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Fairy tail season 10: POSSIBILITY of the RENEWAL? Release Date OUT! | About the show | Plot | Cast | Release date

Fairy tail season 10

I am back again with one more article on an interesting and most awaiting anime series named Fairy tail season 10. In this article, you will be reading whether Fairy tail season 10 will be renewed or there will be no next season of the series. If you are someone new to this, read the article and decide if you want to watch it.

About the series-

This series is one of the longest-running anime series which is also very well acclaimed. This amazing series is an adaptation of the manga series which has a similar name created by Hiro Mashima. It was produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight, directed by Shinji Ishihara. This anime series was broadcasted on 12 October 2009, on TV Tokyo. This series basically revolves around Natsu Dragneel who is in the search for Igneel, a dragon, and partners with a celestial wizard named Lucy Heartfilia.

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There are 52 excerpts of the theme music for this series which were given by Avex Group and Pony Canyon. In the year 2011, in North America, the very first season was licensed by Funimation for an English-language release. The episodes of this series which were dubbed by Funimation aired on Funimation Channel. This entire anime series has nine seasons in all which consists of 328 episodes.

Fairy tail season 10

This anime series, Fairy tail, is a massively popular anime and it has been praised by its fans as well as the critics. Not only this, fans usually consider this series as one of the big threes. This anime series has also produced multiple OVAs and two feature films.

This series is so popular that it is no wonder why everyone wants to watch more of it desperately. The last season of Fairy tail was released on 29 Sept 2019, and since then people are looking forward to the tenth season of the series that is Fairy tail season 10.

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A plot of Fairy tail-

Fairy tail is an adventurous anime series with the genre of fantasy. The story is basically about the existence of a fictional world named Earth Land and in this world, all the wizards use their magic to fulfill their wishes. Apart from these wizards, various fantastical creatures are there in this imagined world. This story further follows a dragon slayer wizard which is mentioned before also named Natsu Dragneel, a member of the guild of Fairy tail.

Natsu has gone on a mission which is about the search of Dragneel who is his adoptive father. While Natsu is on his journey to find his father, he comes in contact with various other creatures as well as wizards, and with the help of them, they go for the venture.

Fairy tail season 10

The possible cast of Fairy tail season 10 –

This anime series has lots of characters including the following characters –

Natsu DragneelNatsu is the male protagonist of the show. He is a slayer of a dragon named Salamander. He is insouciant, incautious, and unworried who usually, gets on the nerves of the fellow members of the guild as he is a bit irritating, actually, he is very irritating.

Though, he is an amazing friend who can go to any extent for his friends and all those people whom he cares about. He makes friends very easily and has amazing and incredible abilities of magic and that is the reason why he can handle the dragons really well.

Gray Fullbuster – He is also a member of the guild and is an ice enchanter who can mold the ice in any shape he wants. A pretty arrogant character who is usually accused of being an extrovert, Gray shares a friendly conflict with Natsu and both of them fight quite often with each other and improve themselves.

Happy – Happy is the partner of Natsu and is from the exceed race and resembles a cat. But unlike normal cats, he can talk and has wings which help him to fly quite high with an incredible speed. He is quite close to Natsu and has friendly nature which is why he befriends Lucy very quickly.

Lucy Heartfilia – She is the female protagonist of the show who loves literature and wants to write down all her adventures and make them in the novel. She was an independent and young celestial mage who joins the guild when she gets the invitation from Natsu. She is a confident, attractive, and beautiful girl who loves to summon the spirits from another world and make them ready to fight by her side.

Wendy Marvell – She is also a dragon slayer like Natsu who is also a healer who can heal any injury with her magic. She has incredible control over the air as she can manipulate it.

Charles – He is an associate of Wendy and has the same magical powers as Happy has. Wendy once found Charles as an egg and since then they both are together.

Fairy tail season 10

Release date of Fairy tail season 10 –

As we all are aware of the last of the series in season-9, nothing more is left in the manga series to show to its fans. Hence until and unless the creator of the series named Hiro Mashima, decides to make more episodes for this series, this series is simply canceled from all perspectives. Also, there are no official announcements as well so we can not say anything regarding the release of Fairy tail season 10. But we can definitely look forward to the feature films in the future.

This is all for today’s article on Fairy tail season 10. Until next time, stay tuned for all the latest updates! Do you find our article on Fairy tail season 10 useful? Did I miss something about Fairy tail season 10? Do you want more articles like Fairy tail season 10? Comment below:


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