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Lauren Parsekian

About Lauren Parsekian

Lauren Parsekian was born on 8th December 1986. She is a director as well as an actress and belongs to America. Her popular works include Finding Kind, Extra with Billy Bush, and NCIS: Special Agent DiNozzo Visits Dr. Phil. Lauren is also the founder of Kind Campaign which was established in 2009. Aaron Paul is the spouse of Lauren. They dated before their marriage for quite a long time. They are an internet-famous couple.

Lauren Parsekian has one brother, Liam Parsekian, and one sister, Brooke Parsekian. She has spent her early years in California. She belonged to a well-off family and had a fine childhood. Lauren Parsekian’s father contested for elections in 2020. Her mother is Debra Kelly.

Lauren Parsekian used to go to Dana Hill High School. However, her school life wasn’t much good for her, in fact, it was a difficult phase she had. The reason for this is the bully she encountered by two of the girls.

Her campaign

The Kind Campaign founded by Lauren Parsekian is a non-profit organization that focuses on bullying issues. It is a school program that spreads awareness regarding its issue which is concerning. Her movie ‘Finding kind’ is basically a documentary based on girl-on-girl bullying.

The NGO is creating a great impact and successfully combating the problem. The focus of NGOs as mentioned is the crime against females. The purpose is obviously related to her personal life experience. She has set her purpose to help other girls going through the same hardship and helping them out to deal with this issue.

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She said, “I can still vividly recall every torturous experience they put me through throughout 7th and 8th grade. I think the most important part of my story is how those experiences affected me as a young girl.”

Lauren Parsekian researched before starting Finding Kind. She actually talked to girls regarding this issue and learned about it more in-depth. She had the purpose clear in her mind and did her best. In her documentary, she tried showing all these problems stated by the young girls around the world.

She studied filmmaking in her school which surely helped her with the campaign. The co-founder of the campaign is her friend Molly Thompson.

She is not an actress

Lauren Parsekian is sometimes misunderstood as an actress because of the impact she created and the way she led this campaign at a mass. She is naturally gorgeous with her looks and personality. Her career is focused on film making and she is doing amazing in that. She has been also spotted on the red carpets of the award shows.

Is she married?

She has dated Aaron Paul for a long time and eventually married him in May 2013. Aaron Paul is a popular Hollywood actor with a dashing personality. He is considered to be an all-rounder. He is amongst the most likable actors. They married in Malibu, California. The couple has a daughter named Story Annabelle. She is three years old.

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The pair looks adorable together. They have been seen together on the red carpets. The couple started dating early and ended up marrying which was like a dream come true for them. They set out goals for others. Aaron Paul considers his wife Lauren Parsekian to be his inspiration. He usually posts about her and never misses a chance to compliment her.

However, they both have their work-life separated as one works on-screen whereas the other works are off-screen. Lauren Parsekian is leading her life towards a noble cause and she deserves a lot of praise and respect.

How did she meet Aaron?

The pair met at Coachella. They have a common taste in music. “And then a year later, we fell in love at Coachella. We ran off together at Coachella. You know, first kiss on the Ferris wheel sort of thing.” Their story seems like a fairy-tale to many with such sweet and amazing moments since the beginning they met. They are quite popular on the internet for the same.

The couple never fights

Aaron Paul said, “My wife and I do not argue. We communicate. We talk. But we’ve never fought in our entire relationship.”  This seems magical and an ideal relationship that everyone must have dreamt of. The couple has amazing chemistry. They value each other and understand well.

Paul mentioned that Bryan Cranston gave him a piece of great relationship advice for not just settling. Aaron genuinely followed his advice and we can see him having a great pair up with Lauren Parsekian. Aaron believes him to be lucky to meet Lauren and have her as his partner. He refers to her to be the best woman on the planet. He even thanked her on the stage while receiving Emmy Award for his series.

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Q: What is the name of the campaign led by Lauren Parsekian?

A: The name of the campaign is Finding kind.

Q: Who is her husband?

A: Aaron Paul

Q: What is the age of Lauren Parsekian?

A: Lauren Parsekian is 35 years old.



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