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How to catch rare fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. To know more and explore what it is about. Keep reading!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is acquiring response tremendously and has created a handsome amount of passionate fan base. As with the changing period, people’s preferences have witnessed the change to a great extent. Nintendo Switch has amassed a colossal fan base and gamers are rampant about it. Moving ahead in its popularity graph Nintendo Switch keeps on adding games in its treasure. Moreover, Animal Crossing: New Horizon is also a part of Nintendo Switch. Read on to explore more about the game.

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Animal Crossing

What is Animal Crossing: New Horizon?

Animal Crossing: New Horizon available on Nintendo Switch accommodate graphics full of a plethora of flora and fauna and amazing features in conjunction with eighty numerous fishes to prey, bugs to the net, and fruits to harvest to mention a few features are available for players to grasp and maintain their museums. And to maintain the lead in the game players need to search distant and wide places for a handsome amount of animals in the game. Though along with mental skills a few elements and pieces of equipment are needed to grapple the rare species.    

However, players, after spending a few hours on Animal Crossing: New Horizon will get quite familiar with the tricks of fishing. Though its mechanisms are peculiarly interesting but pretty simple too and the player will get along easily once you will let it sink in your brain and will develop interest once you will start reeling big fishes and will get mesmerized by the tricks of catching them. And rare fishes have rare tricks to catch them.  


How to catch rare fish in the Animal Crossing: New Horizon?

How to catch rare fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. To know more and explore what it is about. Keep reading!

Animal Crossing: New Horizon has peculiar and some prominent traits to catch the sundry fishes. Moving ahead in conjunction with its rules, numerous fishes are partitioned into various sorts of spawn pools. Copious fishes spawn in various spheres of water some spawn in the river, some sets of fishes are available in the ocean, some on the surface and the others in ponds, etc. moreover, they can be partitioned into further subsets, like some fishes only spawn in above the cliffs in the high rivers, furthermore, some spawn in the mouth of the river. Whereas moving to the ocean side, some fishes are found spawning near the pier, while the rest give their appearance when it rains. Though all of these time tables might shuffle based on the time of the day, in conjunction with, some fishes will be seen throughout the day, on the other hand, some show up as per their schedule of time as usually between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the rest floats above for spawning at their schedule between 4 p.m. to 9 a.m. In addition to time slots, weather too plays a factor card and during rain or snow, rare fish appearance is almost negligible above the surface. 

Animal Crossing

Set of tools required for catching rare fishes


  • A prominent set of tools required to accomplish the mission includes a fishing rod, which is quite obvious, bait, and a ladder to have an access to the surface of the river where ample and precise fishes can be found. And to acquire a ladder the player has to perform some initial formalities which incorporate building a museum and the shop. Furthermore, Tom Nook assigns a mission of constructing three houses for neophyte residents.   


  • Now bait’s role comes to play, a player requires bait to attract numerous fishes. However, to attain bait the player again needs some initial steps to perform like crafting a recipe for bait for which the player requires Manila clams, which will be found on the beach. While having a walk in search of clams on the sand, be attentive enough to notice the spurts of water coming up. When you find such water spurting, use a shovel to excavate and now you have a clam. Moreover, this is to notify you that finding one clam is just a bit of victory achieved because one clam can be devised into a bit of bait.


  • To make a bait, a player of Animal Crossing: New Horizon needs approximately 100 clams. And I would suggest carrying some fishing rods along so you don’t need to waste your time repairing or crafting new baits amidst your mission if it gets broken. Though if you are planning to carry one fishing rod then be wise enough as you need to invest an ample amount of time and a plethora of iron nuggets. 


  • Therefore this is the process that will continue to and fro. Crafting of baits from clams. Moreover, along with fishing rods a player needs to use a ladder to access the surface area of the river. Moreover, a player needs to stand near the river and aim your bait into the river and grapple that what arrives.


  • Furthermore, only the set of tools and elements are not enough to accomplish your mission but you will be needing a plethora of bells to acquire what you need during your mission. Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizon denote rupees in the game which means you have to pay the bell, to get your desires to be fulfilled and to move ahead in the game. And the process to attain bells is that you have to sell some fish in your museum to get bells to buy the products or elements you require. Rare fishes will fetch you more bells and treasure in the game.


  • However, it might feel a bit monotonous initially but as you keep on moving ahead you will find it peculiarly interesting and ultimately simple to get along when you will start reeling the rare fishes. For playing Animal Crossing: New Horizon you will be requiring a tremendous amount of patience and perseverance and efforts to attain victory, To mention a few.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is the rarest fish in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

A1. Though there are a total of 80 various fishes available, the ones that fetch the most bells are Coelacanth will provide 15,000 bells, whale shark will earn you 13,000 bells, and golden trout will give 15,000 bells, to mention a few. 


Q2. What is the most valuable fish in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

A2. Well, there are various fishes in the Animal Crossing: New Horizon but the one which holds the utmost value and will fetch you maximum bells is Golden Trout whose value is 15,000 bells.


Q3. What is the rarest fish to catch in Animal Crossing?

A3. The coelacanth is the rarest fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. It is not less than a victory to catch this fish which holds 15,000 bell value. The coelacanth is the ocean fish that appears in the daytime and doesn’t have any respective schedule. But rains are best for spawning this rare fish.  

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