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Maou Sama Retry Updates!! Is Maou Sama Retry Season 2 cancelled? Will there be a new season or not?

Will there be Maou Sama Retry season 2? Or has the series ended? What will be the plot of Maou Sama Retry season 2? What is the release date of Maou Sama Retry season 2?

The answers to all of these questions are finally here!!

maou sama retry season 2

The first episode of Maou Sama Retry aired on the 4th of July, 2019. The series had only 12 episodes and ended on 19th September, of the same year, 2019. Anime addicts who have watched the series, have been craving for Maou Sama Retry season 2 ever since.

Maou Sama Retry is a Japanese fantasy light novel series written by author Kurone Kanzaki. The first edition was illustrated by Kōji Ogata and the second edition was illustrated by Amaru Minotake.

Its serialization was first started in the year 2016. It was later published in June of 2017. A manga adaptation has also been serialized since October of 2017.

The light novel and manga series are licensed by J-Novel Club for English releases in July 2019. The first English-translated volume was published in November 2019. (source: Wikipedia)

maou sama retry season 2

Under their Monster Bunko imprint, Futabasha started publishing the series in June of 2017. Its illustration was done by Kōji Ogata. Since the first publication, three volumes were released in the time of 2017-18.

Illustrated by Makoto Iino, a second, revised, edition of the light novel, was published under Futabasha’s M Novels label in October 2018.

This Japanese light novel series is also available in English. (J-novel club has acquired the rights of the novel)

Will there be Maou Sama Retry season 2?

Maou Sama Retry or Demon Lord, Retry has gained a lot of popularity since its release in 2019. The producers have made a lot of profit, despite being a very short series, and thus, they might be looking forward to releasing Maou Sama Retry season 2!!

The series gained a rating of 8 out of 10, which is good enough for the producers to make up their minds to release the second season. Given the good rating, the producers can expect a well amount of viewers for Maou Sama Retry season 2.

Rumors that producers have already finished Maou same retry season 2 and are only waiting for a time to release it has speculated among fans. But no official statement has been made yet. Its been two years since the release of its last episode on the 19th of September, 2019  which ended on a note “to be continued”.

The last episode made a clear hint that there’s a high possibility of Maou Sama Retry season 2 airing!! And thus, fans have been waiting ever since.

As informed in Wikipedia, the anime series adapted its plot from the Japanese light novel series, Maou-Sama Astoria. Its serialization was started in the year 2016. The author has since then released a total of seven volumes so far.

The anime adaptation of the novel has only used the first two books for the first season. Therefore, the production studio has enough content, five more volumes of the novel to cover in the anime adaptation.

And Thus, fans do not have to worry about producers running out of content, they have a lot of content for Maou Sama Retry season 2.

However, the official announcement is yet to be made.

Demon Lord Retry season 1 ended on the note ‘to be continued’ which is a clear indicator of the continuation of the series. But 2 years have passed since then, have the officials canceled it?

Nothing can be guaranteed. Will they be canceling Maou Sama Retry season 2? Despite having so much content and sources and despite having made so much profit, will the sequel not air?

Least likely. There’s a lot more possibility that Maou Sama retries season 2 will happen! But still, fingers crossed for the fans who are awaiting for Maou Sama retry season 2!!

Besides having a very good rating, the series has faced a lot of backslashes. Some critics found its similarity with another anime series. And some have argued that the quality of animation is not very fantastic.

What is the Plot of Maou Sama Retry?

Akira Ono is the creator of MMORPG, Infinity Game. As he was trying to shut down the server, he suddenly found himself in the body of the character, which he created: Demon Lord Hakuto Kunai.

He wakes up in the world of the Infinity Game but recognizes some differences from the way he created it. He encounters various companions who also join him on his travels. Eventually, his title of ‘Demon Lord’ is spread throughout, and this ends up making him a target.

On his way of finding out about how he ended up being inside the new world, Ono has to deal with the problems of the Kingdom of Holy Light and also has to face, its opposite party, the Satanist cult.

Who are the main characters in Maou Sama Retry season 2?

The main characters of Maou Sama retry season 2 are :
1. Hakuto Kunai (Akira Ōno)

Akira Ono, the main protagonist, has an average appearance who firmly believes that God does not exist.

He takes on the appearance of a tall man with black hair and eyes and the clothing of a mafia boss when he was bought into the new world. He is a constant smoker, has the image of a mobster, and is shy around women.

He does not like being accused of actions he did not commit and prefers to avoid violence, but won’t hold back if faced with injustice

2. Aku

Aku is a 13-year-old girl with short blonde hair and has heterochromia eyes. She has one red eye and one green eye. She is the other protagonist of the series and is one of the first friends that Kunai makes.

Aku was orphaned at a young age and had unusual eyes, which lead the other people in her village to pull out unjust acts on her. They would harness and bully her and would make her carry out cheap jobs like waste disposal. Aku has never complained and is a kind soul who only wishes to be helpful.

3. Luna Elegant

Luna is a 16-year-old girl with light pink-colored hair and eyes. She is the youngest of the Holy Maidens in the Kingdom of Holy Light. She wishes to surpass her sisters over time.

When will Maou Sama Retry season 2 be released?

Maou Sama retry season 2 can be expected by the end of this year. If not, in the mid of the next year. No official statements have been declared yet. But 2 years have passed, and the producers have had enough time to produce the series.

If Maou Sama retry season 2 happens, it’s not gonna be too late from now

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