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Gabbie Hanna Boyfriend: Who is HE??? Accusations | Dating Life | Truth Revealed !!!

About Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie Hanna boyfriend: Gabbie Hanna is a popular American YouTuber. She started her journey on Vine and then came to YouTube. She got award nominations for her channels on both platforms. Her show is named ‘The Gabbie Show’ which also won a Streamy Award in 2018 for the storyteller. Gabbie is multi-talented with a decent personality. Gabbie Hanna is also a poet who released her book Adultoscene in 2017. She also released her solo music video ‘Out Loud’ in 2017. She had a debut in ‘Escape the Night’, a YouTube premium series.

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Her Religion Beliefs

Gabbie Hanna boyfriend: Gabbie Hanna is a Catholic yet she has some different beliefs regarding religion. She told about her beliefs in 2018 in an interview stating that she was born and brought up as Catholic but she doesn’t like a few of their beliefs like sex before marriage and homosexuality. Once, she also said that her great-grandmother uses her as a medium to talk through. She also seems to believe in the supernatural world and reincarnation.

Gabbie Hanna Boyfriend: Who is HE??? Accusations | Dating Life | Truth Revealed !!!
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Gabbie Hanna was accused

Gabbie Hanna boyfriend: Clearly, Hanna has been stuck in the middle of many situations on the Internet. She was blamed for defending Curtis Lepore who was considered a sexual assaulter of Jesi Vazuez. Hanna and Jessi together fought for this issue through the medium of the internet.

However, Hanna was seen defending the culprit by the fans. Hanna then talked to the fan clearing the matter but the fan, Deanna didn’t seem much persuaded. Later on, the fan agreed and came to terms by giving an apology. After seeing that apology, Jen Dent, a Vine star revealed the screenshots of the conversations between Hanna and Curtis. He also revealed in his video that Hanna was seen spending time with friends of Curtis after the issue. Jessi was okay with this fact as what Curtis did has nothing to with his friends.

After the accusation, Hanna posted a tweet in November 2019, “I, from the bottom of my heart, don’t remember saying ‘well his friends didn’t rape you.’ I don’t know the context that I would say that in, I don’t know at what point in our friendship or fall-out I would have said that, and I don’t know the situation that would come up in… Although I don’t remember saying it, I can’t fully on good conscience say that it was never said. For that, I am truly sorry.”

The involvement of a 15-year-old led to huge trouble

Gabbie Hanna boyfriend: Hanna sent the DMs about the accusation to a 15-year-old fan. She asked for assistance from her fans. She explained, “I prob just snapped bc I was lonely and tired of being told who I could and could not hang out w.” The fan then leaked the conversation with Hanna to which Vazquez responded saying, “I made it very clear in my video that this behavior needs to stop… STOP messaging fans. Especially 15-year-old ones. This fan is now being brought into something she had no business being involved in. Enough is enough.” Hanna didn’t apologize for sending the screenshots to the 15-year-old fan but only apologized to the fan who accused her.

Gabbie Hanna Boyfriend: Who is HE??? Accusations | Dating Life | Truth Revealed !!!
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Hanna revealing the truth about her ex-boyfriend

Gabbie Hanna boyfriend: Hanna dated a guy in 2018 with whom she posted pictures hiding his name and identity. It is still unknown who that guy was. The relationship ended; after which she posted a YouTube video titled ‘I Dated a Pathological Liar.’ She said that it was a part of her healing process from the toxic relationship.

Her EP with 2WayMirror was based on her ex-boyfriend

Gabbie Hanna boyfriend: The first song of Hanna was recorded in December 2018. Hanna allowed her fans to decide the cover for the EP. The next year, Hanna pulled up the curtail by revealing that the album was close to her because of some personal reasons. She said that it was based on her ex. Her ex was Spencer Sharp.

Her dispute with Trisha Paytas

Gabbie Hanna boyfriend: Once Hanna asked her followers a personal question about a friend. Hanna didn’t give a name to that friend but only took the poll. Later on, Trisha discovered that it was about her and made a video titled ‘Why I don’t trust Gabbie Hanna.’ She hated the fact that Hanna passed on the information to her boyfriend about having an STD. However, Paytas didn’t accept these wordings. Hanna made a tweet regarding the issue. The issue exploded when the mutual friend got involved. However, she apologized in an email saying, “Both girls respect my mistake and feel sorry for putting me in the middle. Both women are trying to move forward from the situation.”

Who is she currently dating?

Gabbie Hanna boyfriend: Gabbie Hanna is currently dating Payton Saxon. Their relationship started in the year 2019. To the good news of her fans, she made her relationship public this time. Before this time, she always kept her relationships secret. She has also posted few pictures with Payton on her Instagram Handle. Her captions clearly reveal that the bond between the two is strong and they are serious about each other. It’s good to see Hanna in a committed relationship.

Gabbie Hanna Boyfriend: Who is HE??? Accusations | Dating Life | Truth Revealed !!!
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Q: Who is Gabbie Hanna’s boyfriend?

A: Payton Saxon

Q: What is the age of Gabbie Hanna?

A: 30 years

Q: When did the couple start dating?

A:  August 2019


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