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Cop Craft Season 2!! All that you should know about. New season airing date? Is Cop Craft season 2 cancelled??!

Cop Craft Season 2

Cop craft is an action anime, which aired and ended in the same year 2019, has left its viewers wondering if they’ll ever come up with Cop Craft Season 2? Will we be able to see more of Kei and Tilarna? What happens next after the end of the first season?

When is the release date of Cop Craft Season 2? And where to watch if Cop Craft Season 2 ever airs?

All the information that you should is found. Read More!

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cop craft season 2

Cop Craft is adapted from the Japanese light novel series with the same title, written by Shoji Gatoh. The novel series has a total six volumes, which was published since 2009.

The novel series had become so popular that an anime adaptation of the same had been produced. The twelve episode anime, aired from July 2019 till September 2019. The anime is considered an action genred anime.

Plot of Cop Craft (Spoiler Alert if you have not watched it yet)

Fairies, elves, other creatures and humans have been living together on Earth since fifteen years ago. A mysterious gate had oppened its way for all the magical creatures to enter earth.

Along with the resulted growth and prosperity, criminals emerge, who aim to take advantage of the current situations, and cause disharmony amongst the two forces (i.e., humankind and magical creatures).

To enforce peace, the San-Teresa Metropolitan Police Department was established in the city named San Teresa of Kariana Island (the city where the “front door” for magical creatures to enter and exit earth exists)

The story revolves around the human, Kei and Tilarna of the magical dimention. Kei who had failed to complete his mission had lost his partner to a Semanian attack. Kei displays a character who is not fond of the magical creatures and refers to them as ‘aliens’.

His thinking was portrayed to go through a gradual change after he started to work together with Tilarna. Many viewers, who have enjoyed the series look forward to the ship of Kei and Tilarna. But the anime did portray much of the ship, ending the the first season with an action-filled last episode.

Spoilers alert!! As informed in the sources…it is said that the novel series actually throws light on the ship!! (If you can’t wait anymore, its recommended that you switch to the original novel series)

If Cop Craft season 2 happens….there’s a chance that viewers will get to see more of Kei and Tilarna’s relationship. Look forward to Kei and Tilarna ship in cop craft season 2!! (if that happens that is xD)

Cop Craft Season 2 The Main Characters

(major protagonists) Of Cop Craft (and the main characters of cop craft season 2)

Detectove Sergeant Kei Matoba : He was a JSDF soldier before switching to the police. He does not like the magical creatures but gradually displays a change in his attitude after working with Tilarna.

Tilarna Exedilica : She is a noble Knight of Mirvor who had come to earth to bring back the lost fairy and bring justice to her. Being from a different world she doesn’t get used to Earth that easily. Tilarna wields a sword and can use magic whenever necessary.

Will Cop Craft Season 2 happen?

The twelve episode anime series aired and ended in the same year 2019. And 2 years have passed since then but viewers haven’t heard much about the continuation of the series from its producers.

Given the situation, Covid could be reason for its delay.

Cop Craft season 1 recieved an IMDB rating of 6.8 out of 10, which is slightly better than average. The rating cannot be considered as good enough for producers to consider a second, and also, it is not bad enough to not hope for better ratings in Cop Craft Season 2!

The action fantasy genred seried recieved several critics, and not much high of a rating but the viewers who watched it still crave for cop craft season 2! Nonetheless the show definitely deserves a second season.

Talking about source materials, the show closely followed its orginal novel series, but skipped several chapters and three whole volumes.

The anime series covered Volume 1, Volume 2, skipped Volume 3, Volume 4 and Volume 5, to jump directly to Volume 6. As informed earlier, the novel series has a total 6 volumes. Will the producers come up with their own plot? Its a tough question.

Since the light novel does not go further from volume 6, (till now, rumors say volume 7 has come out, but cannot find any reference) the producers will either have to come up with their own storyline for the the continuation of the series and produce Cop Craft Season 2.

Or they can choose to produce cop craft season 2  from the volumes (volume 3, 4 and 5) which they’ve skipped. If so, there is enough sources available for the continuation of the series.

When is the release date of Cop Craft Season 2?

If a new season were to happen it can be expected in earlier half of the year 2023. The first season of the series ended in 2019, and it has been 2 years since then, but there has been no official announcement neither of the continuation of the series nor the confirmation that no new season must be expected.

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The delay of the new season, that is, cop craft season 2 can be due to the current situation of covid-19. Also, if they are not considering to use the skipped volumes of the show, they must come up with new ideas, which might also take time.

Considering all the conditions, it can be said that if Cop Craft season 2 happen, it’ll not be this year when the viewers would hear about the continuation of the series, but probably 2023. Or, maybe a bit more later (or maybe never, fingers crossed). Well, we anime addicts are used to waiting for years for a new season to happen anyway. The time gap is nothing new.

If any viewer no longer can wait for a new season, and wish to enjoy new content of cop craft, its recommended that they can read the original light novel series of the same title.

Though, there are viewers who are rooting for a new season, the unlikeliness of the happening of a new season is high as well. As of now nothing can be said, only can be hoped that the officials would consider the crave of the fans who are wishing for a new season and come up with cop craft season 2.

Where to watch cop craft?

Cop Craft can be watched on Funimation, Gogoanime and Hulu, etc

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