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Hinamatsuri Season 2: Release Date is Out? Releasing in 2021?| Cast | Story | LATEST UPDATES!! Check Out Now!!!

Waiting for Hinamatsuri Season 2? After a tiring long wait, we can finally see some rays of hope for Hinamatsuri Season 2. The first season of this anime show came out in the year, 2018. Although two years have already passed, since the airing of the first season of Hinamatsuri, creators of the show have not yet made any announcements regarding the making of Hinamatsuri Season 2. But as soon as the eighteenth manga volume of Hinamatsuri comes out, Studio Feel will finally have enough source material to create the sequel and provide us with Hinamatsuri Season 2. 

Therefore before Hinamatsuri Season 2 comes out, here’s everything you need to know about the anime show.

Hinamatsuri is a Japanese comedy anime television series that is based on a manga series of the same name. Almost a decade after the first manga volume of Hinamatsuri came out, Studio Feel decided to adapt this into an anime series. Season 1 of Hinamatsuri was released on April 6th, 2018 and it was deemed to be a great success by fans of the manga series and also new viewers, alike. Studio Feel’s highly rated anime series, Hinamatsuri gained immense popularity after being released on Netflix. It gained a huge fan base worldwide. Since then two years have passed by without any news of Hinamatsuri Season 2 despite the immense popularity of the series and worldwide appeal for a second season. Fans have been eagerly waiting to get Hinamatsuri Season 2 as soon as possible. 

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Hinamatsuri Season 2

All of the above beings said, there is no reason to feel disappointed though. Even though there has been no official announcement regarding the making of Hinamatsuri Season 2, we all know new volumes of the manga series are still coming out. So, to put it quite plainly, there is no lack of source material. Maybe, after a few more volumes of the manga series are released, Studio Feel will take up the manga volumes to produce Hinamatsuri Season 2. Also, if we do look at the history of this anime show, Hinamatsuri Season 1 had gained immense popularity with its release. Thus looking at it from the view of success and monetary value, there is no reason to not renew the anime series for Hinamatsuri Season 2. And with every passing day, fans are getting more and more impatient to get a green light for Studio Feel about the future of this show. As for now, we are expecting the release of news regarding Hinamatsuri Season 2 by the end of 2021. And as soon as any official news is received, we are sure to update this section of our page. So, stay tuned to Insta Chronicles for the latest updates about Hinamatsuri Season 2, and read on to know what to expect from this comedy anime series, if you are among one of those anime lovers who are hesitating whether or not to start watching this anime show, Hinamatsuri.

Hinamatsuri Season 2

Why is Hinamatsuri so popular? What to expect from the show?

Hinamatsuri is a comedy anime show with a little mix of crime, and the supernatural in it. 

The show revolves around a yakuza member who has to take care of a girl who possesses telekinetic powers. 

Yakuza member, Yoshifumi Nitta is celebrating his glory on being able to steal a priceless vase to add to his collection. When all of a sudden his celebratory joy is interrupted as all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a large, mysterious capsule falls on his head. He opens the capsule and to his surprise finds a young, blue-haired girl in it. Now, all he knows is the girl’s name is Hina and she has telekinetic powers. But to make things worse, she is incapable of controlling her psychic power and often loses control creating massive chaos.

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Yoshifumi is bound to take care of the girl as he does not know what else to do.

Hinamatsuri Season 2

Things take a dramatic turn as Yoshifumi is wrongly accused by his rivals of attacking his own boss. Determined to prove his innocence and his loyalty towards his boss, Yoshifumi goes to take revenge on his rivals, but even before he does anything Hina takes a step and wipes out the entire rival gang using her telekinetic powers. Hina and Yoshifumi then realize that the two can actually be very helpful for each other, and thus starts the real adventure in the story.

Hinamatsuri Season 2 Release date:

There is no new update regarding the new season of Hinamatsuri season 2, as we are expecting it to be released in 2021, last season 1 was ended last summer on 22 June 2018, so now the chances of releasing this anime show is 50%, it can be released or it cant be release, but the thing is if it will release then, they will release Hinamatsuri season 2 in last 2021, so be ready to watch this new season, we will update this article accordingly.

Cast: HinaMatsuri Season 2

That’s all we can guess about the cast of Hinamatsuri Season 2 right now.

  • Tyler Walker as Kiyoshi Baba
  • Yoshifumi Nitta by Yoshiki Nakajima
  • Whitney Rodgers as Kengo
  • Hina by Brina Palencia
  • Kengo Kawanishi as Sabu
  • Adam Gibbs as Tsubasa Matsutani
  • Kaede Hondo as Hitomi Mishima
  • Kyle Nojima as Saburo Tanaka
  • Yoko Hikasa as Utako

Hinamatsuri Season 2

Although Hinamatsuri has a big list of characters, the two main characters of the show, as of course, you have guessed it already, are Yoshifumi Nitta and Hina.

Yoshifumi, the male protagonist of the show runs multiple shell companies to mask his illegal business and has a hobby for collecting rare and expensive porcelain vases. He takes care of Hina who he had found mysteriously. To the outside world, Hina is Yoshifumi’s daughter from a previous marriage. Apart from his everyday criminal activities, he is a very efficient person and has amazing cooking and housekeeping skills.

Hina, the female protagonist has come from the future and suddenly dropped into the life of Yoshifumi. She has tremendous telekinetic powers and needs to use them every day to avoid herself from losing control and exploding. She is very reluctant as a school student and often helps Yoshifumi out in his assignments. She is very particular about her food. To the outside world, her powers remain hidden and she is just an illegitimate daughter of Yoshifumi Nitta.

Watch the show to know more. We cannot wait to see what Hinamatsuri Season 2 could provide us with.

Hinamatsuri Season 2


Hinamatsuri was a huge hit as soon as it was released. Thus fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Hinamatsuri Season 2. We will update any further news regarding the release of Hinamatsuri Season 2, as soon as we can. Till then let us just hope we receive the green flag from Studio Feel very soon as we are all tired of waiting for Hinamatsuri Season 2.

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And if you are yet to watch this anime show, do not wait any longer. Go ahead give it a watch before Hinamatsuri Season 2 is released.

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