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Mad Men Season 8 Release date is confirmed? Know cast and characters, plotline LEAKED!!!

When is the American soap opera series, Mad Men Season 8 going to come out? If you have been out there, all over the internet, searching for any news of Mad Men Season 8, you have finally landed upon the right page. Here in this article from Insta Chronicles, you will get to know everything you need, to be informed about Mad Men Season 8.

So read on to find out all about Mad Men Season 8- from release date to all the latest information.

American soap opera series, Mad Men is a widely popular and extremely successful series. The main character is Don Draper, an ambitious man. Created by Matthew Weiner, Mad Men had first aired, way back in 2007 in Amc, a cable network, and has continued ever since. There have been a total of seven seasons, having altogether 92 episodes to date. And each of these past seasons has been nothing but a great success for the soap. Viewers highly appreciated and loved it. 

Owing to its immense popularity and success, the show has won numerous awards including 16 Emmy awards and 5 Golden Globes. 

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Season 7 of the series left fans of the show on a cliffhanger. Therefore, ever since then, fans have been eagerly waiting to watch Mad Men Season 8. 

And if you are among those Mad Men ardent fans, eagerly waiting for Mad Men Season 8, you are at the right place. Read on further, to find out all about Mad Men Season 8.


Mad Men Season 8: Release Date.

So when is Mad Men Season 8 going to premiere? 

It has been more than five years now since the fans of this anime saw Mad Men on the last time Amc and its next season has not arrived yet. Despite its next season not coming soon, fans of this anime are eagerly waiting to see the next season of Mad Men.

Some things are worth the wait and the upcoming season of this series is worth the wait. Fans of this amazing anime have been waiting for all these years to hear the official announcements from the creators. The good news is that the makers are quite tight-lipped about the next season of the series for the fans.

Mad Men Season 8

Showrunners of Mad Men have not yet confirmed anything regarding when Mad Men 8 might premiere on our screens. There has, as a matter of fact, been half a decade since the seventh season of the show was aired, and by now, because of the lack of any official notice regarding the release of even the making of Mad Men 8, there are fans who have been started to get pretty convinced that their favorite show has finally come to an end, and they’re probably will be no Mad Men Season 8. And if you are one of them, you need not worry. Mad Men Season 8 will surely be made. For some reason, it is taking quite a considerably long time, but we are pretty sure it will be aired very soon. 

Season 7 left behind quite a few loose threads to pick up from, which pretty much explains why there should be a Mad Men Season 8 in the making. Moreover, as we have already mentioned before in this article, Mad Men so far, with all its 7 seasons has gained immense popularity and is a highly acclaimed show. Therefore there is no reason, that suddenly the show makers would just stop making further seasons of the show, abruptly ending the whole soap opera in a cliffhanger-like situation. There is a huge demand for Mad Men Season 8, and fans have been asking about it for quite some time. Even after so much time has passed, there are fans hopeful, and waiting for Mad Men Season 8.

So in all probability, yes you can expect Mad Men Season 8. The only question as of now is, When? As an answer to this question, we can say, there is a probability that Mad Men Season 8 may come out in late 2022. Or at the least, we might receive some news of it by then. So, just hold on, keep some patience and wait a little while longer for the good news. 

And that is all we can say as of now.

As soon as any news regarding Mad Men Season 8 is released to us, officially, we are sure to inform you all about it through our site. We will either update this section of the article or put up a new article on our page. So, if you have not yet, subscribe to us, cause we at Insta Chronicles are always there to provide you with the latest updates on all your favorite television and anime shows and other forms of games and entertainment.


Mad Men Season 8: Cast and Characters

Mad Men Season 8

As of now, since no green flag has been shown to us by the creators of Mad Men, we cannot assume who might be the new additions to the cast of Mad Men Season 8. So, as of now, all we know is the main cast of the series is most definitely going to remain unchanged. And that includes,

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  • Jon Hamm as Don Draper
  • Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson
  • John Slattery as Roger Sterling
  • Ferguson as Stan Rizzo

And of course, other than these major characters, we will get to see a lot of the cast of Mad Men Season 7. There might also be some new additions to these names. But we do not know anything about them so far. And as soon as we do, we are sure to update this list.


Mad Men: Plotline

Mad Men Season 8

The story of Mad Men begins with Sterling Cooper, an advertising agency in Madison Avenue, where the protagonist of our story, Don works as creative director. Soon he turns out to be a founding team member of the same advertising company. 

All the seven seasons of the series show him juggling between personal and professional life, trying to manage both.

As far as the story of Mad Men Season 8 is concerned, nothing has been revealed as of yet, therefore we can assume that the eighth season will begin just where the seventh season had come to an end, and soon come up with its own new plots and twists. If you have not yet watched the last season of the show, go watch it right now. We are not giving away any spoilers here. But we are bound to say that it was one great season, and we just can not get enough.

We cannot wait to see in what new ways might Mad Men Season 8 pleasantly surprise us.

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