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Male Actors under 25: likely to be NOMINATED for the Oscars! | Top 8 | Check out the List!!!!

Male actors under 25

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Recently, Vulture has published a report regarding the drought of leading male actors. Till now in the past few decades, fifteen women have been honored with the Oscar nominations, and only three male nominations were there i.e., Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger, and Ryan Gosling.

According to the Vulture, American cinema is in the young actor drought which might lead to unfamiliar implications for this industry. But one thing is still here on which we can proud is that according to the reports of the top 100 highest-grossing movies, of the year 2014, about 72.9% of the speaking roles were given to men.

I am not saying anything against the appreciation of women’s work but it is just about the underrepresentation of men in the industry.

Well, though there are so many amazing talented male actors almost everywhere in this industry, we want to talk about how many of them are willing to break into more consequential, Oscar-worthy fare.

Here we have a list of the top 8 Male Actors under 25 who already have proved themselves by giving brilliant performances in various genres of films.

List of the Top Male Actors under 25:

1. Abraham Attah

Male Actors under 25

At the age of just 19 years, he has proved that age is literally just a number, anyone can do anything at any age if he or she is determined. He is a Netflix star of the drama “Beasts of No Nation” for which he has gained a huge number of positive reviews for his spectacular performance.


He played the character of a child soldier who was under the supervision of Idris Elba striking Commandant. Netflix could make an avenue for this star to worldwide fame as Netflix is the first-ever streaming platform that has been nominated for the honorable Academy Awards. He is one of the best Male Actors under 25.

2. Asa Butterfield

Male Actors under 25

This Male Actors under 25, is a 24 years old young actor who has already worked in an Oscar-nominated film, “Hugo” by Martin Scorsese as well as the adaptation of one of the most popular YA novels, which is, Ender’s Game. Asa’s starring role in the 2016’s adaptation by Tim Burton, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.


Unfortunately, he missed the role of Spider-Man in Marvel’s reboot of the character on which he had his heart.

3. Tom Holland

Male Actors under 25

He is 24 years old young actor who started his acting career on the stage of Billy Elliot The Musical which further led him to perform in various acclaimed dramas like 2012’s The Impossible, esteemed miniseries like BBC’s Wolf Hall as well as the Oscar-nominated film InThe Heart Of The Sea, where he got the chance of working with Dillane.


But the best thing happened to him when he got the chance for working in Captain America: Civil War as the newest friendly locality Spiderman which brought him massive popularity.

4. Dylan Minnette

Male Actors under 25

Next to our list of the Male Actors under 25 is: This 23 years old young male actor started his career on the small screen by playing the role of the main character’s son in NBC’s Awake, the president’s ill-fated son in the Scandal, and Jack’s son in Lost (he played the role of the series of sons).


But if we look at his works on the big screen, he has worked with a series of the praised directors in various films like Let Me In as Matt Reeves, Prisoners as Dennis Villeneuve, and Labor Day as Jason Reitman.

5. Shameik Moore

Male Actors under 25

This Male Actors under 25, is a 24 years old male young actor who worked in his most critically acclaimed movie Dope which sold out for 7 million dollars and was premiered at Sundance in the year 2015.

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Moore worked as the lead character who held most of the weight on his young shoulders by playing the role of Malcolm who was a hip-hop self-learned freak.


Sundance usually launches new faces and helps people to build up their careers so Moore is something worth watching it.

6. Dev Patel

Male Actors under 25

He was born in London to Indian parents. He was just an 18 years old boy when he performed as one of the characters for the Oscar-winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire, for the Best Picture in the year 2008.


After performing for Slumdog Millionaire, he worked in various films like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel which is a comedy-drama, Chappie, a sci-fi movie, and also an HBO series called The Newsroom.

  7. Kodi Smi-McPhee

Male Actors under 25

This Male Actors under 25, is 23 years old young Australian actor and the turning point in his life was when he played the character of the son of Viggo Mortensen in the adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s praised novel, The Road, which was in the year 2009.


Then the next project he did was Let Me In, directed by Matt Reeves against Dylan Minnette who played the role of his bully, it was a foreign movie remake that usually doesn’t work, but this one worked.

He then joined the X-Men universe as a blue-colored but skinny mutant Nightcrawler of the next summer’s cataclysm.

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8. Natt Wolff

Male Actors under 25

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Male Actors under 25: likely to be NOMINATED for the Oscars! | Top 8 | Check out the List!!!!
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