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Where Is Heartland Filmed?- Know all of the filming locations PAY A VISIT!!

Where Is Heartland Filmed?

Heartland fan? Wondering about where is Heartland filmed? Looking out for a tour of those beautiful locations? We have got your back. Read on to find out all about the shoot locations of Heartland.

Here I am going to tell you about Where Is Heartland Filmed so that heartland is one of the best places to film on a real ranch with the location in Millarville, Alberta, Canada and the year is 1928, you should know that Roy Foster is one of his family who moved on to the property where they raised cattle and it is also a very famous barn who have a lot of views you can see in this show which one was built by Roy’s brother, Les.

This show is also filmed ranch scenes at a dude ranch which is one of the best  Heartland Ranch and this is one of the studios in Calgary.

Heartland is the longest-running Canadian one-hour drama series. Although most shows somehow lose out on their fanbase or starter lagging when it comes to continuing the storyline efficiently, for consecutive years, Heartland never really faced that problem. That show has been on since 2007 and has a loyal fanbase. It is an epic family saga and focuses on a family and several characters involved in the story. The family keeps facing challenges and conflicts, but still among lots of difficulties can come through and emerge more united than ever. Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle, Michelle Morgan, Shaun Johnston, and Alisha Newton play major roles in this family drama series. Heartland has also got a spin-off web series by the name of Hudson.

One of the most frequently asked questions by Heartland fans is, Where is Heartland filmed?

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Where is Filmed?

Heartland is a small town drama show and revolves around characters living in a fictional town called Hudson. Time and again the beautiful settings of the show and filming locations have attracted lots of viewers making them wonder what place is Hudson, and where is Heartland filmed really?

Where Is Heartland Filmed? Alberta, Canada.

Heartland is filmed in a variety of locations, and the town of Hudson in reality is High River. The town is located within the Calgary Metropolitan Region in Alberta, Canada. The gorgeous peaks of the rocky mountains and the breathtaking countryside view no wonder makes Calgary a beautiful and highly attractive filming location, attracting several TV shows to film scenes in and around Calgary. Heartland is not just filmed within a studio set of Calgary, but also in several venues less than an hour’s driveway.



That is not all. A lot of shooting also takes place in various production facilities- mainly ranches. There is a ranch situated in the west of Millarville and is used to film several scenes of the show. For example, this ranch is used to shoot scenes that are set near the main house’s exteriors, the barn, gate, paddock, and jumping course. Because of the number of times you get to see this ranch in the show, there, this ranch is commonly known as the Heartland Ranch. 

Most of the interior filming scenes take place about one hour away from the Heartland Ranch. There is this studio in Calgary where interiors of the barn, ranch house, and vet clinic are filmed.

Other than these locations, there is also the Dude Ranch. The Dude Ranch is also located in Alberta, Canada. And apart from all of these places, sometimes the show is also filmed in Longview.

So now that we have answered the most asked question- Where is Heartland Filmed? Let us take a look at the tourist places for Heartland fans in this area.


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Where is Heartland filmed, and Places To Visit:

Now that you already do know where is Heartland filmed, we just wanted to give you an insight into the places you could visit in this area.

If you are a huge fan of Heartland, there is no doubt you have definitely not just wondered where is Heartland filmed. You must be having a strong desire to visit these beautiful places. So here, we have listed down some of the places you should definitely pay a visit to. So read on, and get ready for your long-planned Solo trip to the small town of Hudson. Know below that Where Is Heartland Filmed?

You should start your little trip with the Museum Of The Highwood. The town’s Visitor Information Centre is located inside, and trust me when I say this, if you are the sweet chatty type, you can definitely get a lot of tea about the cast and show from the friendly employees here. Not to forget, the guidance they might provide you with, about what places to visit next and transportation and living facilities in this area.

Where Is Heartland Filmed
Museum Of The Highwood

If you are lucky enough and have some time in hand, you might as well hang around to watch some filming, or see the actors going in and out of the set.

You also get to see several costumes worn by the cast in the show and props used on set. The museum also holds props from other dramas or movies that had been filmed in this area. There is also an exciting ‘Test Your Heartland Knowledge’ quiz that you should definitely give a try and an actual Maggie’s Diner menu. It is the perfect spot to get yourself some Heartland souvenirs such as baseball hats, journals, tree ornaments, and wrist cuffs. 

Walker’s Western Wear, situated at a distance of one block behind the museum carries official Heartland hoodies, t-shirts, phone cases, etc. So if you have been looking for some good Heartland merchandise, now you know where to turn up to.

As you go down 3rd avenue, you will get the feeling that you are actually stepping into the fictional town of Hudson. The whole street looks like a television set. But worry not, it is not all a set, there are several small places and shops you can pop into. There are several indie shops worth checking out here.

Where Is Heartland Filmed
A view of the 3rd avenue

The greatest thing about the 3rd Avenue, of course, has to be Maggie’s Diner. Yes, it is real, and you can see it from the outside. Maggie’s Diner serves as a sweet little delight for heartland fans. Peering through the windows you get to see the intricate set designs. However, sadly, you cannot pop inside the diner for a bite.

Where Is Heartland Filmed
Maggie’s Diner

Beside Maggie’s Diner is Bartling and Sons Mercantile and Hudson’s Antique Mall. Few steps down the road you will find the Hudson Times. You can pick up a newspaper from this small town for free, from here.

One block over, at the 4th avenue, is the stage for the cattle drive back in Season 4. 4th avenue is also the perfect place for you to take a small break and get yourself some good quality coffee. You will find the best coffee shop in this beautiful small town here. It is called Collosi’s Coffee. Definitely pay a visit here. They make some amazing Caramel and Vanilla syrup of their own, worth your money. On the exterior of Collosi’s is a chalkboard. You can get chalk from here and “espresso” yourself on this wall.

Finish your little tour with George Lane Park followed by a horse ride at a ranch. Cause no trip of Hudson could ever be complete without that.


So now you know where is Heartland filmed, and also the places in and around the area to take a trip to. Do let us know in the comments down below if you have been to any of these places or are planning to take a tour here. Do you like our article on Where Is Heartland Filmed? comment us below:

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