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How to cut Parsley? The BEST ways to chop parsley for your food CHECK OUT NOW!!!

There are about 30 varieties of parsley around the world. To almost any dish, fresh parsley makes a delicious addition, adding a little extra sparkle to compliment almost any flavor. Trying to cut small parsley leaves and avoid any tough stems can be a daunting task. You can easily enjoy freshly chopped parsley by knowing the easiest way to chop parsley by hand and a few simple alternatives using other kitchen tools. In this article of ours, step by step is given below that how to cut parsley in a good way. So read our article below to know.

Fresh parsley adds taste and flavor to any food but do you know How to cut Parsley? It makes a delicious addition to every savory food. Adding parsley to your food will give a bright look and amazing aroma and flavor. But some people hate parsley on their food. While some people entirely hate this leafy herb some people hate the stem of this herb in their food. It is very important to chop parsley without any hard stem before adding it to any kind of food. It is easier said than done, chopping parsley without a stem is not an easy job. But, by knowing some tips and the easiest way to cut up parsley you can get rid of the stem. You can also use some kitchen gadget alternatives to cut parsley. With the fine tips, you can really enjoy chopping parsley. This article will let you know about some easy tips and hacks to cut your parsley perfectly and will teach you how to cut parsley.

How to cut Parsley

We will go step by step on how to cut parsley

Steps of How to cut Parsley?

1. Cleaning :

So the very first step of How to cut Parsley is cleaning!! Even if your parsley is freshly plucked from the garden it is always preferable to clean it with water. Wash your bunch of parsley in cold water. Wash it before you use it. Fill a bowl with clean, cold water and dip your parsley in it and keep them dunk for few minutes. Swish your parsley and take it out. Any dirt or soil present in the parsley will be left down in the bowl of water. If you are not satisfied with it you can pour down the water and refill the bowl and clean your parsley again. You can do it till you get clear water in the bowl after cleaning your parsley. Once, the water in the bowl is clear your parsley is perfectly clean.

Another method to clean parsley is by holding them under running tap water. Rotate it and clean it. Make sure every part is clean. Do not use hot or boiling water to clean parsley as this may wash away the freshness which gives your parsley their taste.

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2. Drying:

The presence of water in your parsley makes it hard to chop them. So it is very important to dry your parsley after you wash them. For drying just hold your parsley bunch in your hand over the sink and shake it up and down till most of the water droplets are gone. A salad spinner can also be used to dry your parsley. A salad spinner is best for drying if you have one. If your parsley is still wet use a paper towel to pat them dry.

3. Picking the leaves :

Pick the leaves off of the stem. The thicker stem must be got rid of before cutting parsley. Pick all the leaves from your parsley bunch from the stem. Place the picked leaves on a chopping board. The parsley stem leftover can be used for adding in soups if you like them or can be thrown away. If you don’t mind much about the finely cut parsley you can ignore picking off the leaves. You can cut parsley carefully without adding a thick stem. Hold your bunch of parsley with the stem facing away from the leaves so that you can chop off leaves without adding in the thick stem. A sharp knife at a 30-degree angle can be used to cut parsley leaves from the stem. Rotate it and chop the leaves only. Now you have the parsley leaves.

How to cut Parsley

4. Bunching a mound:

Bunch the parsley leaves into a bunch using both your hands. Rotate and twist them and compress them into a tight bunch of parsley. Hold the mounded bunch in your non-dominant hand. Hold the bunch on the chopping board where you decide to cut the bunch. Hold the bunch with your hand in a claw-like position. Your fingers must face directly down the chopping board. This will keep your fingers safe.

5. How to cut parsley :

Cutting parsley or any herb must be done with a large knife so that you can chop them with very few strikes. Hold the knife in your dominant hand. Keep your grip close to the blade. Index finger and thumb should be placed on either side of the blade. Be careful when you cut parsley and every time you cut something holding it in your hand. Cut slowly and clearly to chop the parsley finely. Slice the parsley with one hand while holding them in the other. Use the knife blade to slice the parsley leaf bunch.

Start slicing from one side of the bunch and run it through the middle and to the other edge. The chopped-off pieces of parsley should be moved away from your knife. This will help you chop the remaining properly and will make it less messy. Chopping is always best this way. Chopping parsley in a gentle motion is the key to how to cut parsley. Cutting it harshly will release the juice from it which is little but may alter the flavor. Harshly cut parsley looks bad while used for garnish. Hope you know now that How to cut Parsley?

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Rocking the knife back and forth gives you small pieces of parsley. Keep your dominant hand holding the knife but lay the nondominant hand over the top of the other end of the knife. Place the middle of the blade in your parsley pile and rock it back and forth to finely slice your parsley. This action will give you finely minced parsley leaves. Back and forth movement of the midpoint of the blade will lead to cutting the best parsley for garnish. Rotate and move the blade as you chop the parsley pile. Keep doing it until your parsley is finely chopped. Now you have the best and finely chopped parsley. You can use it in any way you want.

How to cut Parsley

This article list the steps of how to cut parsley. All these steps are easy and can be done with just a knife and chopping board. But, if you have a sophisticated salad spinner and any other devices you can use them to cut parsley. I hope this article would have made you clear about how to cut parsley.

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How to cut Parsley? The BEST ways to chop parsley for your food CHECK OUT NOW!!!

Do you know any other method of how to cut parsley? Let us know in the comments.


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