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Happy Season 3: IS IT CONFIRMED? | Release Date | Trailer | GOOD NEWS!!

It has been a long time since the telecast of the Happy series. In season 2 we saw the last episode of this series. With Nick Sax in the lead role, the series has 2 seasons. Nick Sax lived a life where they were abandoned by the people of their society. He spends the whole day drunk and passing time. One day Nick undergoes a major attack while he was recovering, Nick imagins resembling a blue little unicorn and that is only visible to Nick. The name of that unicorn is ”Happy”.  Happy tells Nick that he is a fictional friend of a child named Hailey.

The series is being created by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson the first episode was being released on 6 December 2017  the runtime of the series is 60 minutes. Presently, it has 3 seasons will it be renewed for Happy Season 3 or not? The series talks about a guy  Nick Sax who is a corrupt, intoxicated, ex-cop who turned out to hit a man who is into the world of casual murder and soulless sex and betrayal as the hit goes wrong he finds a bullet on his side. The cops are on his tail and the monstrous killer is all set loose but the things will be changed with a tiny positive and imaginary horse named Happy. On their whole journey, they will witness lots of ups and downs and they have to face the ex-wives and ex-mistresses and that one very big and bad Santa who has kidnapped the girl named Hailey. The series is based on the graphics novel and the name of the novel and the series is same Happy the genera of the series is drama fiction comedy and action, thriller. What will be the plot of Happy Season 3?  know more about Happy Season 3 below:

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The cast includes Christopher Meloni, Lili Mirojnick, Patton Oswalt, Patrick Fisher, and many other amazing cast and crew members and voice-over actors. The cast was able to successfully take out the drama and comedy which plays an important role in any series which have been put forward beautifully by the cast and crew and another voice-over actor hence acting was great and is relatable to the series. Who will be in Happy Season 3?  find out below:

Happy Season 3


Talking about the review the overall review of the series is good the rating given by Rotten tomatoes is 84% and IMDb is  8.2 out of 10  and talking about the acting was great and was beautifully done by the cast. The series is about 8 episodes in season 1 and 10 episodes in season 2 talking about the maturity rating of the series it is 18+ and has substances, violence, sex, nudity, language, and suicide. Looking at the voice over the voice-over has been done beautifully and amazingly the story plot was relatable and something to which person can find attach and it also includes the comedy which makes the series a light one. Giving an overall rating to the series is good and worth watching the show is. How many episodes will be there in Happy Season 3? Fans are eagerly waiting for Happy Season 3 bit there is no official announcement regarding Happy Season 3 till now!

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Happy Season 3

The story starts with the dishonorable cop who hit the man Nick Sax and he discovers a criminal conspiracy and he also comes across the Scaramucci family secret which led him to struggle the death and put his life in danger. Surviving from a heart attack and death he came across a  blue flying unicorn who is visible only to him later he joins a high-stakes poker game to earn more and more money and want to escape from the city but Happy convenience him to save a girl from the Satan later Sax helps him and finds out that Hailey is the daughter of the happy. On the other side, bad Satan asks Hailey to tell him about her father thereafter Nick recalls the past from his Christmas as the search for Hailey begins they led them to Chinatown on the other hand crime law blue tv stars sister questioned him about his dead sons. The thugs of the ex-welding interrupt the meet of Amanda and Nick whereas Hailey and the other kids are relocated and Merry is being questioned by internal affairs.  Nick does his best to pressure Blue to set Hailey free but in this process, he misses the Happy who encounters the ex-imaginary friends Happy and Nick reunites for joining Marry in an assault of Blue operation. Amanda confronts whereas Smoothie is laying his bare nickname origin Happy finds a new way to set Hailey free from the Santa who is once again getting into the clutches with the very bad Santa.  As Nick and his family still in the fight with the trauma nuns explode on the avenue and the other hand Blue is getting dark vision Hailey and Nick spend a nice father-daughter day together enjoying every time together but one thing that turns their relation upside down is a gig of the delivery package with complicates their relationship. Nun runs around the city in for a man in a bunny costume who has a device in the egg inside his costume now Nick work as a cab driver to improve himself later he discovers that a snobby celebrity who was on his way to host a hunt who now gets kidnapped by a man in the bunny costume. Micky has now passed some sort of evil spirit for him and watches Isabella is murdered in front of him by her aunt Assunta Sax come across the ring while rescuing her friend and alter he kill every person present in the room. Later things come in front when everyone discovers that Smoothie was the man in the bunny costume something new has been found in Hailey that she has the ability to discover the winner of the game. A strange man calls Sax by his name and asks to give him his kidney who actually belongs to his father but he decides not to give his kidney and alter he kill the man to threatened his family. The series of the event take place in their life and they also come across many problems along their way and now as Amanda deliver a large sack of egg but when she comes into her sense she uses the oxygen tank and burns all the eggs Happy too realize that he too has power. After the Halloween Smoothie is confronted by Nick who finds him with his bare hand and keeps his head on the pumpkin Smoothie’s head has a smile of death. Will there be Happy Season 3? If yes then what will be the story of Happy Season 3?

As per the controversy, Happy Season 3 is being canceled as the director has an issue with the story and cast too but the fan was a long episode and a satisfying ending of the series. Stay tuned to get updates about Happy Season 3 with us!

Happy Season 3-Release date 

The release of season 3 depends entirely on when the show will be picked by another OTT and their release date has been announced. It looks likes it is going to take a very long period of time and a release date is not expected anytime soon. There is a 14-year gap between the first and second seasons, and viewers were hoping that the release of season 3 might take some time. So that the expected release date can be kept in 2022 or 2023 and with season 3 the best can be expected.


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