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The Magician Season 6: Renewed? Exclusive details CONFIRMED!? about Plot | Cast | Storyline | Trailer | Release Date | Everything!!!

The Magician season 6
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The Magician is an American television show with which started casting its spell in December 2015 with its first season and has ever since taken the audience into its magic world for  5 seasons by 2020. Fans of this series are eager to see more of the magic, action, and plot taking different turms. But will there be The Magician season 6?


The Magician is a fantasy television series based on the trilogy novel by Lev Grossman by the same name that was published in 2009. The show revolves around a magical university and a student who wants to learn magic. It is about Quentin Coldwater, a boy who recently discovered his special magical ability. So he takes admission into Brakebills University to get proper training on his magic.

Quentin is very fond of the book series Fillory and Further which is about the Chatwin brothers who travel to a magical land called Fillory to save it from The Beast. He is shocked to learn that just like his favorite book, a magical world actually exists but it poses a threat to the existence of humanity.

Quentin and a few other students of the University Alice, Eliot, Margo, and Penny polish their skills, to face the dangers of the magical world. These students also belong to families with magical histories. Whereas Julia, Quentin’s childhood friend gets rejected by the University and she decides to magic by herself by following a dark, unsafe path. Apparently, Quentin was destined to fight the bad people and save the world.

The Magician

Well for a show consisting of a bunch of teenagers, you will see a lot of hookups and a probable love triangle between Quentin, Julia, and Alice making things more complicated. But it is a mystery at first as to who is the real beast. (Don’t worry there are no spoilers ahead so you actually have to watch the series to find out!) Season 1 ending was not at all a happy ending as they couldn’t kill the beast and it gets away.

The rest of the seasons are about how this group of magicians deals with the beast, their lives, and how they adjust to the magic world. They face a lot of challenges in the beginning but seem to find their way out of every problem. There were a lot of changes in season 4 (again no spoilers here) which affect the entire storyline of the show.


The Magicians season 1 has 13 episodes and it was premiered on December 16, 2015, on Syfy. After a good response from the viewers, Syfy announced the renewal of The Magician season 2 and by 2019, its fifth season was released. However, to much of the fans’ disappointment, the Magician season 6 has been canceled by Syfy in 2020.

Season 5 was declared the series finale. Syfy released a statement thanking all the creators, writers, actors, directors, and everyone involved in the making of the show.

The Magicians was initially meant to end with four seasons but then it somehow got stretched to season 5. Co-creator said in an interview that the main reason for the pull-out might be the financial constraint on the show although not necessarily the only reason.

With more seasons, there will be more costs of production and so season 6 has been canceled. The show’s time might be over on Syfy but it may get picked up in the future by other streaming platforms. That can be a ray of hope for the die heart fans of The Magicians who are eagerly waiting to see what can unfold further in the world of magic.

All five seasons are available on Amazon Prime for you to binge-watch and relish the antics of the magic world and escape the realities of life for a while!


The Magicians
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Jason Ralph as Quentin Coldwater

Stella Maeve as Julia Wicker

Olivia Taylor Dudley as Alice Quinn

Hale Appleman as Eliot Waugh

Arjun Gupta as William “Penny” Adiyodi

Summer Bishil as Margo Hanson

Rick Worthy as Henry Fogg

Jade Tailor as Kady Orloff-Diaz

Brittany Curran as Fen

Trevor Einhorn as Josh Hoberman



Are the magicians on Netflix good?

With so many people currently seeking out escapism in all its forms, Syfy’s The Magicians is a fantastic binge-watch, an all-consuming experience with just enough light to distract from the global pandemic. The series just wrapped its fifth and final season, and the first four seasons are available on Netflix.

Why were the magicians Cancelled?

So, why isn’t The Magicians Season 6 happening? Ratings dropped on SYFY. Despite the series being one of the only scripted shows left on the network, SYFY opted to cancel The Magicians partway through the fifth season. The good news is the show didn’t have the major cliffhanger that previous seasons have had.

Is Quentin not in season 5 of the magicians?

At the end of season 4, The Magicians killed off its ostensible lead character, Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph). Season 5 has explored how his friends are grieving and adjusting to that massive loss while also trying to prevent it from multiple apocalypses. … The Magicians airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Syfy.
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