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Nickmercs Wife : Who is SHE? What is her real identity? Gaming career | Love life, AFFAIRS!

Nickmercs Wife: Nobody ever wondered that a career could be made from gaming, but Nicholas Nickmercs Kolcheff proved us wrong by breaking the stereotype. The 30-year-old is earning a handsome amount of money from his gaming career. The successful person is happily married.  Nickmercs was born on 22 November 1990 in Michigan. He is nearly 1.8m tall.

About Nickemrcs

Nickmercs Wife: He is a popular and professional Fortnite player. He started streaming his gaming videos in 2010 on Twitch and got such an amazing response and built a strong fan base who loves watching his stream plays. In 2020, he was considered the 10th highest earning gamer. In 2020, Nickmercs managed to gain $6 million from his gameplays and his videos became one of the most viewed streams. He had an obsession with games since the start which luckily turned out to be his profession and gained him success.

Nickmercs Wife : Who is SHE? What is her real identity? Gaming career | Love life, AFFAIRS!
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Early Life of Nikmercs

Nickmercs Wife: Kelvin Kolcheff is the father of Nickmercs. He is a former football coach at high school. There is barely any information about his early life. He studied in City High School, Michigan, and graduated from the University of Michigan.

His love for Gaming

Nickmercs Wife: Nickmercs has always loved to spend his time gaming. He has an obsession sort of with video games since his childhood. He never looked at gaming as his career and only played for his own interest.

His parents didn’t like the idea of him spending so much in playing video games and expected that he does something productive. In fact, once his father crashed his Xbox because he was so annoyed by his son’s idea of dedicating his time to online games. Later, Nickmers shifted to Lone Jack to join the team of gamers.

Nickmercs Wife : Who is SHE? What is her real identity? Gaming career | Love life, AFFAIRS!
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Nickmercs’ Gaming Career

His career started with the launch of his YouTube channel. The YouTube channel was started on 4th December 2011. Initially, the channel didn’t get enough response as per his expectations.  After that, he tried another platform called Twitch. He started streaming his gameplays on Twitch especially on Fortnite. After few days, his channel got a hike due to his record-breaking in Fortnite and he got popular amongst the gaming enthusiasts. He got a good number of followers on both YouTube and Twitch. In just a few days, he got to be famous in the community of gamers.

During his initial time, he won various prestigious titles in gaming proving his excellent skills for the same. He won titles like MLG Dr. Pepper, Th3 NSAN3Z, MLG Anaheim, and MLG Orlando National Championship. Today, he has 3.89M subscribers on YouTube. Watch his latest YouTube video below:


The net worth of Nickmercs

Nickmercs Wife: The sources reveal that his net worth is approximately over $1.5 million from all his sources of income (the platforms he uses for streaming gameplays). He also earns a side income by selling merchandise of his own which includes hoodies, caps, and shirts.

The relationship status of Nickmercs

Nickmercs Wife: Nickmercs, the popular guy in the gaming community is happily married to the love of his life. Though, initially, it was believed that he is very outgoing and had a thing with a few of the girls out there but still it isn’t confirmed.

Nickmercs Wedding (2019)

Nickmercs Wife: In 2019, Nickmercs announced his engagement on Twitter. It was also evident that the audience enjoyed their wedding planning drama on his channel. It was said that his fiancée wanted to have chickens and baby alpaca at the wedding. He said during his life, “She wants ‘pacas!”, and added “She’s not having the wedding unless we have ‘pacas. That was our first argument. I don’t want these things at the wedding, man.” The viewers really liked the fun discussion about their plans.

He married the love of his life in October 2020 and took a break from his streaming for few days. The wedding was held in Traverse, Michigan at Brengman Brothers Winery. It was said that Nickmercs is even better in person than what it feels like on his streams.

Nickmercs Wife : Who is SHE? What is her real identity? Gaming career | Love life, AFFAIRS!
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Who is Nickmercs Wife?

Nickmercs Wife: The name of the wife of Nickmercs is still an alias. She is often referred to as Emumita Bonita. The fact isn’t confirmed that whether it’s the real name or not. It is her username on Instagram. There is very little information regarding the same. Nickmercs doesn’t talk much about his personal life on live streams and is very selective in sharing information. However, another news says that she is called Rio by the photographers of their wedding photos. Also, we can only see their photos together on social media.

Nickmercs wife on his channel

Nickmercs Wife: The fans loved her involvement on the YouTube channel. In one of the videos of Nickmercs, she picked the loadout. He also said during his video, “Truth be told she does watch a lot of the stream. But I gotta be honest, she doesn’t really know what she’s talking about.” Her cameo increased the views by a massive number in just three days.



Q: Who is Nickmercs wife?

A: Her real name is still unknown. She is referred to as Emumita Bonita.

Q: When did Nickmercs start his YouTube channel?

A: He started his YouTube channel in 2011.

Q: When did Nickmerics got engaged?

A: In 2019.



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