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Beatles Actor Revealed Secret Details. Biopic and Cast Including Queen’s Gambit Jacob Fortune-Lloyd

According to Deadline, the upcoming Beatles biopic Midas Man announced Jacob Fortune-Lloyd (Queen’s Gambit) will be playing Brian Epstein. Alongside him is a cast of Fab Four: Jonah Lees as John Lennon and Blake Richardson Paul McCartney among others in addition to Leo Harvey Elledge who takes on George Harrison’s role while Campbell Wallace joins Ringo Starr for this film about Beatlemania from 1962 until 1966 when they split up due their fame being so great by using director Peter Kosminsky (The Cutting Edge). This comes after earlier reports that Jay Leno was also onboard!

Beatles Actor Revealed Secret Details
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The Ed Sullivan Show helped to popularize the Rock n’ Roll genre in America. The Beatles’ first performance on the show was largely regarded as an invasion, and their appearance has since been identified with its beginning! Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’s Sara Sugarman will direct this upcoming film about her time directing for The EDSILLV SHOW where she replaced original director Jonas Åkerlund who helmed many award-winning music videos including Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

The cast for this movie has been chosen with care. Sugarman said, “The actors playing the Beatles are an extraordinary group who ooze that very visceral feeling of 60’s Britain and portrayals will be charmingly authentic to Ed Sullivan perfectly.” He also mentioned Jay Leno as someone who can capture what it was like back then on American television when he hosts his own show every night in present-day America!

The film is currently in production and expected to make its way across the ocean soon!

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