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Kiss Me Liar Chapter 46 Exciting Update!! : Release date | Spoiler ALERT! | Storyline | Plot READ OUT NOW!!

Kiss Me Liar Chapter 46: Release Date

Kiss Me Liar Chapter 46


Kiss Me Liar: Plot

Kiss Me, Liar is a Yaoi series from Korea, created by an artist called James Sawyer. It’s a Boss-Secretary Romance drama series centered on the character Yeon Woo and the boss. The first issue of the Manhwa comic was published in 2021.

It’s currently on Chapter 46 of Kiss Me Liar. The story begins with an arrogant boss who looks down on his staff, especially his secretary, in the webtoon. He is also an Alpha doctrine, but he refuses to communicate with male Omegas. Before Yeon Woo turned up as his assistant, Yeon Woo worried that his love for his greedy sexiest boss would be in vain. Things began to go in a different direction later on. Keith (boss) began to show concern for Yeon Woo. He took care of everything, even as a manager. Kiss Me Liar Chapter 46 will be published shortly. Check out the release date of Kiss Me Liar Chapter 46 below:

“I never sleep with men, and Yeonwoo knows his place.”

Keith Knight Pittman. A man who isn’t interested in me at all yet changed my life the most. Someone who doesn’t love me even a little, but the only person who shakes up my heart.

While working as Keith’s secretary, I became surrounded and traumatized by Extreme Alphas at the orgy party hosted by him on a cruise ship. When he blamed me for what had happened, I even quit my job. 

A week later, Keith came knocking on my door for some reason and asked me to come back as his secretary…

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“Are you asking me to come back?”

“Am I not? Tell me anything you want.”


I bit my lips and managed to swallow my words. That was one way to kill me.

Kiss Me Liar Chapter 46


Is there something more tragic than having a crush on your boss as a secretary? Furthermore, this boss is a major proponent of the Alpha doctrine. At what age does he continue to be sexist and reject male Omega? Just when Yeon Woo thought his bitter secret love would come to an end in vain, he discovered that the boss who looked down on him secretly looked after him. After the heat cycle, he not only show resistance but also made his body really hot. Fans are eagerly waiting for Kiss Me Liar Chapter 46.


Yeon Woo

Kiss Me Liar Chapter 46


At work, Yeon is recognized as a capable clerk, but he believes that every day is difficult. He keeps his boss Keith up to date with updates and meeting times. When that is answered, Yeon, who has been following him dutifully behind him, asks how his presence can be a shame to Keith. Keith and Miller of the Alphas, he thinks, are particularly attractive. Yeon believes Miller is apologizing now for bringing up the Omegas’ subject, but he knows he did it on purpose. Yeon used to be a Beta, but he’s having a hard time avoiding Keith’s smell, whom he met at a Polo match.

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Keith Night Pickman

Kiss Me Liar Chapter 46


The Pickman family’s heir and the director of a production company. As an Alpha, he must track down and devour the person who left a mark on him. Keith is interested in Yeon’s thoughts on a subject. He’s friends with Miller, and when they talk about Omegas, he mentions him. Keith declares that he is uninterested in men before remarking that seeing a man’s thing is odd. Yeon, according to Keith, is one of the most boring people he has ever met. Keith, on the other hand, intended to be intimate with Yeon when they first met, assuming that she was an Asian woman. Later, when they’re working together, Keith likes Yeon because he’s fast and easy to work with.


Keith asks Yeon to locate the security chief. When Yeon wants someone to cover for him so he can rest, Whittag comes to mind.


Pickman‘s partnership contract is said to have been signed by her. Elisha had thrown a bouquet at Yeon and was enraged that she had been misled into thinking she was submitting to someone.


He says it’s been a long time since he’s seen Yeon and reminds him to call him Grayson. He is perplexed by Yeon’s apparent avoidance of him. Miller brags to his friend Keith about being intimate with an Omega, and he seems to be aware that Yeon is one.


She attends a cruise ship party with Keith. Abigail was in her lingerie when she asked Yeon to carry champagne to her bed.

Story Introduction

Yeon Woo serves as a secretary for the Pickman family company, which is said to have enough clout to rule the financial world in the United States. Keith is seen, but he doesn’t seem to remember the tryst he had with Yeon, so he asks Whittag for assistance in determining who left a mark on him. With a meeting approaching, Miller meets Yeon and Keith to chat about being intimate with an Omega.

Kiss Me Liar Chapter 46: Release Date

Kiss Me Liar Chapter 46 Release Date webtoon uploading date has not yet been confirmed. There is no official word about when the premiere will take place. However, we will update the date as soon as it is confirmed; in the meantime, you can catch up on previous chapters or begin watching the other amazing Yaoi listed in the latter part.

Ridibooks is also known for being the series’ official webtoon channel. It is available in both Korean and English versions.

Kiss Me Liar Chapter 46


Spoiler Alert Kiss Me Liar Chapter 46!

Unfortunately, there are no Kiss Me Liar chapter 46 spoilers accessible. It appears that the production has piqued the interest of fans. Let us know what you think will happen next in the comments. It is anticipated that the next chapter will be released shortly.

In the meantime, you can watch the shows mentioned below. Cherry Blossoms After Winter, Love Shuttle, Bj Alex, The Decade of Deep Love, Given, and 10 Years That I Loved You the Most are among the songs on the list. Let us know if there are any other series that should be added to the list in the comments section below.

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