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No Game No Life Season 2: SHOCKING NEWS FOR FANS!!! | Will there be another season? | Release Date | Trailer | Cast

No Game No Life Season 2

No Game No Life Season 2: No game, no life is a Japanese comedy series that portrays Sora and his stepsister, Shiro, as a group of gamers who can never be defeated. As a result, they were challenged by the God of games to play chess with them, where they defeated the God of games and were declared victorious in the match. God then summons them to a Disboard, where everything is decided through games. Check out the release date of No Game No Life Season 2 below:

No Game No Life Season 2

The series is an adaptation of the novel, “Light”. The Light novel is written by Yu Kamiya and was published by Media Factory. Originally started Publishing on 25th April 2012.

The series has a decent rating of 7.8 on IMDB and fans are eagerly waiting for the No Game No Life Season 2 of the series. 

No Game No Life Season 2

All you need to know about No Game No Life Season 2:

A few months ago we got an update about the release of No game, no life season-2. But recently we have got some new information which indicates that Madhouse anime studio may not make season-2 of this anime at all. It is not official because no anime studio leaves an anime officially by announcing. 

Hold your breath guys. There might be some good news for you as well. While season-2 of No game, no life may not happen by Madhouse, it may happen by some other anime studios. 

After surfing all over the internet, we really wanted to know the actual reason behind why Madhouse is not making season two of the popular series No game, no life because season one was released almost six long years ago. Six years, that’s a huge time and also we got the movie No game, no life zero three years back. Since, No game, no life is an adaptation of the Light novels we are assuming that we might have a scarcity of enough source material for the series. The series No game, no life aired from April 19, 2014, to June 25, 2014. It is known that the anime has covered volume one to volume three of the Light novel series and the prequel movie of No game, life covered the whole volume six of the Light series which clearly indicates that six more volumes are still left to be adapted. The sale and profit of a series also predict whether the series will have one more season or not. But for No game, no life the profit made in the first season was quite impressive because it didn’t fail the expectations of its fans and earned a good amount of profit. Without the release of season two, we would never be able to know what exactly will happen to the manga story after season one. The only way to learn that without another season would be to check out the Light novels but most people will never do that because watching animes are just more contending. 

So, we have done a lot of research on this topic and have concluded. 

We all know that no game, no life anime has been adapted from the “Light Novel”. No game, no life had problems due to it having a very plausible claim that it was copied from another LN author, so Madhouse distanced themselves from the series. The allegation came soon after season one and after Madhouse has already announced the movie which means if the allegation has come out before the production of the movie, Madhouse would have left the project earlier we wouldn’t even get the movie. 

But the thing is, the claim was not implausible at all. The author just used some popular poses for some art of his characters which is not even the important part of the Light novel but copyright issues are a big deal in Japan. Even though the claim was not something grave still Madhouse decided to stay aloof from making another season of the series, No game, no life, and thus they have left us with season one and a mere movie.

Although it may or may not be the actual reason for not getting season two this could be it because who would leave a popular anime series in the middle which was pretty much profitable, especially for Madhouse.

No Game No Life Season 2

Who will make No Game No Life Season 2?

By the time season, one was released, the anime became very much popular among teenage fans and Madhouse got enough profit out of it. But the main question which arises, is that, even if Madhouse doesn’t make Game No Life Season 2, will we get No Game No Life Season 2 produced by some other anime studios?

It actually depends. If an anime studio stands out to make a No Game No Life Season 2, that would be great. Madhouse has already left many animes with their season one without completing them but that doesn’t mean the end of the anime. Madhouse has left a bunch of animes, for example, One Punch Man. It was also left with season one, but due to that, it took some time for No Game No Life Season 2 to come. Season two was animated by JC Staff and we think the same thing will happen with the No game, no life series since giving up hope is never an option. 

Release date: No Life No Game season 2

As of now, no announcement has been made regarding the second season of “No Game No Life.” Despite the show’s popularity, it seems that Madhouse has no intention of returning to Disboard for anything other than the occasional movie. The company released an adaptation of Volume 6 of the original light novel in 2017, proving that Madhouse doesn’t want to let go of the series altogether.

Madhouse has at least a little hesitation in letting this series go completely. In 2014, this may have been the result of a dispute regarding Yu Kamiya, the original author of the series. So far, though, it’s all speculation, as Kamiya and Madhouse haven’t officially canceled production of the popular show.

No Game No Life Season 2

Sequel or prequel?

Fans claim that without a No Game No Life Season 2 of the popular fun isekai anime, they won’t be able to see Sora and Shiro battling the other races of Disboard. The easiest way to learn about the future of anime is to read Light novels but after getting the taste of great art and animation, people would barely prefer reading the novels.

Also after watching the prequel movie of the same series No game, no life we can expect a prequel of the series just like one of the most popular TV series aired on HBO- Game Of Thrones. But before that, we all want to know what happened with Sora and Shiro after season one. So, the demand for No Game No Life Season 2 will always remain high. Until then, fingers crossed. Let’s hope for the best.

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