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Equalizer 3: RELEASING SOON! Plot | Storyline | Cast | Crew | much-awaited twist got affirmation?! Trailer | LATEST UPDATES!!!

Equalizer 3

In the year 2014, Antoine Fuqua proclaimed the release of The Equalizer starring the veteran and most adored actor Denzel Washington, readily plotted on the prominent soap opera of the 1980s having the same title.  Authored by Richard Wenk and the screenplay was directed under the supervision of Antoine Fuqua. The movie was premiered in the same year 2014 on the 7th of September, at Toronto International Film Festival 2014.  The Equalizer was enunciated worldwide on 26th September in the same year in conventional and IMAX theaters. 

It acquired motley reviews from critics, who lauded the graphics, acoustic style, skirmish sequences. Whereas castigated for its sketch and rampage. Though it fetches a good amount of $192 million for the production house and was acknowledged throughout the world. The triumph of the first season of The Equalizer made the second season happened. The sequel of The Equalizer was premiered in 2018 on 20th July.

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 The Equalizer is a melee parcel and optic treasure for its partisans.  The companionship of Denzel Washington and Antoine Fuqua culminated in an impactful munitions series. The screenplay is such that it will not let you spare even a minute of hiatus and will make your eyeballs freeze on the screen without any minute of lassitude. The execution of the storyline has been done ostentatiously. 

Equalizer 3

Moreover, Denzel Washington’s flamboyant and splendid depiction as an ex-military assistant is splendid. The movie revolves around his character and the plot compliments his persona. Denzel’s portrayal as the DIA intelligence officer made it striking and captivated vigilant frequent viewers.

Pioneer’s indication regarding the adventure of the third season of The Equalizer is the staggering response and the financial success of the past two seasons of The Equalizer which grossed almost $190 million approx. 33% of the amount spent on generating plans. This is a prominent establishment where numerous factors having an impact on everything and above all the vitality of the titular star, Denzel Washington.

Witnessing the success of The Equalizer 2, there are gossips around the corner concerning the making of The Equalizer 3, still, this decision is dubious until there is an affirmation from the production house. The current status is unpredicted and so is the future. Keep scrolling to know more.

 What can be a plot of The Equalizer 3?

The plot of the first season of The Equalizer revolves around Robert McCall who was formerly employed as the U.S. Marine metamorphoses to a DIA intelligence officer but hesitantly bounced back to action to rescue a prostitute from the grapple of the Russian mafia. The first season was about his journey and we witnessed how he combated all of them peerlessly.

Conference regarding bringing forth the second season of the Equalizer commenced seven months precedent of the first sequel’s release. But was divulged officially in 2015 in April. But its production started in September 2017. Further, in the second season of The Equalizer, we were treasured again with the presence of Denzel Washington with the new plot and venture of Robert McCall. The second season wiggled around the twist concerning the speculation of Robert McCall’s friend murder. 

            In the third season probably the main narrative of the storyline will be that Robert McCall who departed with his last friend, will be the subsequent prey now.  The diameter of the upcoming season will give the explicit design. Though, it is assumed that Equalizer 3 will not be requiring a striking pitch.  Amidst all these considerations the third sequel of the Equalizer look precisely on the graph. Its followers and Denzel Washington have colossal followers and admirers of the last two seasons of Equalizer. But until any confirmation from the authorities, nothing can be surely predicted.

Equalizer 3

Expected Release Dates

If we gauge the period between the last two seasons of Equalizer, then the gap was of four years in the release of both the movies. Based on this fact we can speculate the release will be slated according to the previous pattern for equalizer 3 as well, which implies that its release can be expected near or in later 2023.  As there is no explicit proclamation about when the premier will be releasing. Makers have sealed their lips regarding this. The massive fan base that Equalizer has captivated is eagerly waiting for its third season but waiting is the only substitute till any further updates 


Equalizer 3

Who can be behind the camera?

Antoine Fuqua has articulated his fondness for orchestrating a threequel of the Equalizer. To ensure the affluent accomplishment of the third season he is the fairest selection for Sony to opt. Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington share camaraderie and have collaborated quite often for certain endeavors which are tremendous achievements and Denzel Washington has also amassed a best actor award for ‘Training Day’ at the Academy. After two successive seasons of Equalizer, we can anticipate their presence altogether in the third one as well. Moreover, Richard Wenk, the one who penned down the series has expressed his fondness to work again.  

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Equalizer 3

Anticipated Storyline of Equalizer 3

Expectations from the third sequel of Equalize is high as there is a magnanimous record of its predecessor. The bar of expectations is set high of its followers that the third season will leave the rest two behind.

An interesting plot for Equalizer 3 can be anticipated as its preceding sequel has was concluded at a nonpartisan place from where the Equalizer 3 plot can linger and the story might whirl around Rob McCall and threats against him and after his friend, he shall be the only target left to slay by his rivals. 

Allegedly this fact came in light that Antoine Fuqua has disclosed that Sony has approached him for the making of the Equalizer 3 and he, himself is excited to reconvene with Denzel Washington. But there are only assumptions and no affirmation in regards to Equalizer 3. Further, you’ll get to know about it sooner or later till then, keep your belts tight and hope high.         


The cast of Equalizer 3

 Denzel Washington will surely be the key to Equalizer 3. Rest some familiar characters shall be reunited. Ashton Sanders as Miles Whittaker, Orson Bean as Sam Rubinstein, Bill Pullman as Brian Plummer could likewise be promoted for a return.  Moreover, some new faces can be predicted if there will be some new twist in the warfare roller coaster ride 

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