HomeEntertainmentNata Lee- Biography |Career | Family | What she does |know everything about her!!!

Nata Lee- Biography |Career | Family | What she does |know everything about her!!!

Nata Lee- Biography |Career | Family | What she does |know everything about her!!!


Natasha Krasavina, popularly known as Nata Lee is a Russian model, actress, and internet personality. Born on 17 February 1999 in Moscow, Russia to Mr. lee, a Russian businessman, and Mrs. Lee who is a model as well. She did her early schooling at a local High School in Moscow and after that, she completed her graduation from a private college in Moscow. Currently resides in Paris, France.

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She has been working for big brands such as Fashion Nova, Gooseberry intimates, Guess, and so on. Nata Lee is known for the bold and modelesque pictures that she often shares on her social media accounts. She is very popular in Russia as well as internationally and has a huge fan base, especially in India. She has a lot of followers on Instagram and Twitter. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.


Nata Lee
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Nata Lee is roughly 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs approximately 59 Kgs. She is a blonde-headed woman with beautiful blue eyes. She has a bold and super stunning body with an hourglass body type, perfect for modeling and photoshoots. She has a great fashion sense which is very much visible in her photos on Instagram,  Nata Lee is a big fitness freak who has strict gym regimes that help her to maintain her curvy body figure.


Nata Lee was interested in modeling since her childhood. So she started her career by posting beautiful and bold pictures on Instagram and within no time, she gained huge popularity. Then she also did freelance modeling and photoshoots for different brands. She is endorsing big brands like Fashion Nova, Guess, and many such fashion clothing brands. She has even collaborated with famous well-known fashion models such as Viki Odintcova and Irina Dreyt. She gets a lot of money paid for endorsing the brand Fashion Nova.

Nata Lee makes an average income of $5000-$10000 each time she promotes any brand. She has the main Instagram account called (@natalee.007) with 6.1 million followers, where she posts all the bold and astounding pictures of herself, mainly all from her photoshoots. Considering Lee’s latest 15 posts, the average engagement rate of followers on each of her posts is 7.06%. Thus, the average estimate of the amount she charges for sponsorship is between $3,330.75 – $5,551.25. Moreover, she also has an alternative Instagram account called (@007natalee) which she uses to upload her behind scenes videos and pictures, cover videos, art, and so on of her work. She has a personal diary at www.007diary.com. She mostly writes and shares instances of her travel experience around the world.

Her Twitter account with the id NATALEE.007 has 14.5K followers. Apart from Instagram and Twitter Nata Lee has a Tik-Tok account as well. She has more than 170K followers and 830K plus hearts. Nata Lee is also a Dj under the name DJ NATALEE.007 since 2019. She enjoys being both a model and a DJ. She is also called “World’s Sexiest DJ” and could be seen photographed at various events.


Her fans might be disappointed to know that Nata Lee is not single and has been courting photographer Marvin for a while now. They fell in love with each other when they worked together. Marvin is the founder of Marvin studios and Marvin models. It is not surprising to see that Marvin is the main hand behind her breathtaking and sizzling photos. Nata Lee has always been quite open and forward about their relationship. She often posts pictures with adorable captions for him and both of them never shy away from showing their love for each other.

Nata Lee
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Every celebrity faces positive and negative reactions from their fans and followers. It is no different for Nata Lee. Although she has a huge fanbase, in almost all her photos one can notice a few hurtful and obscene comments. As such she has never been involved in any big controversy. However, Nata Lee never pays any heed to negativity, and instead, she focuses on better things and has always been a happy soul.

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Nata Lee has a keen interest in women’s boxing. She had even posted on Instagram about her attending the Female Boxing Championship that was held in Moscow and also expressed her keen interest in observing such boxing matches rather than participating in them. She also loves rollerskating. In a photo that she posted on Instagram, She can be seen skating with a caption where she could be seen praising herself for her expert skating skills.

Some frequently asked questions about Nata Lee are as follows-

1. Who is Nata Lee?
ANS: Natasha Karsavina
Nata Lee aka Natasha Krasavina is a Russian actress, model, and internet personality. As of 2021, Nata Lee has a net worth of $2 million. She has worked with fashion big brands such as Guess and Fashion Nova. She is also a DJ by profession and performing under DJ NATALEE.

2. What does Natalee 007 make?

As Nata Lee has more than 1.6 million followers, she makes between $5000 – $10000 each time she makes a  promotion.

3. Where does Natalee 007 LIVE?

Born in Russia and currently living in Phuket, Thailand, Nata Lee also has traveled to Paris, Berlin, and Istanbul.

4. What is Mavrin? 

‘Mavrin, 31, is from St Petersburg and is known as a glamour photographer who travels with his models around the world. A 2015 picture of two women led to his site being banned by a Russian regulator as it was seen as promoting homosexuality.
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