Jennifer Aniston Reacts to Devastating News During Corona Virus Lock Down That Has Been Heartbreaking – Know More About it

Jennifer Aniston
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Ever young superstar in the Hollywood business, Jennifer Aniston shares saddening news during the lockdown. There were initial speculations that the cast of the famous American sitcom, FRIENDS, will reunite this year. However, due to the lockdown and other restrictions because of the pandemic, it stands canceled. The stars were going to join the crew for the screening of a special episode. Everyone was looking forward to seeing the dream cast back again after so many years. The famous TV show is not only a hit in the West but a worldwide highest grosser. The actors have been waiting to meet and shoot a special this year for their lovely audience. However, the delays cause Aniston great sorrow.

Jennifer Aniston on Cancelled Shoot

The point of cancellation of the stars reunion was that there is no possible way they could set up a live audience. If anyone doesn’t know, these sitcoms have a live audience. More so, the laughs in the background are not artificial sound effects. However, knowing that the situations might only worsen if they let it go on, there was no choice. The initial date of the reunion of the FRIENDS cast was in March. The special episode filming would mean a great deal to the business as well as emotionally. The show’s filming of the special however got pushed to May. Sadly, now there are no dates to confirm their comebacks on the screen. The actress is meeting her friends and co-stars from the show during the lockdown, but she adheres to the rules. She’s up in the news lately for highlighting the importance of wearing a mask.

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History of the Show

The show dates back to 1994 when the stars came together to create history. The show lasted a total of 10 seasons over a period of 10 years. However, the fan base of the show is so populous amongst the teens of today that it generates decent royalty. The stars make about a million dollars doing nothing now for the show, sitting at home. But this special was highly in the talks and the fans are more than disturbed to have it called off. We are sure of something greater coming in the future.

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