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Mookie Betts is Married? Get All Details About This Star Baseball Player’s Life| Career| Relationships| Net Worth and Much More!!!

Mookie Betts
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The Los Angeles Dodgers star player Mookie Betts has grabbed a lot of eyeballs as he announced his engagement to his long-time girlfriend Brianna Hammonds. He already has two rings each from World Series and Red Sox respectively and now this one is a bonus addition it seems. The couple were high school sweethearts and have been dating for 15 years.

This might just be the cutest thing right now on the internet. After being together for almost their entire life, Mookie Betts, 28 proposed to Brianna Hammonds,26, in January 2021 at a dinner party after winning the 2020 LegaCCy award from former Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia and his wife.

It was a surprise proposal for Brianna. The couple has a beautiful daughter together, Kynlee Ivory, who was born in November 2018 just after a month when Mookie Betts won his first World Series title with the Red Sox.

Mookie Betts
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Mookie posted an adorable post expressing his joy on the new chapter in his life. “Brianna has been by my side since we were teenagers,”. Together we’ve grown mentally, physically, and spiritually. She is my best friend, mother of my child, my lover, and my soon-to-be wife.” Sai Mookie in his Instagram post. Brianna thanked him for all his love with a sweet reply saying she can’t wait to marry him.

The award ceremony-cum-engagement party was attended by close friends and family. He popped the question in Nashville, his hometown. It is such a blessing for them as they have been together through thick and thin for all these years. Not everyone gets to marry their first love so definitely, it must be the happiest moment of their lives. We wish the couple all the best for their wonderful life ahead.


Markus Lynn Mookie Betts, born on October 3, 1992, is a well-known American baseball player who previously played for the Boston Red Sox. He made his debut in 2011 and within no time Mookie became the first player in MLB history to win the Most Valuable Player, Silver Slugger, Gold Glove, batting title, and World Series in the same season.

Currently, he is a right fielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Mookie Betts
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Betts won the World Series for a second time in 2020, leading the Dodgers to a title in his first year with the club. Los Angeles acquired Betts in a trade with Boston in February 2020 and signed him to a 12-year, $365 million extension in July. The 2018 AL MVP said that Hammonds is his “MVP.”


In 2017 Betts signed a one-year $750 thousand contract with the Boston Red Sox. In 2018 he signed a one-year $10.5 million contract with the Red Sox. He then signed a one-year $20 million deal to stay with the Sox before jumping to the Dodgers with a two-year $60 million contract.

On July 22, 2020, with one year left on his Dodger deal, Mookie signed a 12-year contract extension with the team. The $390 million deal came with a mind-blowing $65 million signing bonus.

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What does Mookie wear around his neck?
The chains aren’t all diamond-encrusted and super flashy. Among those players who are wearing subtler jewelry is Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts, who wears two necklaces during games. The first is a gold chain given to him by his father, Willie when Mookie signed with the Red Sox in 2011.
Where does Mookie Betts live in the off-season?
Mookie is going to be living among the stars in Encino, where he just purchased a $7.6 million mansion for his family to live in.
How much is Mookie Bett’s contract?
Mookie Betts contract details
Betts signed his 12-year extension with the Dodgers after they acquired him from the Red Sox. The extension begins being paid in 2021, after Betts’ final year of salary arbitration in 2020. Betts was due to earn $27 million in base salary in 2020 in a normal-length season.
Where did Mookie Betts get his bat and ball necklace?
The bat-and-ball was a gift from a Red Sox fan, 13-year-old Griffin Cantrell of Paducah, Kentucky. Cantrell wanted to give Betts a gift since fans often ask players for baseballs.
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