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Glitch Season 4: Confirmed? Shocking News for Fans! Cast, Plot Revealed

Waiting for Glitch Season 4? We know there are lots of fans of this paranormal show who are curious as to whether or not there is a possibility of the show being renewed for Glitch Season 4. Well, if you have been looking for answers, you have finally made it to the right page.

Here is all you need to know about Glitch Season 4.

So read on to find out everything about Glitch Season 4 release information.

The Australian paranormal drama gained immense popularity on Netflix and has completed three seasons of the show. The show originally debuted in 2015, in Australia, on ABC. Later, in 2016, it was taken up by Netflix for streaming on their site. And that is how it turned into a global show. The show is created by Tony Ayres and Louise Fox and has the “Risen” or the dead who have woken from their graves all healthy, at the center of the story. Since this is something unusual, something like what we call a “glitch” or an error in the normal or natural way of life, hence the name of the show, Glitch. The show has completed three seasons, and since then there has been a lot of demand from fans as well as those new to the series, for Glitch Season 4. A lot of people have been questioning whether there is at all going to be a Glitch Season 4 and if yes, then when?

So will there be a Glitch Season 4? Or has it really been canceled as the rumors have been going around?


Plotline of Glitch

Glitch Season 4

Set in the town of Yoorana in Victoria, Glitch features James Hayes, a police officer in town. James has been haunted by ghosts of his own past. One day while at a local cemetery in the middle of the night, Officer James Hayes stumbles across seven people, all seven of them have woken up from their graves. They are all healthy and have no recollection of the past whatsoever. They have no idea about their own identities and are eager to find out what had actually happened to them. James Hayes, somehow with the help of a local doctor, tries to keep the whole matter hidden. All the seven “risen” people are somehow connected, in some way for sure, and so they need to find out someone who knows what had happened to them. And soon enough things get even more complicated as Hayes realizes these seven dead people have woken up from very different time periods.

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Although the show gives vibes similar to many other famous shows, it is still unique in its own way. For example, take the famous show, Lost and The Leftovers. The glitch seems similar to it in a way that some kind of a supernatural event brought things to a stir and some people together. Also, a highly acclaimed series, Stranger Things fans think Glitch has a vibe very similar to it, like the existence of a small-town backdrop and a pharmaceutical company. But despite all of these similarities with other popular shows, the series Glitch is extremely unique and intense in its own way and all thanks to the writers and the amazing cast of the show. 

The first season of Glitch provides viewers with a backstory for every dead-alive character, giving each of the depth and content of the characters that are relatable to the viewers in some way or the other, creating an emotional bond between the characters and the viewers of the show. The first season further does a great job putting in the context of the Risen in the world of normal, where living people are leading their daily lives.

By the third season, there is an addition to the number of the Risen. You, new people, have risen out of their graves and joined the already dead- alive group of people, and as this minority is struggling to receive protection, new dangers keep creeping in their way.

Release Date: Glitch Season 4

The third season of Glitch was premiered on 25 August 2019. On ABC for the Australian audience on the date of  25 August 2019. And for the US audience on Netflix. With the seasons, the series has grown in popularity.

As far as the next season is concerned, we have a piece of disappointing news for you. The makers of the show who make this series confirmed that the 3rd season of the Glitch was the last season of the show. So, for all practical purposes, Glitch Season 4 has been canceled unless, of course, Netflix decides to revive or continue the show.


Glitch Season 4

Glitch Season 4 Other Details:

The series Glitch is led by the character, Sgt. James Hayes, portrayed by Patrick Brammal and Genevieve O’Reilly, plays Dr. Elishia McKellar, the local doctor who was the only one aware of the well-kept secret. The police and the doctor started working together on the show and these characters were there from the very beginning.  Other members of the cast include Sean Keenan and Emma Booth, who plays Charlie Thompson and Kate Willis, respectively. Kate is one of the Risen People who had woken up from the dead. She was James’ wife and had been a very integral part of the police officer’s life. 

The third season of Glitch had been released on August 25th, 2019, in Australia. In September of 2019, the show hit Netflix for viewers in the US. And as usual, once again this season gained lots of love and appreciation from fans. And people kept wanting for more. Three seasons just were not enough. Glitch Season 4 is what fans have been craving for and asking about. 

But, well, here is the sad part.

Unfortunately, the official crew of Glitch has confirmed that it is indeed the end. There will be no Glitch Season 4. 

Glitch Season 4

So, yes. To answer all the questions and speculations about whether or not there will be a Glitch Season 4, No. It is already the end. And yes, the rumors are all true. It has been made official in fact. There will be no Glitch Season 4. And so, there is no more hope for Glitch Season 4. 

And although it is sad, there is nothing we can do about it, except coming to peace with the fact. The sooner we accept the harsh reality, the better it is. As of now, let us just hope soon enough Netflix comes up with another new supernatural show as good and intense as this, if not better. 

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Although there is not going to be a Glitch Season 4, there are many good series you can stream on Netflix, and we at Insta Chronicles are here to provide you with the best suggestions in this field. So follow us for the latest updates on various shows and dramas you could try out.

Glitch Season 4 Trailer:

As of now there is nothing officially confirmed regarding the release. Though it seems like a risk, with fewer chances in mind we will update this section soon and you can watch previous seasons on Netflix if needed! Below are some hints at what’s coming next season.

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