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Hilda Season 3: A Subtly Enchanting Series | STORY REVEALED+ Release Date Out!

Hilda Season 3: A Subtly Enchanting Series

Hilda Season 3

Here we are talking about Hilda season 3. Hilda is based on the graphic novel series which name is the same. Hilda lives in a cabin in the woods with her mother. With her friends, Helda has a fantastical adventure, her friends like- Alfur, Twig, David, and Frida. It is premiered on Netflix on 21 September 2018, For an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience and critics.

Urban Fantasy Drama Hilda is a British-Canadian-American TV series created by Luke Pearson. The series is an adaptation of a graphic novel by the same name. The story revolves around a brave blue-haired girl called Hilda and her encountering multiple adventures, assisted by her deer fox, Twig. They move to the city of Trolberg and that is where their thrill starts when they befriend dangerous monsters.
The show’s world premiere was held at the New York International Children’s Film Festival on 25th February 2018. This was followed by its airing as a Netflix series on 21st September 2018. Then on October 8th, 2018, Hilda was renewed for a second season, released on 14th December 2020. The series is directed currently by Andy Coyle and consists of 26 episodes in total. Its quirkiness and wit will remind you of old Cartoon Network show like Steven Universe or Adventure Time. The animation is absolutely gorgeous and eye-pleasing, and the composition will keep you coming for more! Know more about Hilda Season 3 below:

The bulk of season one is taken up by the story of how Hilda copes after she moves from the wilderness, which is chock-full of magical creatures but not so many other kids to befriend and play with, to the city of Trollberg, which has plenty of kids and not so many magical creatures (though it does have a giant wall built to keep out trolls). But over the 13 episodes, Hilda makes friends and comes to realize Trollberg might be just as magical as her old home. It all depends on how she looks at it. Honestly, kids today need such animated shows, that teachers them to recognize things that really value (and reminds us what we know but often forget), and to make the most of what we get. What will Hilda be doing in Hilda Season 3? Check out the release date of Hilda Season 3 below:

            “Well that was pretty traumatic!

         But such is the life of an adventurer.”


Characters Adventuring In Hilda:

  • Bella Ramsey- Better known as Hilda, is an adventurous adolescent Sparrow Scout who desires to unveil the strange lands with her pet deer fox Twig. Born amidst the wilderness, she soon shifts to Trolberg, naturally, with great reluctance. However, Hilda is quick to adapt to her new home and environs, eventually turning into a street-smart explorer about to embark on adventures of her own.

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  • Daisy Haggard- Johanna (Mum), Hilda’s mother who works as a graphic designer as well as a part-time general store employee. While barely tolerant of her daughter’s adventures, Johanna as a mum gets vexed when Hilda gets herself into trouble. As a result, she decides to move them from their solitary life amidst the wilderness to a home in the city to provide Hilda a more conventional life and upbringing with easy access to school and friends.
  • Ameerah Falzon-Ojo – Frida is Hilda’s best friend and a brilliantly studious and gifted student in their school. She has earned many laurels as a Sparrow Scout due to her organizational skills. She later starts to train under Matilda Pilqvist, as she aspires to become a witch.
  • Oliver Nelson – David, is Hilda’s other best friend and a fellow Sparrow Scout. He has a phobia of insects and is thus skeptical of accompanying Hilda and Frida on probably dangerous and not to mention insects-filled, adventures. (Ilan Galkoff plays David’s singing voice)
  • Rasmus Hardiker– Alfur Aldric, an elf who accompanies Hilda to Trolberg on her adventures to understand life in the city.
  • John Hopkins – Erik Ahlberg, is the inefficient and fame-hungry head of Trolberg’s safety patrol. (appearing in season 2)
  • Lucy Montgomery– Gerda Gustav, Ahlberg’s deputy. (appearing in season 2) Are new characters coming in Hilda Season 3?

Hilda Season 3

Hilda Reviews:

The show consists of some exceptionally well ratings on IMDb: 8.6/10 and Rotten Tomatoes: 100% (!!!)

#”Combined, these elements make for a perfect winter evening, and the series knows it, too. Hilda loves her escapades as much as viewers do, and the show has a genuine emotional depth that can, at times, bring a viewer — or at least this viewer — to tears. But when the day is through, Hilda wants to curl up with a cup of tea beside her mum and her friends and play a friendly game of Dragon Panic, a thinly veiled Settlers of Catan stand-in. It’s all hygge, through and through. Just like curling up with a cup of tea — peppermint, preferably — and watching Hilda.” –Vulture

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# “Hilda is about the joy and freedom of being a kid, and it captures the feeling of childhood passion and wonders better than most shows I’ve ever seen, bringing all these feelings rushing back regardless of the audience’s age. Underneath its gorgeous, silly surface is a layer of sadness and sentimentality that made me cry more than once, but that doesn’t mean its world is any less joyful. Just as the magical and mundane coexist in Trolberg, so does Hilda’s beauty and sadness.”- Paste Magazine

# “There are plenty of opportunities for metaphors within Pearson’s storytelling, as Hilda and her mother move to the seemingly less magical Trolberg. But even at face value, the story works to explore how new adventures and opportunities abound even in unexpected places. In the city, Hilda also finds a group of friends in the Sparrow Scouts, after a misfire with another group of kids who like to do things like throw rocks at birds. Whereas a lesser show might have taught the “don’t throw rocks at birds” lesson another way, in Hilda, the raven that was struck turns out to be an integral part of Trolberg’s lore. Similarly, Hilda and her friends often come up against antagonistic (at least initially) creatures in otherwise mundane scouting activities, which always draws the story back to the fantastical and never leaves any lessons learned feeling heavy-handed.” –The Collider. 

Hilda Season 3!

The second season of Hilda was dropped on 14th December 2020 on Netflix. Hilda Season 2 consists of 13 episodes, each with a runtime of 24 minutes. If we talk about season 3, we have found it. For now, there is not any news for the third season of the Helda installment. Hilda fans will be excited to know about the 70-minute movie currently under production.

As of now, it is still unclear whether the film will pick up where season 2 ends, or it will be a standalone adventure to Hilda Season 3. Nothing of the Hilda Season 3 release has been announced so far. However, taking into consideration all these factors, including the delay due to pandemic, fans will have to wait a while for Hilda Season 3. Therefore, if there is Hilda Season 3, we can expect Hilda Season 3 to release sometime in 2022.

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