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Northern Rescue Season 2 [Confirmed]? [Shocking] Release Date REVEALED? Charlie will Accept Rick Walker? Cast, Plot, Leaks

The wait is finally over! The release date for Northern Rescue Season 2 has been confirmed? What does this mean? For one, the excitement we have all been feeling since season 1 ended can now be put to rest. We know when the next installment of our favorite show will be coming and it’s just around the corner. To top it off, there are a few details about Northern Rescue that you may not know yet, so keep reading to find out what they are!

Northern Rescue season 2 is on its way! With the first season ending with an intense cliff-hanger, Northern Rescue fans are eagerly waiting for their new favorite show to come back. Join us as we count down the days until the premiere and then update you on what happens in Canada’s most talked-about series.

About Northern Rescue:

A true gem on Netflix, the ten-episode Canadian series, based in Boston, Northern Rescue starring William Baldwin in the lead, dropped its season finale in March 2019. Since then fans have been eagerly waiting to know when the next season of this series would be available for streaming. But so far, neither CBC nor Netflix has confirmed anything about a new season or renewal of Northern Rescue. The first season of this intense family drama series ends without answering all questions leaving fans on the edge. Northern Rescue Season 2 release date details we covered in this article. Fans are expecting that Northern Rescue Season 2 will release in 2021.

Source: CBC

Northern Rescue is an emotional family drama series. The story follows a family who has just had an irreparable loss- the death of a family member, and the struggles that follow soon.

The show is not a Netflix original. It was aired on CBC gem ( a Canadian streaming service) and Netflix on the very same day. Throughout the series, John tries his best to protect his adolescent children and it seems like almost always his life is on the line.

While there is no news regarding the renewal of Northern Rescue Season 2, there are several burning questions or doubts that have been left behind with the season finale of Season 1, but we are expecting Northern Rescue Season 2 to be released on last of 2021.

Northern Rescue Season 2 Plot:

The first season left the family in several troubles. The next one is sure to come with many twists, including fighting against difficulties and barriers that they must overcome for success!

The West family lost their matriarch in the season one finale and they all seem to be feeling it. Sarah’s death has an impact on John, who was living with his sister-in-law before moving back home for good; he also struggles with how best to move forward at times but knows that life goes on regardless of what we lose or can no longer have. For Nolan (Brady Garrett), dealing with everything seemed like just another day until something happened which changed everything: when someone tried robbing him right after school let out past mid-day

Sarah’s sister Charlie discovers the truth about her lover, Alex at the end of season one. Furthermore, Sarah’s daughter Maddie who is on a mission to find Rick Walker discloses an unfavorable family secret that he was blackmailing her mother since she is his biological child

One Sunday morning when I woke up early as usual before leaving for work, half-asleep still trying my best not to miss any deadlines or meetings coming up throughout this week due tomorrow afternoon then finally getting out from under those covers and heading into the kitchen where I usually there would be coffee waiting just waiting patiently hoping its aroma will help stimulate some kind spirit within myself while warming body with heat rays entering.

The second season of this show is highly anticipated. There are many questions that fans want to be answered, and the uncertainty can be daunting for some people whose favorite character might die at any moment! I hope they continue because even though there may not have been an ending or closure in Season One (aside from hints), it’s still hard to let go when you invest so much time into these characters’ stories.”

Northern Rescue Season 1 is so intense, you can watch it on Netflix anytime! The series makes the drama realistic and worth our applause.

More About Northern Rescue Season 2 

Northern Rescue is about a man and his three children who lost their mother. They moved from Boston to the countryside. The story follows John West and his family as they settle into their new lives. Season 2 might follow Season 1’s story.

In the last episode, Charlie found out that Alex was not her biological father. Maddie discovered that Rick Walker is her dad and he had been blackmailing her mom.

  • A morally right story about family values
  • Honest and relatable for many people
  • Each episode is longer than an hour so there’s plenty of viewing hours to go around

Season Finale Ending for season 1

There are loose threads that have been left behind along with the ending of Northern Rescue Season 1. The show if finally renewed for its new season, could easily pick up from here and go on to develop a further interesting story-

Charlie comes to know a shocking truth about her boyfriend which makes her realize he can do way worse as a human than she imagines, and the season ends with her being sick indicating there might be a new life on the way, which further complicates situations for Charlie.

Good news for Love Alarm season 2?

 Scout’s relationship seems to be hanging on the edge of the cliff, as this season ends.

Maddie learns that John is not her biological father. The series ends with her leaving a note for her sister.

What makes things even worse is the fact that even after the members of the West family move on with their lives putting behind all of their differences with each other, the story still goes on, almost as if the series has been stretched out just so that there is more scope for future seasons of Northern Rescue season 2. The questions that have been left unanswered and the doubts that have been installed into the minds of fans, by the end of season 1, could have easily been all addressed to in that very season, and Northern Rescue Season 1 could have been wrapped up well, without leaving any rough edges, giving devoted fans of the show their deserved satisfaction without having to eagerly wait for months, or even more than that.

