My first girlfriend is a gal Season 2: LEAKED!! Plot, synopsis, release date, renewed or cancelled!!!!

My first girlfriend is a gal Season 2

My first girlfriend is a gal Season 2: A well-known Japanese manga series by Meguru Ueno is, My first girlfriend is a Gal. The series was first published in the shonen monthly manga magazine of Kadokawa Shoten. It has been serialized since November 2015. Having 12 tankobon volumes and the first season was a ten-episode anime television series. Aired in July 2017, and ended in  September 2017. The series is adapted by NAZ.  Check out the release date of My first girlfriend is a gal Season 2 below:

My first girlfriend is a gal Season 2

A schoolboy named Junichi Hashiba is seen to be mourning over not having a girlfriend yet, while all of his classmates have paired up everywhere. He has his own friend circle, who are single too and they force him to boldly confess his love to a very beautiful “gal” at school, Yukana Yame. Initially, Yukana determines that Hashiba has not had sex as of yet, and desperately wants to lose his virginity. Although she overthinks the situation, she agrees to be his girlfriend.

As a result, Junichi becomes the sole attraction of the school and starts to entice the affections of other girls who have known Junichi or Yukana for a while. This included his neighbor and childhood friend Nene.

Season one:

Main characters:

Junichi Hashiba- he is a  high school boy currently in the second year of high school. A hopeless lover who doesn’t own a girlfriend and wants to get committed in a relationship as soon as possible after seeing his friends pairing up everywhere. So, in the opening scenes of the series we see, he is set up by his chums to confess his love to a very appealing and sassy girl of their school, Yukana Yame, and wishes to have her as his girlfriend. He is internally euphoric and thrilled at the very same time to see and touch her sexy body but Yame confronts him for such perverted actions and humiliates him. He started thinking about having sex with Yame and losing his virginity in the very first place. But soon he realizes that Yukana likes him back so he decides to stay loyal to her and turns down every other girl who makes advances on him.

My first girlfriend is a gal Season 2

Yukana Yame- she is an extremely elegant and fashionable blonde, with green eyes and a chubby chest. She loves to wear loose socks and has a nonchalant attitude. She can turn any of her styles into a fashion trend. She finds out that Junichi wants to make love with her because he is a virgin and desperately willing to lose his virginity. Momentarily, she criticizes him for his perverted actions but she liked him back secretly. 

Ranko Honjo is a tall, brunette girl with blonde hair cut short in length, purple-blue eyes, and a heavy chest. She is the childhood friend of Yame. The bond of their friendship started to rift when Ranko revealed that she feels for Junichi and wants to make out with him and as a result, Yukana gets infuriated and jealous of her. 

Nene Fujinoki is a dainty girl who is in the first year of high school. She has big boobs and styles her hair in buns. Hashiba and Nene are childhood friends. She has an obsessive nature towards Junichi.  Initially, she pretended to be his sister and played video games with him, but as time passed by, she developed feelings for Junichi and tried to woo him. She attempted to provoke him with her seductive figure and later attacked him by lying on top of him completely naked in bed.  What will be happening in My first girlfriend is a gal Season 2? check out below:

Yui Kashi is a class representative and classmate of Junichi Hashiba. She has reddish-brown eyes and long black hair. She knew Hashiba since middle school and was good friends with him. But when Yukana agrees to get into a relationship with Jun she thinks less of her and strives to get Junichi back in her life, this not as her friend but as her servant who will walk along with her every time. Her negative intentions grew stronger against Yame, and she tried to turn Jun against her by pulling him aside and asking him to dump Yame and go out with her instead. She loses her cool when Jun refuses to work accordingly, and that’s when she begins to threaten him. Will, there be new characters in My first girlfriend is a gal Season 2?

My first girlfriend is a gal Season 2

Shinpei Sakamoto is a friend from the circle of perverse friends of Junichi. He wears glasses and has short and blue hair. He is a pervert and always comes up with some wicked ideas. He initiates the plans now and then and is responsible for the confession prank given to Jun to make a connection with Yame.

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A prank was pulled by a group of perverted friends who wanted to bring Jun and Yame close to each other. As a result, Junichi asks Yame out to have sex with her and loses the tag of a virgin from his name. Following a prank pulled by his perverse, This disgusts Yukana initially. However, through a series of teasing remarks, she develops feelings for Jun and agrees to get into the relationship with him, much to his surprise.

In the following events, we see Jun recovering his lack of self-confidence. As he starts dating Yame, many other lively girls try to woo him, but he ultimately manages to suppress his sexual urge and stays loyal towards Yame till the end. 

My first girlfriend is a gal Season 2: canceled or renewed

Fans have started raising the question of My first girlfriend is a gal Season 2 release date ever since the first season of the anime came to an end.

The author of this famous anime series which is decently rated 7.1 on IMDB hasn’t declared anything regarding the manga series.

The producer of the first season of this anime, NAZ studio is tight-lipped about the upcoming season of the same series. It’s been three years since the first season was released, but fans can’t keep calm and are still hopeful to binge-watch another season of the series. The studio hasn’t disclosed anything vividly. There is no news of either renewal or cancellation of the series for its following My first girlfriend is a gal Season 2.

The plot of the series is very simple. Mainly focused on teenage student life. 

My first girlfriend is a gal Season 2

We got to know that seven more volumes came out of the manga series and its 12th volume was recently released in January 2021. So there is nothing to worry about, as there is an ample amount of resources available for the anime’s My first girlfriend is a gal Season 2. That’s definitely one good sign for the series  “My first girlfriend is a gal” fans and we can count on having My first girlfriend is a gal Season 2 of the same series on our list. 

But until and unless we gather more information regarding the My first girlfriend is a gal Season 2, let’s hope for the best. 

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