HomeEntertainmentBobby Lee wife: Khalyla Kuhn or is dating someone else? DARK SECRETS!!! The truth behind their relationship and who is Khalyla Kuhn and the mysteries behind her! 

Bobby Lee wife: Khalyla Kuhn or is dating someone else? DARK SECRETS!!! The truth behind their relationship and who is Khalyla Kuhn and the mysteries behind her! 

Bobby Lee wife

Bobby Lee wife: The era we are in has a great degree of inclination to the celebrities and fans’ fondness and curiosities land them into their personal space as well, regarding happing in celebrities life either they are dating, getting hitch or planning annulment. Being a star is like a concoction to swallow as with the fame some problems do follow as you cannot keep personal things very personal. Well, today’s hot gossip is about the American comedian, an actor, and podcaster, Bobby Lee wife, or only a lady love. Scroll down to lower your anxiousness of knowing more:

Bobby Lee wife

Bobby Lee wife: Who is Khalyla Kuhn? The lady in question

Bobby Lee is a known face for his controversial comedy and acting talent and as a great podcaster belongs to the United States of America. But more than this he has been a talk of the town for his alleged wife, the under the spotlight Khalyla Kuhn. Earlier is was rumored to be gay before his marriage came to light. Now the attention is on Khalyla Kuhn the mystery lady whom Bobby Lee gave his heart and is married now.

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Khalyla Kuhn is 1984 born in, on October, 31. She is a native of Phillippines USA. She owns the nationality of the United States of America. Allegedly Khalyla Kuhn’s lineage is Filipino and she is half Egyptian as well. She belongs to a mixed ethnic background. As Kuhn is a great believer in keeping her things private she has not divulged much about her family and earlier life. Very minimal information is unveiled. She has kept her private life very layered nothing is known about Khalyal Kuhn’s parents, qualification and childhood. And the reason stated behind is that her life was not a joyous one and she started earning for herself at the age of 17 and Kuhn doesn’t like talking about the aloof chapters she has lived. Expect the fact that she is Bobby Lee wife everything is veiled. The minute information which is known about the mysterious lady is that she is a sensational YouTuber that also came into existence when she married Bobby Lee and before that her existence was not under the light of media.

Bobby Lee wife

Bobby Lee wife: Khalyla Kuhn and Bobby Lee’s marriage

Before Khalyla Kuhn’s encounter with Bobby Lee, she was away from fame game and led a simple life of a teacher and later was employed as a waitress in a bar nearby a beach and her small socializing circle. But her life swirled 360 degrees when Bobby Lee happened to him on a famous dating app Tinder initially they chatted before facing each other, if everything goes butter-smooth between the two and as destiny played it cards really well and they both end up meeting each other and fell in love. But the other side of the coin was Khalyla’s fear of being under the limelight and her private life being publicized and would take a worse turn of unwanted attention on the other hand Bobby too maintained secrecy about their dating and did not want any publicity. Finally, after their marriage, this news spread like a forest fire among the spectators and as good comes with bad, a few became their admirers and the rest criticized Khalyla Kuhn and mention her as the gold digger. Despite every criticism, their love flourished and explored and they started their careers together as well. And now acknowledged as a power couple all over, and for their podcasts and videos together.     

Bobby Lee wife

Bobby Lee wife: Khalyla Kuhn’s career graph

Earlier Khalyal Kuhn was employed as a private tutor of microbiology and anatomy. There was a stage in her life when she has worked as a waitress also. She came under the eyes of spectators since the time she is romantically involved with Bobby Lee. Khalyal Kuhn and Bobby Lee together started a channel on YouTuber named TigerBelly and on that they create various podcasts sequels with a similar name. the most often topics of their podcasts list includes theme which can amass viewers and listeners and keep their chords tight with them like Asian culture, American Asian issues concerning the entertainment world, sexuality, adolescence, racism, ethnicity. Irrespective of what should be stated and what should not they hit the soft edgy topics and splash the bold facts and truth about the reality. Walking on the same tangent they have acquired a lot of recognition and are acknowledge all over grappling with more than 220,000 subscribers. They have amassed approximately 30 million views and the count is increasing day by day. Some of their most acclaimed video lists involve “ Hila and Ethan Klein of H3, TigeBelly 145” amassed 700,000 views. Moreover, “ Chris D’Elia & Toki the Dumdum, TigerBelly 80”, which has fondness among 600,000 viewers, and “Tom Segura shares his Limo, TigerBelly 127” which has been viewed 580,000 times and still rolling.

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If you want to know more about Bobby Lee and Khlyla Kuhn’s everyday happenings and much more you can hop to their social media handles and get to know more about the couple and especially Bobby’s lady love who is not a mystery anymore.   

Bobby Lee wife

Bobby Lee wife: Khalyla Kuhn husband Bobby Lee

As you are now much aware of Khalyla Kuhn’s life and major aspects so how can Bobby Lee leave the prominent reason behind Kuhn’s fame and attention.  

His career graph started going up in the year 1994 when he appeared on the comedy screen for the first time in a comedy show MADtv and film like Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle the year 2004, in Pineapple Express in 2008 following the TV series Splitting Up Together in the year 2018. Bobby Lee’s net worth is estimated at a minimum, of $1 million. This is all about Bobby Lee wife!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Is Bobby Lee married to Khalyla?

A.1 According to the sources like Checkersaga, VeryCeleb, and so on, mentioned that Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn hitched four years back in August 2016. It was divulged in a podcast that they both host and own the TigerBelly. 


Q2. Who is Bobby Lee dating?

A2. Bobby Lee is dating her co-host of the Youtube channel TigerBelly Khalyla Kuhn, who was later divulged that they are married back in 2016 August. They first met on the dating app Tinder and eventually fell in love.


Q3. How old Bobby Lee?

A3. The original name of the most renowned Bobby Lee is Robert Young Lee Jr. He is a native of San Diego, California USA. Bobby Lee was born on the 18th of September 1971. His parents are Robert Lee Sr. and Jeanie. 

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