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Well Intended Love Season-3

Well Intended Love Season-3

Ni hao, everyone. Hope you are doing well! I have come up with one more interesting and amazing article on one of your favorite Chinese dramas named “Well Intended Love”. I know, I know, you have seen both its previous seasons of this show and therefore, we are going to talk about the release of its next season, Well Intended Love Season-3. So, stay tuned till the very end of the article.

Well Intended Love – About the series –

Well-Targeted Love is a 2019 Chinese television series starring Wang Shuang and Xu Kaicheng. This plot mainly concentrated on a growing D-list actor named Xia Lin (Wang Shuang) who is diagnosed with leukemia. She received a bone marrow donation and made a marriage contract with a good CEO, Ling Yi Zhou.

‘Well Intended Love’ is a Chinese comedy with one of the most bizarre plot twists. Two attractive people, one rich and the other aspiring, signed a two-year marriage contract. Why? Because the girl has leukemia and the boy will only help her if she agrees to tie the knot. Funny as it may seem, and as you can already predict, they start dating.

Despite its misconceptions, ‘Well-Planned Love’ is a cool, bright clock. And many fans of C-dramas have agreed to watch this peppy rom-com when it returns with its second season on Netflix. But now that the second season is over, many are wondering when ‘Soul-Intended Love’ season 3 will be released? Let’s find out.

Well Intended Love – Plot –

‘Well-Targeted Love’ introduces us to Xia Lin, a 21-year-old aspiring actor diagnosed with leukemia. Earlier she found out that her boyfriend had cheated on her. And in addition to his grief, he is told that the donor who can help him is Ling – a rich man, the chief executive of a leading conglomerate. But when Xia tells Ling about her problem, Ling agrees to help her ou but only on one condition – to sign a two-year contract.

Eventually, after an unusual arrangement, the couple begins dating. Eventually, they too became parents and, in the end, tied the knot of the priest – and this was true. Five years had gone really fast and then we see Xia becoming a well-heeled actress and having a son named Nana.

Well Intended Love Season-3 – Expected Cast –

The popular show has some famous names like Simona Wang. She has played the role of Xis Lin, a budding actor diagnosed with Leukemia (leukemia) and in need of bone marrow to save her life. In addition, we have Jis yan who played the role of Xia Lin’s boyfriend who cheated on her and a college classmate.

In addition, the role of Ling Yi Zhou is played by Xu Kaicheng. He is the youngest CEO of the gang who agrees to give him his bone marrow. However, in retrospect, she wanted to marry him for 2 years. Ian Yi is Chu Yan, a famous actor, and a friend of Ling Yi Zhou. To find out about new characters we have to wait for the official announcement of the well-planned love season 3.

Well Intended Love Season-3 – Release date –

Season 2 of ‘Well-Intended Love’ began on April 1, 2020, on Netflix. There were 16 episodes. In China, ‘Well-Targeted Love’ plays on Sohu. And so far, the cable has not yet announced whether the series will be updated for the third program. In fact, if you watch the show, you will know that the arc of the story is quite complete at the end of season 2. If the viewers decide to extend the series, they may need to get closer to the other side.

Yes, the possibility of a Well Intended Love Season-3 seems slim. But if the makers decide to give the show another image by taking a new plotline, we should see season 3 of ‘Well-Intended Love’ release sometime in 2021.

Well Intended Love Season-3 – Where to watch –

To see one and two seasons in the series you can watch on Netflix. But spectators of the drama have to wait for the release of Well-Intended Love Season 3. But according to a particular news season, three will also have 16 episodes.

A well-planned show for the first and second seasons of the trailer has already appeared on you tube. You can go there to watch it, but the third season trailer has not yet been launched on any digital platform. Hopefully, the Season 3 trailer will be launched in a few months.

Well Intended Love – Trailer –

The trailer for Well Intended Love Season-3 has not been released yet but the trailer for its season-2 has been released and you can watch it by clicking here “Well Intended Love

This is all for today’s article on “Well Intended Love Season-3”, hope you enjoyed reading it.

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