BRIGHTBURN 2: Releasing in 2021? Know the Release Date Cast and Who will be back here?

BRIGHTBURN 2 Dark humor has been quite on a trend in recent years. If you have been watching Superhero movies, I would definitely recommend you to watch BrightBurn as it leads you to question many things, it makes you an active audience rather than a passive receptor. This movie was so famous that time it was like a very good movie with a lot of action thriller and it was different, so overall we have news and update about brightburn 2 movie which is all set to release soon.

BRIGHTBURN 2 it is came is this year and you should know that it is a very nasty surprising horror movie and it was received a lot of success in the box office so that you need to know according this producer James Gunn, who don’t do any rule of sequence.

So that this time nothing official yet, and I was the only one of the people who enjoy a lot this movie so that the this was a often gory film that asked “What if Superman was a psycho?” and the directer of this film name is David Yarovesky who created this same as superman origin story almost you can see it.


Brightburn is a 2019 American superhero horror film directed by David Yarovesky, written by Mark Gunn and Brian Gunn, and produced by James Gunn and Kenneth Huang. The movie follows the same beats as the classic Superman origin story at first, showing an alien boy named Brandon growing up in small-town Kansas and discovering he has super-abilities. However, unlike Clark Kent/Kal-El, when Brandon realizes that his powers make him superior to humanity he uses them not as a Superhero but as a dark force, unleashing his bloodlust upon the rest of the human race.

The movie was released in the United States on May 24, 2019, by Sony Pictures Releasing. It received mixed reviews from critics but definitely received immense response from its viewers as The film earned $32 million against a budget of $6–12 million.

BRIGHTBURN 2: Release Date

Although Gunn mentioned that there have been talks regarding the sequel of the movie we cannot ignore the fact that Gunn will definitely be busy working on Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3.
Hence, it is pretty clear that Brightburn 2 wouldn’t release in 2020.
However, it is safe to assume that Brightburn 2 might hit the theaters in 2022.


With so many people dying in the first movie, people were left thinking that there was no possibility of any sequel.
But Brightburn ends with a credits scene that shows news footage of Brandon wreaking havoc, watching a conspiracy theory show hosted by an Alex Jones-Esque character known as The Big T who explains, Brightburn isn’t the only super-powered being who exists on earth.

Rather, according to multiple reports, there are similarly super-human serial killers out there, including a half-sea creature, a half-man monster known for sinking ships, and a witch who uses a rope to choke people and make them tell the truth. So yes, evil versions of Aquaman and Wonder Woman might be on the plate in the Brightburn universe.
Fans have also assumed that the Justice League might be portrayed in the sequel of Brightburn 2.