

This comes both in plain toe style and also in steel toe. This is the 9-inch boot. The material is leather. The footbed is soft and comfortable. They are cushion-like and offer the utmost comfort. The insoles are anti-fungal.

Carolina redwood logger boots :


This boot comes in two different styles they are soft toe and composite toe. This boot comes with a waterproof liner. They are also made by union workers in the US.

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4. White’s logger boots :

White’s boot brand is the one that affords the best boots at an expensive price. They have been hand-making boots since 1853. They are very determined and they do not use imported cheap quality boots. They have kept their legacy passing on and even with modern machines available they prefer to handcraft boots. Their logger boots are an example of fine craftsmanship. As their boots are crafted with hands White’s boots have a longer life than the other machine-made boots. They make spiked logger boots and unspiked logger boots. Their boots are fire-resistant and of course water-resistant. These boots are made specifically for woodland firefighters. These boots are re-craftable. As these boots are handmade the price is high but worth it. When you buy a White’s boot look for a size that is half low than your original size.

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5. Danner logger boots :

Danner boots are based in Portland, Oregon. They have been making logger boots since 1932. They also make boots for woodland firefighters. Their plain toe boots are fire-resistant, water-resistant, and Puncture resistant. They are made of leather. The best thing about Danner is that they describe the type of last they use for every boot. But,  not all Danner boots are made in the USA. The Danner flashpoint boots are the most trusted best logger boots. They are available in various sizes.

There are logger boots that will help the loggers to walk freely in the untamed wilderness and work. They are also helpful in climbing works. They are also resistant to water and fire. These boots are an essential thing for a logger. So it is necessary to choose the fine logger boots. This list of Best Logger Boots would have helped you learn more about the best logger boots available in the USA. So, choose the most comfortable pair of logger boots for you from this list.

Which is your favorite logger boot from the list of Best Logger Boots? Share in the comments.

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