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Iruma-Kun Chapter 215: Release Date Revealed,Cast, Story, Raw and Read Manga Online

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun, also known as Mairimashita is a light-hearted comedy manga written and illustrated by Osamu Nishi. It has been serialized in Akita Shonen’s ‘Weekly Champion of the Dead Souls’. It will surely capture your attention with its fun plotline that leaves you wanting more!

The first chapter of the series was released on March 2, 2017. Along with releasing individual chapters, they have also been compiled into tankobon volumes and there have already been twenty-two volumes as of June 2021!


The story starts with a 14-year old human boy who has been sold by his parents to the Demon world. The protagonist, Iruma Suzuki, is then adopted as the grandson of Sullivan and enrolled in Babyls School for Demons where he learns how to be demonically good at everything from cooking and fighting. He must hide that he’s actually human though because if they found out about it demons would gobble him up!

In this story, you will read about the adventures of a demon who tries to fit in with his peers by attending school full time. To keep up, he has had some difficulties; such as when one day all classes were canceled because there was an eclipse. He also finds himself having trouble fitting in due to things that pop out at random and unexpected times during class or while walking around town…

Iruma-Kun Chapter 215 charactersIruma-Kun Chapter 215

The story of the manga starts with a boy named Iruma Suzuki, who was sold to Sullivan by his parents. What is unusual about this situation? Well, Sullivan takes good care of him and enrolls him in school as well. Unlike his human family that neglected their son when they were alive– what an awful thing for them to do!

The main protagonist of the series is Iruma Suzuki, a young male whose mother sells her son into slavery without caring if he would be happy or not because she wanted money from it. He goes through some pretty hard times but eventually finds love at Babyl School where he learns how to control demons like himself which makes life much easier for everyone around him- especially himself being able to make friends now instead

When Iruma first starts school at the mysterious Devil Girl’s Academy, he meets three demon friends: Asmodeus Alice – a close and loyal friend; Clara Valac (sometimes referred to as “Clara”), who also joins them and soon begins developing feelings for him. Ameri Azazel is another character introduced that suspects that Iruma may be human but never reveals it. She eventually falls in love with him as well when she realizes his true identity from reading through some of his thoughts.

Iruma-Kun Chapter 215 release Date

The latest chapter of the manga, “Chapter 215,” is expected to be released on August 7th.

Iruma-Kun Chapter 215 where to Read Manga

There is no confirmed official source to read the translated version of the manga. You can find a few fan translations all over different sites like Readkomik and Mangajar.

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