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Sirius The Jaeger Season 2 Release Date is confirmed! 2021? | The Awaiting Fate of “The Ark Of Sirius”| Updates+ Release Date

Are you a fan of the series Sirius the Jaeger? Then you will like the latest news about Sirius the Jaeger season2, If so, then this blog post is for you. It has been almost a year since season 1 of Sirius the Jaeger was released and we still don’t know when season 2 will be out. Many things could have caused delays such as licensing issues or budget cuts but it’s hard to say what happened.
Most likely it was licensing issues because in Japan 3 seasons are airing with two more scheduled to come out in 2020 and 2021. This means that they’re running on schedule which should give us hope that ours will eventually release too!

“The first season of Sirius the Jaeger was a hit with fans around the world, but many are left wondering what is going to happen in season 2. The good news is that there will be a second season and it will air this summer! Season 2 picks up right where we left off, following Jäger captain Lena (played by Katheryn Winnick) as she searches for clues about her father’s death.”

Sirius The Jaeger Season 2: Will it ever return?

Sirius The Jaeger Season 2 has not been confirmed by Netflix but according to some fans, the finale of the series sets for another season. Get to know every detail of Sirius The Jaeger Season 2 below:

What is Sirius the Jaeger?

 Sirius The Jaegar Season 2
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Sirius the Jaeger (Japanese: Shiriusu Shiriusu za Yēgā) is an action anime television series directed by Masahiro Andō and written by Keigo Koyanagi. One of the successful works by the renowned

production house P.A Works besides their: True Tears (2008), Angel Beats! (2010), Another (2012), The Eccentric Family (2013), etc.

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What is Sirius the Jaeger about

Sirius the Jaeger season 2 is about Inspector Kai Todo, a young inspector of the Royal Investigation Service in early 20th century Japan. As an orphaned son of a samurai, he has always felt out of place and uncomfortable with his own culture. He’s been blessed with supernatural abilities and strength that make him stand above other humans. One fateful day, Kai meets Amara Koroibete, who becomes his mentor on how to use these powers for good. Together they fight crime as Sirius – The Jaeger!

Why should you watch it?

If you are a fan of the first season and looking for more Sirius the Jaeger, then look no further than Season 2 – it’s worth your time.
The show is set in an alternate world where monsters called Aragami have risen to destroy mankind. The only thing that can stop them is Jaegers: giant robots operated by two pilots whose minds are connected via a neural bridge.
In this second season, we follow two new characters – Yumiko Takata and León Hartmann as they fight to save their world from imminent destruction at the hands of these deadly creatures.

Sirius the Jaeger is an anime with a strong action-packed storyline. The series follows two giants, Sirius and Yumere, as they fight to protect humanity from extinction.

How to watch it

Sirius the Jaeger is available to watch on Netflix. This season features a new protagonist, Yuna, as she embarks on an adventure with her friends and family to find out what happened to her missing father-figure from when she was 6 years old.

Season 1, Episode 1, The Opening:

The essence of a frugal violin sets up the mood of the screen and its curt animation. A man glimpses wide into the camera, it is Yuliy, and he is not a mere Vampire hunter.

As a moon bleeds into the horizon of a motionless European town, the air fills with the voice of a man conveying heavy dialogue. The screen shifts, portraying the elegantly shrewd appearance of Kershner. He’s standing on a quaint staircase in front of a ballroom occupied by tuxedoed men grasping gorgeous women.

Sirius the Jaeger Season 2 is also known as Shiriusu Shiriusu za Yega It is a Japanese series. There is one of the bestest action anime television series. Sirius the Jaeger Season 2 is written by Keigo Koyanagi. So that it was also in a demand, all the fans (including me) is mostly waiting for this to hear about to launch quickly and also want to hear news about season 2  it is a very interesting movie to go and see it at once After seeing this series it is very hard for me to wait after that I see this series I always scrolling down for Sirius the Jaeger Season 2 It’s a very interesting story you all must see this.

The scene then splits into dual focus, one following the serene, ocean-eyed Yuliy as he walks toward a car and Kershner’s monologue. “Soon everything will change. Indeed it already has,” the older man follows. “But we need not adjust to the world. Rather we are going to shape it.”Sirius The Jaegar Season 2

Right as his speech is at its climax, all of the men in the room raise their glasses of wine. But they don’t drink to his toast, at least not exactly. Simultaneously they all drop their glasses, a shattering noise follows, the audience wonders, and the men instead sink their teeth into their dates’ names. Bottoms up, old chums! Before watching Sirius The Jaeger Season 2 know the story of Sirius The Jaegar Season 1 story below:

The Story in Brief:

The story commences amidst the darkness of 1930 when a group of Vampires fleeing China are followed by the Jaegers, working undercover for the “V Shipping Company”.

