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Laura Mellado: Famous Blogger | Lifestyle | Career | Relationship and Family | Personal life | HEARTBREAKING NEWS!!!!!

Laura Mellado


Laura Mellado is a fashion blogger and social media star who is known for her clothing boutique and also her family Youtube channel called ‘LVE FAMILY’. She has her boutique expanded in many parts of California over the years and her fashion business has been thriving, making Laura Mellado a successful American entrepreneur.


Laura Mellado was born on January 30, 1992, in Whitter, California. That makes her zodiac sign Aquarius. She is of caucasian ethnicity. Her mother’s name is also Laura. She has two younger brothers, Marcus who is 25 years old and the youngest of all three siblings is Max who is 17 years old.


Laura Mellado is said to be 5 feet and 7 inches tall. There is no mention of her weight as such. She has beautiful long black hair and dark brown eyes. What is quite evident in all her videos and according to her fans, is that she is a very emotional and sensitive person especially when she talks about her family. Laura Mellado’s humble and sweet nature is what her audiences like the most and the ways he is always so open about everything that happens in her life.


Laura Mellado’s mother(also Laura Mellado!)  started a thrift store called ‘Laura’s Boutique’ in 2012 in Whittier, California. It was a family store that sold used but new clothing. Laura’s mother used to get old stuff that she washed or made it look in better condition and resell them in yard sales. At that time Laura was 20 years and was working at Kohl.

Laura Mellado wanted to earn her own money so her mother gave her one wall where she could hang only five clothes as the thrift store had limited space. Laura took those 4-5 clothes home and put their pictures on Instagram. Even before she knew it she got her first customer. And within a few weeks, Laura’s mother noticed that Laura’s business was starting to flourish and so she let her daughter take over that store. After 6 months, her dad helped her to rent a bigger space as the previous store was not enough to cater to her increasing number of customers. Ever since Laura Mellado and her business have been successful than ever.

Laura Mellado

In fact, in 2014 they also expanded their business to Orange Country and opened another store in Santa Ana, California. Laura’s Boutique is now available online at www.lauras-boutique.com. Her boutique has attracted many internet celebrities including James Charles and Louie Castro. She said in one of her earlier interviews that she owes it big time to social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat for her successful business as they help to keep a track of the current trends and gives a better idea of what the customers want.

As mentioned above, Laura Mellado’s family Youtube channel ‘LVE FAMILY’ has 624K subscribers. Her first ever video was an interview called ‘About Me and Laura’s Boutique’ that she uploaded on 19 January 2017. She took a break and then continued with her videos from 2019. The video called ‘Bf Rates My Outfits +giveaways’ was one of her first videos to gain more than a million views (1.3 million views). Among all the videos that have been uploaded on their channel, the gender reveals video of Laura Mellado and Victor second baby gained maximum views to date (1.6 million views). She does fashion and outfit videos as well as usual day-to-day activities of her family like the announcement of her pregnancy, gender reveals party, pranks on her family members, and so on.

She has a huge fan following on Instagram ( @lauramellado) with 1 million followers, a Twitter account  (@lauramellado) with 304K followers, and many on Snapchat (@lauramellado) too. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she had to close down some of her stores which she was upset about but then her second pregnancy helped her to cope up with it. Nevertheless, Laura’s business is doing great by thriving online.


Laura Mellado has got more than a million followers on Instagram and she gets a lot of advertisements and sponsorships. She charges approximately $2,800- $4,700 for sponsorships. Her boutique sells all items at affordable costs between the price range of  $15-$110 and often they get sold out quickly, which shows that the boutique fetches a good amount of profits for Laura Mellado. Moreover, their family Youtube channel also has considerable subscribers with an average of 47,731 views daily. According to a source named socialblade.com, she earns approximately $4.3K-$68.7K per year. So in total, her net worth is estimated to be around $600,000-$700,000.


Laura Mellado

Laura Mellado is happily engaged to her fiance Victor Hallman for 7 years. They had met in Disneyland for the first time and she has mentioned many times how Disneyland played an important milestone in their relationship. In fact, their engagement and announcement of her first pregnancy also took place there. The couple has 2 sons, the elder one is Elliot who is 5 years old and the second baby was born recently a few weeks ago. She did a detailed vlog about her entire birth journey where she expressed her happiness about having a sibling for Elliot and her love for having more babies!

Some frequently asked questions about Laura Mellado are:

Q1. How did Laura Mellado get famous?
Blogger and fashion designer Laura Mellado has grown popular through her website Laura’s Boutique. She also runs the family YouTube channel LVE FAMILY alongside her husband and sons.
Q2. Does Laura’s Boutique have a plus size?
Yes, Laura’s Boutique does offer plus sizes.
Q3. Does Lauras Boutique have an app?
Welcome to the Official Laura’s Boutique shopping app. Shop the latest styles and trends quickly and easily through your mobile phone.
Q4. How do I start a small online boutique?
10 Steps for How to Start an Online Boutique
  1. Decide your product niche.
  2. Find the best e-commerce platform for your online boutique.
  3. Create a business plan.
  4. Select a name and domain for your online boutique.
  5. Locate and vet your clothing suppliers.
  6. Create your website with an online store builder.

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