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Vagabond Season 2 | Good News For the Fans!! | Release Date + Cast | Korean Drama

Are you among those eagerly waiting fans, who just cannot wait anymore for Vagabond Season 2? For the past few years, the popularity of Korean dramas has been on a constant rise worldwide because of their short and precise plotlines and unique endings. South Korean television series- Vagabond, aired on SBS TV and later adopted by Netflix, starring Lee Seung-gi, Bae Suzy, and Shin Sung-rok in lead roles, is no exception to this.

Vagabond is an amazing Tv Show it is based on the South Korean Tv collection It is the very best collection of thrilling action criminal offense sequences headed by Yoo In Sik. This is the show wh0 premiere first time of Vagabond premiered on 20 September 2019.

The vagabond is a South Korean TV series. Vegabond is a crime thriller action suspense and a complete package of romance and adventure. The first season of Vegabond was premiered in September 2019 on Korean television. We can’t say anything about the second season it is still in the mist. There is no definitive answer as to whether Vegabond season 2 will happen or not.

So the SBS TV green-lit project is not opening now. A vagabond staff member has dropped some tips that are likely to happen in season 2. But we should not think about it now. As soon as a new announcement is made we will inform you.

Fans were very happy with this show for this that’s why the makers think to create 16 more episodes and it is also the preceding episodes is going to be complete on  23 November 2019. Here is a lot of Korean drama you will see, The first time is doing really well with his show. We think that season 2 will be launch in 2022 or 2023.

Moving into the realm of action thrillers, Vagabond is definitely one of the best dramas available on Netflix. It is a spy thriller created by Jang Young-Chul and Jung Kyung-soon. Originally it was supposed to be released in 2018, but later got postponed to 2019 due to scheduling issues and confirmation of the deal with Netflix. The filming took place in three places- Seoul in South Korea, Portugal, and Morocco. It won the Top Excellence Award in Miniseries and the Best Couple Award and had been nominated for several other awards. However, fans from all over the world are not content with the ending of the first season and are eagerly waiting for Vagabond Season 2.

The Korean drama was produced and directed keeping 2 seasons in mind. However it has been a year now, and no news of Vagabond Season 2 has been officially provided to us.

Will there be a Vagabond Season 2? Or do we have to make peace with an unfinished ending?

Vagabond Season 2

What Makes the Story of Vagabond So Interesting? SPOILERS AHEAD.

This 16 episodes Korean drama opens with a highly intriguing scene where our protagonist, Cha Dal-gun is ready with his sniper rifle only to know that his target is Hae-Ri and after a little hesitation, a gunshot is fired.

Dal-gun is a stunt man who dreams of being a famous action actor one day, while looking after his beloved orphan nephew, Cha Hoon. Although they have a very sweet relationship, they face an argument just before Hoon leaves for his flight to Morocco. As his flight is about to take off, he sends a video of himself to Dal-gun encouraging him to follow his dreams.

While at a drama set, Dal-gun watches a report on a plane crash due to some technical issues. Dal-gun’s whole world gets shattered when he realizes it’s the same plane Hoon was on. Having nothing to lose, grief-stricken Dal-gun’s inner tiger is triggered as he travels to Morocco to attend the funeral of the victims who died in that plane crash.

On his way back home, he comes across this man who he realizes was a passenger on the plane and could be spotted from the video Hoon had sent him. On confronting this supposedly dead man he comes to the shocking realization that the reason behind the plane crash is not at all what it seems to be.

However, any kind of evidence he can lay his hands on, get erased mysteriously and his life seems to be facing a threat.

Eventually, when situations seem to turn worse and he alone cannot solve the mystery or prove that the plane crash was not just a mere accident, he is compelled to work with Go Hae-Ri ( a covert operative working for the National Intelligence service, running for a promotion). As the story proceeds further, they try their best to expose the truth behind the accident, only to realize, there is a huge web of corruption at the root of it all.

Vagabond Season 2
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Is There A Scope to Move Forward For A Vagabond Season 2?

DEFINITELY! Dal-gun and Go Hae-Ri are yet to catch the mastermind behind everything. So the second season could be revolving around that. Though nothing can be said with certainty yet as Korean dramas have very innovative plotlines with beautiful twists that are hardly predictable. 

Will Vagabond Season 2 be Released? Or is this the end?

Most Korean dramas only consist of 1 season. By the end of the season, everything is wrapped up and a happy ending is provided to viewers. However, Vagabond Season1 did not have a satisfactory ending to it which explains there might be a new season on its way and fans worldwide are eagerly waiting for it.

Even the dreamy couple of Hae-Ri and Dal-gun are yet to have a reunion and fans are dying to see that in Vagabond Season 2.

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The opening scene was once again brought up at the end of the season finale. But we are yet to know how one thing led to another which finally created this situation and whether Dal-gun found out everything behind the plane crash mystery and most importantly whether or not Hae-Ri will find out that he is still alive.

Initially, the show was started by the producers keeping 2 seasons in mind. However, news about Vagabond Season 2 has not yet been confirmed and it is being reviewed.

Vagabond Season 2


As of now, nothing can be said with all certainty about the future of Vagabond. There are rumors that the show has come to an end and that it has been canceled, so there are no more chances of a Vagabond Season 2. However, there are more chances of a new season being produced given that there was more to tell from the story that had been provided to us in the first season, not to forget the high demand this Korean drama has. The show has pretty good ratings and fans from all around the globe are continuously asking for a new season.

Lead actor, Lee Seung Gi has said that he is very much interested in being a part of the cast of the next season if it is ever made. He also asked his fans to wait for some more time before making further assumptions regarding the release of the second season of Vagabond. He even said that he too hopes for the drama to continue further.

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All the above-given factors do indicate we can hope and wait for some more time for Vagabond Season 2. As soon as the Pandemic makes things a bit easier for the television industry, we can expect the cast and crew of Vagabond to come together and think about the future of the show.

As for now, we have got to live with the cliffhangers, only hoping for the good news- the release of Vagabond season 2, and if you are among those who are yet to watch Vagabond, what are you still waiting for? You are definitely not going to regret your time spent watching this drama. Vagabond is now streaming on Netflix and it is definitely among those thrillers that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

Cast: Vagabond Season 2

So here is the cast of Vagabond Season 2. We have seen a variety of characters in Vagabond Season 1 and fans can get to see those characters back in Season 2. So those characters are-

  1. Baek Yoon-Sik – Jung Kook-Pyo
  2. Lee Seung-gi – Cha Dal-gun
  3. Bae Suzy – Go Hae-RI
  4. Moon Sung-Keun – Hong Soon-Jo
  5. Kim Jong-soo – An Ki-dong
  6. Shin Sung-rok – Gi Tae-Jung

What’s more, Season 2 of Vagabond may have additional new cast members.

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