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How men fall in love Psychology? MAKE YOUR MAN FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU!!

How men fall in love Psychology

How men fall in love Psychology
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The psychology of the human brain is one of the most incredible things you can study. The fact that a person falls in love with a person step by step has made us consider a lot of time, how it happens. Well, we are here to discuss the process of a How men fall in love with Psychology. Yes, there is a proper process, How men fall in love Psychology. To know how it happens keep reading the article on How men fall in love with Psychology.

There are many types of creatures in the world. One of which is human. And there are different species of humans too, like men and women. Men and women are human beings but they are completely different from each other. This is true in love, behavior, and growth. So in this article, we are talking about How men fall in love with Psychology? So if you want to know that “How men fall in love Psychology”  Read our full article given below and know How men fall in love with Psychology?

Process of How men fall in love Psychology:

The Hook

The hook is the very first impression of the feeling of liking someone. Men can experience this after witnessing an attractive woman. Besides, a man in most cases is attractive to women based on their looks but it is not with all men. Some men are attracted to someone for their personalities, their empowerment, and sometimes even their laugh.

Men will like someone sometimes for some obvious reason but sometimes the reason for falling for someone is not justifying. However, men can like someone in the initial time of meeting them or they can like someone after a long time of their meeting. the attraction toward a person can occur at any time, the time they realize the fact that they like someone is called the hook phase. This is the very first step of How men fall in love with Psychology.

The search

This phase is about defeating the hormonal requirement of a man. It is quite often that men to fulfill their physical needs look for various women. They sleep with many women and that causes a kind of negative behavior because of hormonal needs. This is a kind of behavior that must be avoided, but instead, it has been glorified by many cultures.

This short-term relationship will never meet the end goal of relationships. Besides, there are some men, who choose to date, random women. They might date many women at the same time but will choose only one to achieve the furthermore goals of a relationship. The decision of hooking at one lead to the next process called the courtship.

The courtship

It is the primary stage of falling in love. This stage happens to both men and women. The arrival of the feeling of love starts in this stage. The couple used to spend more time with each other. They tend to understand each other more. Their relationship now is stronger. They get to learn a lot about each other including likes, dislikes, hobbies, morals, ideals, work-life, and, depending on the couple, sexual preferences.

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Making the Plunge

This is what you can call the crossroads. In this stage, a man knows that he is attracted to someone, and he likes her. In this stage, the woman he is dating will come up with a sign that she is interested in him and is willing to continue the relationship with him. At that very moment, a man has to decide whether he is staying in the relationship or he’ll be backing out. If the man chooses to stay in the relationship, he must take the next step. The next could be in a variety of ways, mainly exposing the emotional side of him like showing trust, vulnerability, and love.


It is the stage that comes after both the partners are willing to go ahead with their relationship. It is the step in which one has to express love for each other. It can be as simple as saying “I love You” every day. Besides, the main idea is to show compassion for each other. That man can likely show his love toward his partner by just spending some quality time with them. In the larger form, this type of reaffirmation of love also comes in the like when a man consol his partner in tough times, aiding her goals. The point is that they should be reaffirmed countless times through words and action.

Falling in love

This is the main goal for everything. The entire process of falling in love starts from the hook and ends at multiple reaffirmations. The thing called falling in love does not stop here, it is a continuous process. The love between partners grows every day. This is when a man falls in love.

How men fall in love Psychology
Posted by canva.com

Stages of love

As it has been already explained How men fall in love with Psychology. The process is pretty much the same as that of a woman falling in love. Besides the mentioned stages the psychological stages of love are also different. Love is not for every stage. The kind of love that happens at the first sight and the kind of love that happens after ten years of a relationship is different. Let’s just try to understand the difference.

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The attraction

It is the stage of How men fall in love Psychology when a person falls for someone based on their looks. They like to see them and appreciate their appearances. They are in that stage that is attractive to that particular person and is stuck in a cycle, where they only think about them. This stage is not that strong. It has nothing to do with a long-term relationship. It is just a crush or attraction. If the person pushes their thoughts to give it the next step. They enter into a relationship phase.

The life partner

 This phase of How men fall in love with Psychology starts after the couple decides to get into a serious relationship. The man or woman in this stage is looking at their partner as their better half. They expected loyalty from them and considered them as a part of their family. If the couples decide to tie the knot, the other person considers their partner as a perfect wife/husband or father/mother of their child. In this stage also there is a sense of ego between both the couple as they both see each other as the idol for this or that. Besides, there is nothing wrong with this but still, it is not the higher level of love. Spiritual love is what brings them that sense of enlightenment.

The spiritual love

This stage of How men fall in love Psychology is the highest level of experiencing love. After this, there is nothing that separates two people from each other. This kind of love happens when a couple spends a lot of quality time together, facing some obvious ups and downs. This stage can also happen because of the understanding of two people for each other. This is the stage when couples don’t consider themselves different from each other. For them, they both are the same people (metaphorically). The couple appreciates each other, thinks better for each other, helps each other in general growth for a better life, career, and spirituality.

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