Is Northern Rescue going to be renewed for Season 2?

Some series, no matter the amount of popularity they receive seem to remain at a standstill when it comes to the renewal of the show, and Northern Rescue season 2 seems to be one of them.

Leaving behind several awaiting fans and unfinished plot lines to pick up from, the series has a great advantage to go on with a new season. But so far, despite positive reviews and a devoted fanbase, neither CBC nor Netflix has decided to renew Northern Rescue for its season 2. It has been more than a year now, after its initial release, and the silence of the producers and the crew members of the show puts the series in a very uncertain position, almost making it look like it is very little, if not all probability that the show might as well have ended just with the first season.

The presenting is the second season of Sirius the Jaegers is not confirmed this to released or not at time at Netflix PA- Works, who also make this show. This show is based on Japan’s story also launch in Japan before it comes on Netflix. It will give the studio time to start up for the best scenes and it was an international people. So, kindly says that it would increase 12 more weeks to be released So that you can wait for this interesting Netflix series after realizing all this we can say that Netflix received the second series it would come sometime in the fall of 2021…

Although Northern Rescue isn’t a weak family drama series, its release did not quite cause a hype among serial binge-watchers unlike series like You, Money Heist, The Umbrella Academy, etc. whose release stirred up the internet altogether. Therefore Northern Rescue season 2 is pretty much an undiscovered gem with a not so huge fanbase. Situations like this also do raise the question regarding this show’s future and doubts about if this has anything to do with the silence of the show when it comes to the revival of a new season.

Northern Rescue Season 2 release date:

Unless there is any news regarding the very awaited second season, there is somewhat uncertainty revolving around the cast for Season 2, Northern Rescue Season 1 was released on 1 March 2019, although in all probability even if the drama series is renewed for its next season, they would not change its cast, given that the entire first season was all about a particular family and it looks like they are not yet over with all their problems. Though of course there might be the addition of more names in the cast, as it happens with most dramas. The main cast of season 1 of Northern Rescue included- William Baldwin, Taylor Thorne, Kathleen Robertson, Spencer Macpherson, and Amalia Williamson.

Northern Rescue season 2 has been announced, but it won’t air for another year. The Canadian series is expected to come out in 2022, so there’s not an official release date yet. Stay tuned and get updates on International dramas!


Who are the main characters in northern rescue season?

The series stars Kyle Schmid as EMT AJ Cross and Anastasia Griffiths who plays his wife Elizabeth. Season one also delivered several actors that we know and love such as Eric Allan Kramer (ER), Kaj-Erik Eriksen (Supernatural), and Iain Glen (Game of Thrones).

Now here are some details to help you prepare for the soon-to-be-released second season:

· Northern Rescue will return to AMC on Tuesday, March 19th at 11/08cpm EST · The first two episodes will be available simultaneously online Wednesday, March 13th · You can catch up with previous seasons on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video before watching this next installment.

Northern Rescue Season 2 canceled?

Billy Baldwin who plays the role of the lead character in Northern Rescue, in February 2020, had responded to a fan’s question on Twitter, regarding the matter of renewal of the show saying that he has no idea about the release of the second season.

Is Maddie going to run away trying to discover who her real parents are? What happens to Charlie? What other problems are the West family about to face? Numerous questions are hanging from the thread in the open. One can only hope as of now to get all these answers, with the renewal of a new season of this tragic thriller show.

Source: Netflix


Northern Rescue season 2 Future:

The future of Northern Rescue Season 1 looks pretty much bleak with absolutely no news regarding revival or any kind of pre-development of the show. There have been several rumors revolving around the show being canceled but neither of them has been confirmed either through any kind of official statement. For Northern Rescue Season 2 we are waiting for it to be released in the future.

Ultimately if CBC decides to not go with the renewal process, Netflix might have to take up the responsibility and try to pick up the bits left behind from the first season and make its best out of it. As for now, the first season of Northern Rescue is available on Netflix for streaming and we are also expecting that Northern Rescue Season 2 will also be available on Netflix in near future and you should give it a watch if you have not yet, especially if you are up for an emotional ride! If you are waiting for the Northern Rescue Season 2 then it is worth it.

Watch Northern Rescue

Northern Rescue Trailer:


The cast of Northern Rescue Season 1 was all about a particular family and it looks like they are not yet over with their problems. There might be the addition of more names in the cast, as is often seen in most dramas. But we know that none of these main actors will leave or show up for now. We hope you have enjoyed this blog post on the season one finale and what to expect from season 2 if there ever is any news regarding its release date!

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