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New Game Season 3: CONFIRMED!!! The wonderful news for admirers of New Game | About the drama | Characters | Release Date

New Game Season 3


For all the admirers of the Japanese manga series, New Game, out there, we have got you a piece of amazing news as New Game Season 3 is going to be streaming really soon only on Crunchyroll. But some of the readers might be a newbie to this series, so read about the drama just to have a glimpse of this comedy series with the slice of life.

About the Drama –

New Game is a 4 paneled Japanese manga series which was written by Shotaro Tokuno, published by Houbunsha and the serialization was done in the seinen and manga magazine named Manga Time Kirara Carat.

This manga series was then adapted into anime TV series by Doga Kabo. The first season aired from July 2016 to September 2016, and the second season aired from July 2017 to September 2017 in Japan.

In fact, 5pb. Developed a video game from this series and that was unleashed in January 2017. The new game series falls under the genre CGDCT, you might be wondering that what CGDCT is all about. So, it stands for cute girls doing cute things, which is one of the most common genres to write a series on!

This show is quite joyful though it lacks deeper plots with twists at different intervals of time. new game series stands apart from the other series of the same genre as it does not include high school which is a very common concept in various other mangas rather it portrays the real life of an adult character, the problems and that makes it more relevant to your own life.

So, if you are someone who wants to watch something really simple, not too expensive then surely this series is for you. Find out the release date of New Game Season 3 below:

New Game Season 3

New Game Plot –

Everyone likes to hang out with friends and family, go to movies, and so on but unlike others, the female lead protagonist of the New Game series, Aoba Suzukaze, loves to play video games. She is infatuated with the ‘Fairies Story’, a fantasy video game.

The first-ever contemplation regarding her job was working at the Eagle Jump after finishing off her graduation from school. Eagle Jump is a company accountable for designing all such games that she used to play all day long when she was younger.

Somehow, she made it and matriculated at the company for which she was quite frenzied. She got more heated up at the moment she realized that she will be working with the lead dramatis personae of the Eagle Jump, Kou Yagami, for the upcoming installment of the fairies story.

As the interaction of Aoba increases with every passing day, she is realizing that she is not the only one who is so ardent rather almost everyone has a fervent to give the best including the monster designer, chief art director, and every major and minor employee is as ardent as her.

Everyone there wants to give the best experience to all those people who love to play video games. The new game series is all about Aoba’s life and adventures, how she is trying harder and do hub 100% to design the best character ever with all her colleagues.

New Game Season 3

Everybody has their own peaks and valleys while doing the job they still manage to stay positive and come and work for a similar goal.

The characters of New Game Season 3 –

Aoba Suzukaze – Lead female protagonist. A girl with a small build who most of the time mistaken as a middle school. She is kind and calm in nature, joins Eagle Jump company as a character designer after her graduation is over.

Kou Yagami – She is the main character designer and with high fervent. Usually sleeps at the office only, as she spends a lot of time at the office. Later on, she moves to France to work again as a character designer with Wako’s sister. She inclines Aoba Suzukaze to do her best.

Hifumi Takimoto – she is also a character designer at Eagle Jump company, but she is a bit of conservative nature that is the reason she talks to people through emails. She covertly relishes cosplay and has a pet hedgehog, Sojiro.

Yun Iijima – She designs the characters of monsters. Her dressing sense is a bit unique and wears Gothic-style clothing mostly. She has two siblings younger than her.

Rin Toyama – She is a close friend of Kou Yagami and gets envious when someone else gets closer to her as she has feelings for Yagami. She is an art director and chief of the background department. But she is a bit conservative and immaculate person and unalike Yagami.

New Game Season 3

Hajime Shinoda – She is a motion designer and works in the department of character designing as there is no vacancy left in the animation department. Later on, she became a member of the game planner team. She loves the Sentai shows and has earned several weapons.

The Release Date of New Game Season 3 –

Since there are no official declarations regarding the release date of the New Game Season 3, we cannot tell you the exact dates but there might be some conjectures when it will get released.

The producer of the new game manga series has been publishing two chapters every month and if he goes in the same way we can surely and dissipate the New Game Season 3 as anime has showcased everything available in the manga series. If we look at the release dates of both the previous seasons, we can expect a New Game Season 3 somewhere in the year 2021.

Until then if you have not seen all the previous episodes of season 1 and season 2, then don’t wait for long and watch them and get ready for the upcoming New Game Season 3.

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New Game Season 3: CONFIRMED!!! The wonderful news for admirers of New Game | About the drama | Characters | Release Date
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