March comes in like a lion Season 3: HEARTBREAKING NEWS!! Check out for Details!!

March comes in like a lion Season 3 ( A Shogi Player deals with the heartbreak, sadness, and aloofness )

March comes in like a lion Season 3

‘’ March comes in like a lion’’ is not an ordinary show. it is not as General as other shows, we see or hear in our General Life. Instead of getting a rating for one of the best anime shows on MAL, many people are never watched it. above all this anime show has 40 episodes that generally revolves around a teenager whose name is nardy who is not good at anything Only in Japanese games. whenever you watched it you will take only 5 minutes to understand it After that you will enjoy the series. March comes in like a lion is not filled with lots of twists and turns, the plotting that may confuse you and in reality, this show has not any action scenes but the other things like sadness, anxiety, depression, and aloofness are the things that make this show different from others. some yours think that no anime show can be perfect due to which for only some viewers emotions and a very good dialogue narrations of this show may be turned off.

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Basically, the game that Nardy plays shogi is famous Japanese chess, and the rules of this game are not mentioned anywhere in the whole show. so when we talked about the Scene where the game Illustrated, it will be very tough for many years especially who was from another country to understand that what is going on in the scene what are they trying to show us through this seen they will hardly gadget but all these things are happening an intentionally they are not trying to do this, but I am very happy that this game will not waste your so much time in Illustrating in the game because it is not that much connected to the main storyline. ‘ March comes in like a lion used very very fantasy and addressing the main struggle of the character. this series will help you to understand that it is not the way of life-changing it shows you which type of person you are where are you stand right now what are you doing today.

when things come about the animation on the show, as I explained to you earlier that the very first five minutes of the Anime are very amazing and full of thoughts and senses through all these explanations I don’t mean that these shows have very high output values. The artwork in the shaft studio is also very amazing like they show the Monogatari series this is more attentive towards the style due to its heavy action scenes. But in the ‘’March comes in like a lion Season 3’’ the whole art is based on the content despite the style or quality of the animation. It is their intelligence that they added huge wealth and value to the main actors and the storyline of the show. After all this consideration we can conclude that this show is not like the regular show, you watched this show is considered as a masterpiece and the unique series that is full of heartbreaks and heartwarming and still amazing.

Story Plotting of March comes in like a lion Season 3

March comes in like a lion Season 3

March comes in like a lion Season 3 series is starting from the life of a teenager who is in middle school and a very good player of Shogi named Rei Kiriyama. He is one of the best players from Japan, where he goes through a lot of constraints to shine in the game from the community of Shogi. After gone through this, he decided to leave his house and to stay aloof dependently in a rented house, Staying aloof doesn’t suit him very well and he takes very bad care of himself. This bad care starts reflecting on his health and personality and he was excluded from his school group by his school friends.

Very soon he reached Tokyo and meet his sister whose name was Akari, Hinata, and Momo
They are living with their Grandfather. Their grandfather owns an old wagashi shop. Akari, who is the elder one among all, makes sure to help Akari battle her aloofness and self-care with the help of her mother’s love. Akari and her sisters maintain a deep connection that is the thing they want from her childhood. Rei has to learn to maintain his Shogi career with all the perspectives of his life and he has to maintain and learn all his puzzling emotions.

Character of March comes in like a lion Season 3

Momo Kawamoto is the youngest sister among all three and due to her young age, she is completely unknown of today’s world.
Rei Kiriyama is the main pro player of Shogi and is recently ranked 5th-Dan.
Akari Kawamoto is the elder sister among the three, she is like a mother of all the sisters and a holding figure for the whole family.
Hinata Kawamoto is also known as Hina, is the middle sister, she was a very positive child who kept and spread positivity.

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Releasing Date of March comes in like a lion Season 3


March comes in like a lion Season 3

Season 1 of this show was released on October 8, 2016, and end to date on March 18, 2017. season 1 of this show contains a total of 22 episodes in it. the continuity followed by the makers and season 2 of the show was launched on October 14, 2017, and ended on March 31, 2018. The second season of this anime show was reported as one of the best and top-rated anime shows On MAL. Now the next releasing date of March comes in like a lion Season 3 according to our sources and guesses is that March comes in like a lion Season 3 of this show can come in 2021. There is no fixed date for releasing March comes in like a lion Season 3 because of this pandemic but we try our best to provide you the accurate date of releasing March comes in like a lion Season 3. Until you will catch up with our materials.

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