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Which is the best caller id app? Why do we need caller id app? Can Truecaller be called the best caller id app?

In this growing era of cyber fraud recognizing a caller’s identity has become very important for a common man. A single careless click can cause a person to lose his possessions to cyber scams and fraudulent individuals.  Therefore, identifying a caller’s identity given a certain amount of trust to a person and also induces confidence while speaking to the person on the other side of the signal. Today, we are going to discuss one such caller id application which has proved to be the best caller id app in the present time period. Yes, we are talking about the “Truecaller” application. To know more about the application at hand do read the complete article.

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Why is Truecaller the best caller id app?

Truecaller App Origin.

The Truecaller app was developed by TRUE SOFTWARE SCANDINAVIA AB and was initially released on 1st July 2009. It works on both Android and IOS operating systems and can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store.


Features of Truecaller.

Caller ID– When we download an app like Truecaller what do we expect from it? Of course, we expect it to identify unknown callers therefore the first feature of this app is to identify unknown numbers and inform us whether the call is spam or a company or a real person even before picking up the call. It can identify each incoming call from anywhere in the world be it a landline, mobile, or pre-paid number.

Blocking Spams- The next problem that a normal mobile user faces is the incoming calls from spam and telemarketing companies. Thus this app blocks numbers and auto-blocks telemarketers and robocalls which have been reported by the members of truecaller community protecting everyone from unwanted calls. Making it the best caller id app.

Making Calls, Sending Messages, and Chatting– Often we face a problem of switching apps while using a caller id app as they do not provide the function of chatting or sending messages or making calls but by using true caller app all that can be done on one app without any disturbances. Therefore helping a user to organize and manage all his communications using one app.

An Organized message inbox that is spam-free- This application is programmed in such a way that it can categorize your messages in different categories such as Important, Spam, and Business. Therefore sending all the unwanted messages into the Spam category automatically. It helps in keeping your inbox clean and prioritized. Adding another important feature to our best caller id app.

Intelligent dialing- It also has an option of dialing numbers to make calls but the plus point here which differentiates it from other such apps is the feature of being able to identify the names of numbers as you dial even if it is an unknown number. You can now call the right person using this app.

All in one integrated interface- This app gives an all-in-one experience to the user. Several features work together to give you the experience of a safe and secure way of communication be it calling or messaging. Therefore making it the best caller id app available.


What are the Additional Features?

“Who viewed my profile feature”– If you are wealthy enough to upgrade to premium then this feature lets you view the numbers and people who have viewed your profile. This is one good feature to know your stalkers or to know whether your ex still misses you or no lol!

Banking- As the feature suggests this app can also be a solution to your banking needs. With a safe and secure instant payment facility, this app can manage your bank account. Paying bills made it easier for you.

Tracking Important Messages- Important payment messages such as bill payments, bank transactions, due bills, can be tracked by this app. Also, important messages such as PNR statuses, delivery statuses can be viewed using this app.

Dark mode- It also comes with an amazing feature of dark mode which gives you a classy experience while using the app protecting your eyesight and preventing harmful bright light from damaging your eyes.

Call Recording- Call Records are underrated evidence that can save people a lot of time, money, and sometimes even lives. This app gives you the feature of recording calls. We often use other apps for recording calls but using this app you can record calls using the app which makes calls! Isn’t that amazing! Therefore this app stands as the best caller id app for us.

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However, a single backdrop of this app is that sometimes it glitches and appears on top of your calls making it difficult to receive the call quickly. In some devices, it sometimes malfunctions and does not show the call at all causing a user to skip the call. But the pros of this app far outweigh its cons and are, therefore, the best caller id app.



How do you find out an unknown phone number?

To find out about an unknown phone number using Truecaller you need to hit the search bar on the Truecaller app and type the number then hit the search button. The results show you the name registered with the number and also the location of the number. IT also shows whether the number is on call or not.

Can I use Truecaller online?

Yes, you can use Truecaller online by going to their website than registering using your email or any other social media accounts after which you can search as many numbers as you want without any charge or payment.

Is Truecaller dangerous?

Until now Truecaller has shown no signs of being dangerous as they have a tight privacy policy. It has been asserted as safe for use by the public as well as military personnel.

What are the disadvantages of Truecaller?

As mentioned earlier Truecaller shows glitches sometimes making it difficult to receive calls. Other than that a disadvantage of Truecaller is that it is only functional if you are using a 4G net connection or Wifi Truecaller does not work on other network modes such as 3G or 2G.

After a thorough assessment of all the valid points, we can assert that Truecaller is the best caller id app for the time being. But the future may bring us better apps and we won’t remain behind to inform you about them.

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