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Cody James reedy- Who was He? What Was The Reason Of His Death? Know All about This Unsung Hero

Cody James Reedy

It is known that an entire team of people works to make a company or brand successful. So is the case of a television show or a movie. An entire team of cast and crew works to produce a show. Every member starting from a spot boy to the director plays a crucial role in the production process. But we often forget to pay attention to the people working behind the scenes. We usually do not bother to know about anyone else besides the main cast and crew. One such valuable person was Cody James Reedy.

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Cody James Reedy was a member of the production team of the popular American television show called NCIS. He was a very essential member. Before the tribute, no one knew who Cody James Reedy was but after the tribute in one of the episodes, now people want to know about it. One of the production members said that he will always be a part of the NCIS family forever and that his absence will be felt deeply. Although after the tribute was aired at the end of an episode the core team members did not mention many details about Cody James Reedy.


Cody James Reedy was honored by CBS and NCIS and was given a nice title card at the end of the episode named ‘Someone Else’s Shoes ‘.  The message was “In memory of our friend and colleague Cody James Reedy. We will miss you.” Usually shows give a tribute to someone whose contributions are undeniable and very valuable in some way. They are used for colleagues who work on the series but can also be used if the person was the inspiration behind the story told in the episode. So the producers giving a title card to Cody James Reedy meant that his contributions were a great deal for the show and his legacy will live on throughout the entire time of the show.


Cody James Reedy’s obituary was aired on 15 October 2019. This might mean that he must have had to do something with the theme or story of the episode. ‘Someone Else’s Shoes’, season 17 episode 4 of NCIS was based on the concept of homeless veterans and a crime scene at Arlington National Cemetery. The team connects a strange crime scene Arlington National Cemetery to a string of attacks on homeless veterans. Vance orders McGee, Bishop, and Torres to complete hours of evidence garage cleanup for withholding information. However, these are just assumptions and there is no concrete answer from the production team of the show about Cody James Reedy or his work. Cody James Reedy is also not mentioned in the cast and crew members’ list on the IMDb page or the press release for the above-mentioned episode.


Unfortunately, Cody James Reedy passed away on 19 September 2019. The reason for his death was an accidental overdose of Fentanyl. For those who do not know, Fentanyl is a powerful medicinal drug used along with anesthesia. It should be used only at a doctor’s advice or else can be very dangerous. It is mostly used to cure cancer patients and ease their pain. So there is a possibility that Cody James Reedy might be suffering from cancer or some sort of serious disease to have been prescribed Fentanyl. Or Cody James Reedy might be going through difficult times in his life. Whatever it is we do not have further detailed information about his death. He passed away at a young age which is extremely saddening to know. But NCIS and the fans will always remember Cody James Reedy and his contributions in their heart.


The show that Cody James Reedy worked hard for is Naval Criminal Investigative Service or popularly known as NCIS is an American police investigation television series. It has 18 seasons (2003-present). The show revolves around a team of special agents from NCIS combining elements of the military drama and police procedural genres. This is a spin-off of another shoe called Jag on CBS. NCIS premiered on 23 September 2003. As of 2021,  it is the 7th longest-running scripted US primetime TV series and the second longest-running scripted, non-animated US primetime TV series currently airing, crossed only by Law and Order: Special Victims Unit(1999-present).

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Season 10 was the most-watched television series in the US during the 2012-12 network television season. On 3 May 2020, NCIS was renewed for an eighteenth season. And as good news for ardent NCIS fans, NCIS has been renewed for a nineteenth season on 15 April 2021.

Nevertheless, it was very sad for the entire cast and crew to lose a gem like Cody James Reedy. His priceless contributions will always be cherished. May his soul rest in peace.

Frequently asked questions

Why did NCIS honor Cody James Reedy?
The episode which his title card was played after was called Someone Else’s Shoes which was dedicated to honoring veterans. CBS’s synopsis on the show reads: “The NCIS team links a bizarre crime scene at Arlington National Cemetery to a string of attacks on homeless veterans.
Where do they film NCIS?
Valencia Studios
To be more precise, NCIS is filmed in Valencia, California, specifically Valencia Studios, which also served as a filming base of operations for movies like Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
Who is Cody James Reedy?
Cody James Reddy is an important crew member of the NCIS unit. The officials said that he was one of the important members of the production team. They also said that his absence in the crew team, make a deep impact on us.

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