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Natalia Dyer Boyfriend: Who is he?? Relationship Timeline | Relationship Insights | Love Life

Natalia Dyer Boyfriend

Natalia Dyer Boyfriend: Natalia Dyer is a famous American actress who is well known for her character in Stranger Things. She was born on 13 January 1995. She started her career in acting at the age of 12 with a family drama movie Hannah Montana. Stranger Things was her first Netflix series which was a hit. She has graduated from New York University.

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Who is Natalia Dyer Boyfriend?

Natalia Dyer Boyfriend: Natalia Dyer is dating Charlie Heaton, her co-actor in Stranger Things. The duo got together in real life after their on-screen duo. The couple is adored by many. The couple has stuck together for a long and their chemistry seems incredible. Initially, the rumors were spread around about their relationship which turned out to be true. They have been dating for around 5 years now.

The couple could be spotted flaunting their relationship socially. They can be seen together in award functions and on social media. Unlike other couples, they like seeing each other every time and want to spend as much as time possible together. The couple supports each other in every situation. They are having a great time together and look cute together.

Natalia Dyer Boyfriend
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Relationship Timeline

Natalia Dyer Boyfriend:

The year 2016: In September, Heaton along with his 3 friends including Dyer went on a trip to Menorca together. This was the start of their journey as friends. A few days after, Dyer posted a picture of Charlie on her social media handle congratulating him for his new show. During Halloween, they both dressed up as characters who have a connection. The other two friends also followed.

The year 2017: The couple was seen returning after the award function together at Los Angeles International Airport. Stranger Things was nominated in the 74th Golden Globe Awards for best television series drama. Rumors started about their relationship by the end of January. Everyone believed that they have been dating each other since October 2016.

When asked about their relationship status they stalled the topic by explaining. Dyer said that everyone in the cast is close with each other as a family. However, the rumor was confirmed in October when they were spotted by PDA in New York. Natalia Dyer’s boyfriend Heaton didn’t manage to attend the premiere party of Stranger Things season 2 due to an issue at the airport. During their tour to Paris for press, the couple got ample time to spend together. After few weeks, they were seen kissing each other in London.

Finally, in December they made their relationship official.

Natalia Dyer Boyfriend: Who is he?? Relationship Timeline | Relationship Insights | Love Life
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The year 2018: Heaton wished Dyer a sweet message on her birthday on Social media. The couple attended the annual music festival together. Along with they were also together for Emmy Awards in September with their amazing outfits on.

The year 2019:  During a press conference, Dyer said good words about Heaton and gave a hint about their relationship. It was revealed thereafter that the couple is obsessed with each other. They are affectionate and pays respect to each other. The couple was found sticking together in parties and shows. In February, Charlie opens up about their relationship while covering the story for V Man. He talked about a partner and related things.

In April, the couple got another chance to spend time together at a ritzy fashion industry event in Paris. Again, in May the couple got out together on Dior Fashion show after the wrap-up of Stranger Things. They also enjoyed the season 3 premiere party together. Dyer had an interview with Refinery29 in which she spoke about her experience of working with her partner on screen. She made a positive remark on this topic and said that she loves it. Natalia also said that she wanted to keep her private life separate that was the reason why she didn’t confirm it publicly before.

Interestingly, the couple had a lie detector test with Vanity Fair. The question-answer round was fun for them as well as the audience. For a break, the couple decided to fly to Italy for a vacation in July. In the following time, they attended quite more events together. During another interview in November, Natalia was asked about their outfits that whether they coordinate them or not. She denied this statement saying that it’s never on purpose but it matches anyhow.

The year 2020: The birthday wishes were exchanged with love and affection as always. However, an unseen picture of the couple was posted by Natalia Dyer’s boyfriend Heaton on Dyer’s birthday. It was revealed that the couple tries to make it even and not mess anything between them since the start as they were co-stars with being partners which made it quite difficult in balancing the professional and personal life.

Natalia Dyer Boyfriend
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FAQs about Natalia Dyer Boyfriend

Q: Who is Natalia Dyer Boyfriend?

A: Charlie Heaton, her co-star in Stranger Things is her boyfriend.

Q: How long they have been dating?

A: They are together since 2016.

Q: Where does Natalia Dyer’s boyfriend belong to?

A: Charlie is an English actor. He was born in London.

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