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iOS 14.4 With new and Unexpected Features! : | Release Date | Features | Latest Updates 2021!!!!!

iOS 14.4: Release

Here we are talking about iOS 14.4. So what is the release date of this phone. What are the features of this phone? What are the new updates?  And many other things you will know in this article. So read carefully and know everything about iOS 14.4.

iOS 14.4: Apple (AAPL) iOS is the newly launched operating system for iPhone and other Apple mobile devices and iPhone accessories. Based on the latest devices. The operating system of APPle was designed in a new way as it not only runs Mac desktop and laptop computers but also it runs Apple iOS. Which is designed for easy, seamless networking between Apple products so that they are connected easily. Check out the release date of iOS 14.4 below:

iOS 14.4

Security:iOS 14.4

Keep your device updated as soon as this new io gets released. All your device of Apple should be updated as the new iOS 14.4 has new security. That Apple claims that it may have been used in the wild manner as it excites the users. Check out the unbelievable features of iOS 14.4 below:

According to the security department of the company, the new kernel vulnerability could allow a new application to take all its privileges. Apple also says a WebKit will be an issue that will eventually allow for a remote attacker. Available for: iPhone 6s and later, iPad Air 2, and many inherent devices as the security of Apple is always best so we are making it best. The CEO said in an interview.

A new update that has been given to the new is that it will be scanning a QR code with the ‌camera, and now the camera can recognize smaller QR codes so why we could see is the overall QR code recognition functionality has to be improved. It not only includes QR code scanning but also a setting to specify a device for third-person and their Bluetooth-connected audio devices so that Headphone Audio Level measurements can be taken correctly and the layer can be improved. Apple tracks headphones now will also send an alert to the user about using the sound at a high level of potential to damage hearing health which is a new concern.

iOS 14.4

Apple  CEO says in one of their interviews that the notifications regarding camera repair of model 12 mini and pro will now be sent when the camera on the new ‌iPhone 12‌ models will not be able to be verified as a new Apple camera that has come from repair. Which Will also increase the chance  of camera security

These will be fixed in the new update in iOS 14.4, which are eventually leading to problems and irritation to the user.

Talking about I phone 12 photos so now you can also take HDR photos that have an error which will be fixed in the new model.
As Apple is concern about health so they have launched a fitness widget that will update your fitness and it was not in the previous model.

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Another error that was not only irritating the user but also the user was looking for the fixation of this as of now the keyboard will not only give you some suggestion but also will not be delayed in the writing. And not only this but the error which had resulted in the incorrect language has been fixed too. It will be a relief for every user.
The car paly app was also fixed at it is now will be resume after getting paused.
The switch control a new update which will let you answer the call if your phone is locked or is being switched locked.

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Certain other updates like music artist and their streams that have been introduced. So you can enjoy them while doing exercises and other stuff.

Each episode is 25 to 40 minutes in length and features some amazing actors and singers. Speakers share their stories and many other lessons the lesson which is learned become memory and gratitude. Time to Walk is something new available on Apple Fitness. During the beta testing period, those who had the invite-only for the HomePod mini beta discovered that the iOS 14.4 update and HomePod mini 14.4 updates which make the home mini pad available for the user, and its update are also available.


As the involvement of the U1 chip is made to improve the handoff and transfer of songs is made easy. So make sure that your home pad mini has the U1 chip in it so that you can share many songs. How it works is when your home and is near to U 1 chip it will start a soft rhythm and become fast and louder as the  I phone is bought closer. It will not only improve the available visuals but also the transfer of song is made easy with the chip.so if you are getting your home and get the U1 chip which is the new feature of Apple.

The new functions will make the phone work smooth and will also let the phone understand the relation between other phones. It will also help them to adapt to other things. ‌iPhone‌ will also provide some of the personalized listening suggestions when it is brought next to the home pad and will let you enjoy some amazing songs according to your mood‌. These features are only limited to the ‌HomePod mini‌ as the ‌HomePod‌ does not have been updated with a U1 chip. iOS 14 updates every experience of iPhone user who is with redesigned widgets on the Home Screen, a new way which will automatically organize apps with the App Library in the alphabetical order and a compact design for making phone calls and use of Siri. Maps will be adding the new update which will cycle the directions and will make it easy for you to find places. New Privacy features will also help in improving user transparency and control over their allowance of using location by apps not only the location but also, photos, microphone, and camera. As these updates are only meant for I phone 11 and 12 and no other model so if you are buying a phone make a wise choice as now Apple has got many updates that will satisfy you.

iOS 14.4

So make sure that you are updated with your ios 14.4. Do you find our article on iOS 14.4 useful? Do you want more articles like iOS 14.4? Do comment below:

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