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Anime Like FairyTail : WATCH NOW!! | List of selected and best anime like fairy tail!!

Anime Like Fairy Tail

The anime we are talking about in this article is like an anime “Fairy Tail.” If you love Fairy tale anime series then you are going to like these animes very much. Fairy Tale is a very amazing anime show who has won the hearts of thousands of fans.

After ending the last season of Fairy Tales, fans of this anime are eagerly waiting for its next season, but there is no news of the next season yet. So until the next season of this anime comes, we can see some other anime that are similar to Fairy Tales. So below the list of Anime Like FairyTail. To know read below.

Anime is the hand-drawn and computer originating animation that arises from Japan. In Japan, it describes everything which includes all their animated work despite its style and origin. In other countries, anime is used as a friendly language to connect with people and also especially in Japan. It refers to a specific animation that connects people in Japan.

Fairy tail is one of the best and famous anime that has successfully generated a huge fan following. The story is based on a world that is full of magic and has certain bands which create a guild and take jobs in their hands. One such guild has a name called fairy tail guild it is Japanese anime which is written by Hiro Mashima. All the individual chapters are collected and published in 63 volumes it is telecasted from 2006 to 2017. It is being adapted from the Manga series. Check out the list of the best Anime Like Fairy Tail below:

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Anime Like Fairy Tail

Here is the list of some amazing and best Anime Like Fairy Tail. All of them are available on Netflix and Hulu 

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List of Anime Like Fairy Tail:

  1. D.GRAY- MAN(2006)The series contains actions, superpower, adventure, and drama. It is a highly popular anime Millenium Earlthe main character has a collection of powerful characters. The main character is cunning as he knows how to exploit the weakness of humans. Allen Walker who is the main character joins the organization of the exorcists known as the Black Order. When they lose a person they try to rescue him or her. This is where Earl gets his name and hand dirty and steals the soul of a person they want to resurrect. He puts the soul in the Akuma, a mechanical device Allen walker and his other fellow make a weapon. A weapon against Millenium Earl and his Akuma by naming it as innocent. Together they make a powerful weapon. The series is set in the 19 th century it is worth watching as it has a rating of 7.1 out of 10. A solid series directed by Osamu Nabeshima and is produced by TMS Entertainment based on Katsura Hoshino’s manga series. 
  2. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (2012)- The series was one of the best Anime Like Fairy Tail that has a theme of the adventure of magic. The magi are the powerful and very rare class of the wizard who seems to be a creature of labyrinths. These labyrinths hold a great treasure in them as Magi leads people towards them and also helping them to earn and build an empire. Djinns are the guard of the treasure and the labyrinths. Aladdin is a young magician and a very kind person. Who wants to explore the world as he had spent his life in isolation. He meets Alibaba Saluja and they both become a friend and decide to conquer the treasure leading to the beginning of the adventure.Anime Like Fairy Tail
  3. Soul Eater (2008)- The series talks about the Death Weapon Meister Academy which is a famous academy. This Anime Like Fairy Tail has a wonderful array of colorful characters, each having its definitive traits. This Anime Like Fairy Tail is entertaining. Lord death is the head of the academy. The academy aims to raise the Death Scythes for the shinigami and use it as a weapon. These weapons are not made of any physical elements they are just made up of special human ability. The ability to transform into Death Weapons after consuming 99 evil souls and the soul of a witch. Anime Like Fairy Tail
  4.  The Slayer(1994)- The series talks about Lina Inverse, the protagonist of the anime, as a powerful sorceress. She is extremely greedy and wants to travels the world stealing treasures from bandits. But a band of thieves decides to make a plan to catch her in a forest. As she gets all her courage to face them, a stranger from the armor takes her and saves her from the thieves. He also offers to escort her to Atlas City, to which she agrees with a blink of an eye. But Lina might have got her hands on an important magical item and the two mysterious men are after them. Watch this amazing Anime Like Fairy Tail to know the story.
  5. Akame Ga kills (2014)- The series talks about action, adventure, fantasy. The series has great action for fantasy, magic fans. As the series does contains a lot of violence. The story is about a young boy Tatsumi, who goes to the capital to find a job but eventually end up becoming part of an organization called a Night Raid who use their weapons, Teigu, to support the Revolutionary Army to overthrow the Prime Minister, who is poisoning the mind of the young king.
  6. Black Clover(2017)- This Anime Like Fairy Tail talks about action, magic, or comedy anime. As the series has been coming up in some controversy for quite some time. The story talks about two boys Asta and Yuno. They were abandoned and left in an orphanage on the same day. As they grew up and became strong and intelligent and start learning about the Wizard King. They promised that they would be fighting against each other to get the title. As we all know that Yuno is quite talented at magic, Asta is not. When Yuno was 15 years old he receives a 4 leaf clover grimoire. A man known as Lebuty attacks Yuno to steal his grimoire. Asta tries to help but he is unable to match the power of Ligety. When he hears Yuno’s voice, his emotions for his friends burst out and he fights so hard to receives a five-leave clover grimoire, which results in the defeat of Ledbury. After a fight, they both decide to marches ahead in life to fulfill the promise they have kept to each other.

Anime Like Fairy Tail

We hope you can find some series which are Anime Like Fairy Tail. the best Anime Like Fairy Tail to date.

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