White Lines: Season 2 confirmed!!!!

The rivalry of vampires and werewolves has come down in the world of fantasy fiction perhaps first from “Dracula vs The Wolfman” and carried down by the popular Underworld series. Since then, we have witnessed many fantasy spectacles; however, this action-packed anime deals with the concept of a mysterious holy relic.

“The Arc of Sirius” passed down the Sirius family of werewolves, finally down to Yuliy is the main source of power and cause of gory conflict between the Vampires and the vampire hunters accompanied by Yuliy. But ethereal power as known through ages, must either not be possessed by any creature be it werewolf or vampire. Or distributed with equity among all. And Yuliy contains in him the notion but to seek peace in the world.

“I’m going to end up seeing many worlds that refuse to exist alongside each other. But so long as I don’t give up existing with them, if I can show them what awaits them at the end of their path. Then surely, I’ll believe in this power that’s been granted to me.”



What to expect in Sirius The Jaeger Season 2?

Aired on Netflix in December 2018, Sirius fans have been asking and waiting for Sirius The Jaeger Season 2 for a long time. Although, it should be considered that the anime is a production of P.A Works, with Netflix being only an international licensee. And if  Sirius The Jaeger Season 2 is under process, it is wholly upon the production house. Anticipating that Sirius The Jaeger Season 2 also holds 12 vehemently power-packed episodes, each episode’s incredible animation and graphics may take 6 months each to perfect! As an add-on, it’ll certainly be first aired in Japan and then followed by dubs for international release. Hopefully, everyone is expecting Sirius The Jaeger Season 2 in mid-2021.

To contain our hype for Sirius The Jaeger Season 2, shall we revise a little? Oh and SPOILER ALERT, if you haven’t already started Sirius the Jaeger.

Lastly, Yuliy had retrieved the Ark of Sirius from the Vampire Yevgraf. Yuliy as an idealistic yet suffering son, desires in fulfilling his father’s vision of equal distribution of the Ark’s power among all creatures (yes that’s right, including our lustful Vampires). With absolute potency of the Ark in hand, if Yuliy is to be hunted down by the Vampires or engulfed by the might of the ark or if he awaits an unexpected conclusion- can only be answered by the intrigued audience’s patience. This mystery can be solved only in Sirius The Jaeger Season 2.

“I don’t think this world’s going to change until something drastic teaches us all a lesson. Compared to what drove that young man’s decision, our ways of thinking make us look like clowns.”

Driver: So Major, what’s your next assignment?

“Not sure. But whatever it is, intend to do only what I can do.
I’ll do all I can so that we can become a people that Yuliy will want to live alongside.” -Hideomi Iba.

Sirius The Jaegar Season 2

The Actual Determination Behind the Screen of Animation (characters and their voices):   

Yuliy Jirov: The main protagonist, a 17-year-old Sirius werewolf and member of the Jaegars. Son of a human Sachi and the Sirius Alexei.

Voiced by: Yūto Uemura (Japanese), Khoi Dao (English)

Williard: Ex-Archeologist, commander of the V Companies, deciphered the ancient ruins of the Sirius civilization.

Voiced by: Kenyu Horiuchi (Japanese), Ray Chase (English)

Dorothea: Williard’s trusted firearms expert, a 27-year-old Spanish woman.

Voiced by: Nanako Mori (Japanese), Tamara Ryan (English)

Philip: 14year old British boy, holds disgust towards Sirius because a werewolf murdered his parents.

Voiced by: Yūsuke Kobayashi (Japanese), Erik Scott Kimerer (English)

Yevgraf: Royal Vampire, kind of the clan. Hold selfish purposes towards seizing the Ark.

Voiced by: Kenjiro Tsuda (Japanese), Ben Diskin (English)

Kirshner: Second highest ranking vampire, contains a bulking ambition and a thin long sword.

Voiced by: Takehito Koyashu (Japanese), DC Douglas (English).

Agatha: Vicious female vampire who has sucked the blood of young men for 140 years to preserve her youth.

Voiced by: Sayaka O’Hara (Japanese), Allegra Clark (English)

Larissa and Tamara: Ruthless twin sister vampires.

Voiced by: Misaki Watada & Sayak Senbongi (Japanese), Jackie Lastra & Jennifer Losi (English).

 In the meanwhile, why not make our waiting process for Sirius The Jaeger Season 2  more entertaining? Here’s the final fight scene from Sirius the Jaegar: Season 1, Jaeger v/s Agatha. (Enjoy!)

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