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A little talk about ” Bimbofication ” that would justify it – What it means now in comparison to what it meant in the 2000s. Good or Bad ? It’s completely upto you to decide on!

” There goes that bimbo with her pinky trainers, lol ! ” – Bimbofication, that sentence was exactly what it was back in the 2000s. The term bimbo was usually used as slang towards girls, American teens, blondes to be more specific, who don’t hugely make use of her common sense in her daily lives.

It was famous back in those days. Well, it was nothing more than slang used for unintelligent people, but we need to get some stereotypical facts straight about how the word along with its usage has changed over the past decade. This article is based on what is word is now in terms of what it was earlier, and we got to take memory lane down the road to get a history lesson on this one. So let’s get started!

What is a Bimbo?

In terms of more conventional understanding, especially the weight is held between 2000 too 2010, the term bimbo was reserved to describe girls who never used their common sense of understanding, girls who slapped on a hefty load of makeup, and are obsessed with ‘fashion.


Generally, bimbos were assumed to be blonde and or leaned towards a rather more platinum blonde, but there were exceptions. Bimbos were expected to be friends with other bimbos—think a Mean Girl-inspired gang strutting down high school halls drenched in pink above and low, or as an opposite in personality, a not-so-mean and illegally sweet pink bombshell trotting in heels.

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The New Gen Bimbofication

Skipping all the things bimbo left in the noughties behind, the term “bimbo” has now met an incredible new uprising generation, the Gen Z, and has now upgraded itself to a whole new meaning, it had changed itself in a way that the term has now come to have a good effect rather.

One of the most leading social media platforms in the raise, Tiktok, a video-sharing social networking service owned by Chinese company ByteDance, has brought us all, even the most cocooned souls fall down the spiral. And this Gen TikTok focuses mainly on the prospect of prioritizing beauty over brains, a completely new theme explored by this new era, with the term ‘bimbofication’ in the spotlight.

This generation focuses on accepting their inner “bimbo” rather than being embarrassed about it.  Using their impressive and growing online communities, with rendering everyone as equals be it guys, girls, gays, or theys.

Bimbofication now means to accept who you are and what you love, as it does not matter if your scheme is limited to pinks, it’s completely your choice. The new gen now encourages everyone to embrace their inner bimbo by spreading good-looking love and kindness.

Women now want to be able to fit into the ‘aesthetic’ of what a bimbo used to be, without having to deal with the negative connotations behind the term. Bimbos are fighting back, basically, and have created a movement where stereotypes are broken and rebelled again.

Who’s the new Bimbofication Queen now?

Well, when there’s a swarm, there’s ought to be a queen, and surprisingly it’s the bees themselves that chose their queen. Unlike Paris Hilton in a pink Juicy Couture tracksuit to bedazzled Motorola Razr, the bimbo community has accepted or rather crowned their very own queen who goes by Chrissy Chlapecka.  This one particular TikTok has become the queen of bimbodom.  She reached the height of the description because of opinionated commenters, who essentially granted her this gift.


Chrissy Chlapeka essentially now owns the trend, the theme of radiating confidence, whilst accepting who you are, being comfortable in yourself, and not having care off those optimistic comments that people try to fill your ears with. Today’s bimbos are expanding and updating their understanding, and are spreading their bimbofication among others who are yet to be motivated as well. The bimbos live up to their own choice, they now want to be confident and feel confident in no matter what they do, they like to feel pretty in every task they perform, “looking good while we do it !” is what they live upto.

Dealing with Bimbofication in the new age

Women, in the current gen, are now able to fit into the aesthetic of the word bimbo, without fretting about the negative connotations behind it.  Bimbos are fighting back, basically, and have created a movement where stereotypes are broken and rebelled against. Of course, sexual fetishes have their rightful place, and bimbofication is also used by bimbos themselves to hypersexualize their image on purpose, but that isn’t a bad thing now is it? With that being said, why is it that whenever a woman wanting to succumb or adapt to a certain kink or style is considered a bad thing?

If we are thoughtful about it, bimbofication in the past decade was just reserved for girls who wanted to appeal to a certain style, and what exactly was so bad about it?

The last decade, and arguably even earlier, brought a cultural pivot to the way society addressed women as a whole; be it supermodels, or reality TV stars —which aesthetically meant short-haired ‘smart’ women with ‘depth’. A certain article mentioned it as well, women want to take over the world, run companies, equalize shoulders with the ones pulling them down. Even though this aesthetic was billed as being empowering, it proved to be as oppressive as every other feminine ideal.

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Well overcoming that, new age bimbos are way more expressive themselves, they are vocal and prefer to hear as well as be heard. They are true to themselves over socially-imposed ideals, and the entire movement is challenging institutional conventions one outfit at a time.

Conforming to the status quo is temporary, and intelligence, as well as attractiveness, are two regular judgment stabs against not only women but also people of color, the LGBTQA+ community, neurodivergent people, and even men, and that should not be how a rational person justifies oneself. If you are going to label others anyway, give yourself a new one first.

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